2×16 – The Miller’s Daughter

–[Fairy Tale Land – Past]–

(A young Cora arrives home to find her father passed out drunk on a wheelbarrow of sacks of grain. Next to him, is another wheelbarrow full of sacks of prepared flour.)

Cora: Father. Father!

Miller: What? I’m resting.

(She grabs the bottle from his hand and smashes it against the ground.)

Cora: You’re always resting. The flour was due to be delivered this morning. I, for one, would like to be able to eat this week.

(Cora takes the wheelbarrow of flour and heads towards the castle.)


(Cora arrives at the castle and begins unloading the flour. A young Eva is there, along with King Xavier, Henry I, and the rest of their escorts. As the royal party walks past, Queen Eva trips Cora, causing her to fall on her face and drop her bags of flour.)

Cora: You stupid, foolish girl!

King Xavier: What happened here?

Queen Eva: Oh, the peasant fell. As they do.

King Xavier: Are you alright?

Cora: I’m fine.

King Xavier: Not you. Eva. Are you alright, Eva?

Queen Eva: Well, she ruined my slippers.

Henry I: I don’t think the girl meant any harm.

King Xavier: You shall receive no money for the flour, and you will apologize to Eva.

Cora: Apologize? The wench tripped me.

King Xavier: Curb your tongue. This is Princess Eva from the Northern Kingdom, our honored guest. She’s a very important woman.

Cora: She’s a girl.

King Xavier: And who are you, miller’s daughter? What’s your name?

Cora: Cora.

King Xavier: Then kneel, Cora.

(Cora reluctantly kneels.)

King Xavier: Now apologize. Apologize, or this will be the last bit of flour we’ll take from you. There are other millers out there.

Cora: I beg your pardon, Princess Eva.

King Xavier: Stay down until we have passed. You are where you belong.


(The New York group is sailing on Hook’s ship towards Storybrooke. Henry and Neal are steering the ship, while Emma tends to Mr. Gold below deck.)

Emma: You don’t look comfortable.

Mr. Gold: The poison racing towards my heart will have that effect.

Emma: Tell me about this, uh, knife of yours. Cora and Regina… If they do have it, they can make you do anything?

Mr. Gold: Indeed.

Emma: Like… Kill us all?

Mr. Gold: Yeah. You’re hoping I bleed to death now, aren’t you?

Emma: You’re Henry’s grandfather. We’re family now. I’m going to save you.

Mr. Gold: Oh, I feel so reassured.


(In Storybrooke, David is talking to Mary Margaret on his cell phone.)

David: Hey. I just talked to Emma. It’s a bad wound. She says it’s poison. They can only cure it back here in Storybrooke. They’re taking a ship home.

MMB: Well, let them know that they have the knife, okay? Who knows what that wicked woman would do?

(The scene switches to Regina’s office, where Cora and Regina are listening in to the phone conversation. Hearing enough, Cora knocks the speaker off of the desk, cutting off the connection.)

Regina: Mother.

(Regina gets up to retrieve the speaker.)

Cora: I don’t like what that enchanted box was saying. I’m not… I’m not wicked.

Regina: It’s not an enchanted box. It’s a phone tap.

Cora: I don’t care. What matters is, they’ve been warned. Rumpelstiltskin’s smart. And now, he has time to think.

Regina: But he’s injured.

(Cora looks at the dagger and notices that Rumpelstiltskin’s name is slowly disappearing from the blade.)

Cora: More than injured, I’d say. He’s dying. And when his name disappears, all of that power of his will just… Boil off into the air and… Then there will be no new Dark One.

Regina: Okay. So we have to use him to get Henry back before he dies.

Cora: Not in his condition. I don’t want to kill him faster. No, there are no other options. I have to stab him with this knife, and take his power as my own. I have to become the Dark One. And with his power, there’s nothing I won’t be able to do.

Regina: But Henry’s never going to forgive that. And the whole point of this is… Wait. What is the point of all this?

Cora: To protect our family.

Regina: Or you gaining your power.

Cora: Whatever power I gain is for us – to protect you, to protect Henry. If we lose this battle, we’ll spend the rest of our short lives on our knees in front of them. And that, my love? Is something I’ll never do.

–[Fairy Tale Land – Past]–

(King Xavier is throwing a masquerade ball at the castle. Several masked couples are dancing when Cora arrives donning a red dress. She grabs a stray mask and puts it on, and then joins the people standing off to the side.)

Cora: Has the King really brought all these wealthy women here to vie to purchase his son? Poor Prince Henry.

Henry I: You’re very Frank.

Cora: Well, I… Oh, my. You’re him. You’re the Prince. I am very, very… I’m… I’m a goose, aren’t I?

Henry I: I don’t know, let’s find out. Can a goose waltz?

(Henry I and Cora join the others on the dance floor.)

Cora: But I wouldn’t want to stand in the way of someone purchasing you.

Henry I: Then what are you doing here?

Cora: I just came for the free food. Exquisite mutton, by the way.

Henry I: Thank you.

(King Xavier interrupts their dance.)

King Xavier: Excuse me, my boy. May I cut in?

Henry I: Of course, father.

(King Xavier takes Henry I’s spot and resumes dancing with Cora.)

Cora: Your Majesty. I didn’t expect this honour.

King Xavier: Tis no honor. Did you think a stolen gown and pilfered mask would keep me from recognizing you? There’s straw on your dress. You carry the mill with you, miller’s daughter.

Cora: You’ve got some nerve, disparaging me. You’re selling off your own flesh and blood.

King Xavier: You’re an insolent girl. The kingdom has been strained by righteous wars, and we need our gold, yes. We are still miles above your kind. So now go. There’s nothing you can offer us other than errant strands of straw.

(He picks a strand of straw off of her dress.)

Cora: That is nothing but delusion.

King Xavier: What could you possibly have to offer us?

Cora: I can turn…straw into gold, and solve all your woes.

King Xavier: Really?

Cora: But, as you’ve insulted me, you shall not reap the benefits. Good luck whoring your son.

(Cora begins to walk away, but King Xavier grabs her arm and makes an announcement to the crowd.)

King Xavier: My loyal subjects! We have a very special personage with us. This woman tells me that she can spin straw into gold.

(The crowd laughs.)

King Xavier: And she’s going to demonstrate it for us! Fetch a spinning wheel!

Cora: It takes…time, to gather my thoughts.

King Xavier: Oh. I tell you what, my dear. Spend the night here, locked in a tower full of straw. Spin it into gold tomorrow, and you can marry the Prince. Fail, and you die.


(David, Mary Margaret, and Ruby arrive at the docks to meet Emma and company. Neal and Ruby help Mr. Gold off of the ship.)

MMB: Are you okay?

Emma: Yeah. Yeah, we’re alright.

(David takes over Ruby’s position, and he and Neal head towards the truck with Mr. Gold.)

Henry: Uh, I drove a ship.

David: Did you now?

Henry: Yeah, my dad showed me how.

Neal: That’s…me.

(They set Mr. Gold on the back of the truck.)

Mr. Gold: Thank you, thank you.

David: Is Cora trying to control you with the dagger?

Mr. Gold: Oh, you’d know if she was, cause most of you would be dead by now.

MMB: Well, then we’ll just have to take the fight to her before that can happen.

David: We will.

MMB: And this time, we finish it.

David: Mary Margaret…

MMB: David. She needs to be stopped. She needs to be killed. This is our family. We are going to protect it.

David: Of course we will, but what you’re talking about goes beyond that.

MMB: Does it? Because she is the reason you’ve never met my mother.

David: I know. I know what happened to Queen Eva, and I have zero problem with Cora dying for it. But not by your hand, and not out of vengeance.

MMB: Why?

David: Because you wouldn’t be able to live with yourself. You have the purest heart of anyone I have ever known. That’s who you are, and that’s who you’re going to stay.

Emma: You okay?

Mr. Gold: Ah, I’m beginning to feel a bit stronger. Take me back to my shop. There’s magic there that can protect us.

Henry: Let me guess. I get to go with Ruby.

Emma: You got it, kid.

Ruby: I’ll keep him out of the crossfire.

MMB: Thank you.

Henry: Don’t look so worried. You’ll stop Cora. You won’t let her get away.

–[Fairy Tale Land – Past]–

(Cora is locked in one of the towers in the castle with a spinning wheel and bunches of straw. She looks out the window to the ground and moat below her. Rumpelstiltskin appears.)

Rumpelstiltskin: That’s never going to work. I mean, you’ll escape, but you’ll be dead. Kind of defeats the purpose, doesn’t it?

Cora: Who are you?

Rumpelstiltskin: Who are you?

Cora: Cora.

Rumpelstiltskin: Not a very pretty name, is it? Sounds like something breaking.

Cora: How did you get in here? If you got in, I can get out.

Rumpelstiltskin: If I understand your situation, this is your way out.

(He gestures to the spinning wheel and sits down. He begins feeding straw into the wheel.)

Rumpelstiltskin: And what a marvelous coincidence, that spinning straw into gold just so happens to be something that I like to do. Yeah, it’s… It’s almost like… Like… Like… Like fate.

Cora: No one can spin straw into anything, and no one can make…

(Suddenly, Rumpelstiltskin magically transforms the straw into a strand of gold.)

Rumpelstiltskin: Oh, well, well. Would you look at that?

(Cora grabs the gold strand to check for herself.)

Cora: You want to help me?

Rumpelstiltskin: No, I want you to help me. And you will, because the future? Is my gift. Well, in a manner of speaking.

Cora: What could you possibly get from me?

Rumpelstiltskin: Funny you should ask. Can you read?

(Rumpelstiltskin magically produces a contract. He hands it to Cora, who then proceeds to read it.)

Cora: My firstborn child?

Rumpelstiltskin: She is quite important.

Cora: She?

Rumpelstiltskin: Yes, I see the future. Weren’t you listening? Anyway, I only get my payment if you live past tomorrow.

Cora: You can turn all this straw into gold by morning?

Rumpelstiltskin: And you can parade in front of the royals, and demand the hand of the dimly lit Prince. And have them kneel before you. That’s what you want, eh? You want them to kneel-

Cora: No.

Rumpelstiltskin: I… No… What?

Cora: Teach me. Don’t just do it. Teach me. Make it part of our deal.

Rumpelstiltskin: You are a spicy one, aren’t you? Oh, well. Rumpelstiltskin.

Cora: What?

Rumpelstiltskin: My name. Do believe you just earned it.

(Rumpelstiltskin waves his hand, causing the contract to briefly glow. He then takes out a quill and hands it to Cora.)

Rumpelstiltskin: Now… Let’s begin.


(The group has arrived at Mr. Gold’s Pawn Shop. They set Mr. Gold in the back part of the shop to rest. Emma enters with an empty glass container.)

Mr. Gold: Emma, did you find it?

Emma: Yeah. There’s nothing in it.

(Emma shakes the container, creating a clinking sound.)

Emma: What the hell?

(She sticks her hand inside the container and takes out something that seems to be invisible.)

Mr. Gold: Invisible chalk. Use it in the front doorway. Draw a line. The rest of you, you might want to prepare for battle.

(Everyone goes to leave, but Mr. Gold stops Mary Margaret.)

Mr. Gold: Oh. Oh, wait, wait. Please. Can you… Get me a warmer blanket? In that cabinet.

(Mary Margaret goes to the cabinet and opens the door. Inside, she finds the ‘candle of death’ that was previously given to her by the Blue Fairy. She slowly takes it out and holds it in front of Mr. Gold.)

MMB: Why do you have this?

Mr. Gold: For a rainy day.


(At the front of the shop, Emma draws a line with the invisible chalk in front of the door. Neal watches her.)

Neal: Missed a spot.

Emma: You’re hilarious.

Neal: I didn’t know you were magical.

Emma: Oh, my. Are you getting judgey about this? Cause you’re not allowed to have opinions about surprises, Mr. Son-of-Rumpelstiltskin.

Neal: Oh…

Emma: What ‘oh’?

Neal: I didn’t mean for Tamara to be a surprise.

Emma: You think I care that a guy I dated a decade ago is engaged?

(David enters.)

David: We’re all clear outside. Everything okay?


(Mary Margaret and Mr. Gold are still conversing in the back of the shop.)

MMB: You’re not getting any better, are you?

Mr. Gold: The candle can save me. There’s nothing else.

MMB: I wouldn’t use this to save my own mother. What makes you think I would use it for you?

Mr. Gold: Because you’re all grown up now. And for once, our interests are aligned.

MMB: She dies instead of you.

Mr. Gold: I know you can do this. I know you want to do this.

MMB: There’s no coming back from murder.

Mr. Gold: And there’s no coming back from death, either. And that’s what will happen to your loved ones.

MMB: Even if I were to do this… The candle only works if you whisper the victim’s name over them.

Mr. Gold: The heart will do.

MMB: Cora’s heart – it’s not in her body.

Mr. Gold: Use the candle, curse the heart. And then… Here comes the tricky part.

MMB: That’s not the tricky part?

Mr. Gold: You have to put the heart back inside Cora’s body. She will die, and I will live.

MMB: There’s another way. I get Cora’s heart, I control her and make her do the right thing, and I let you die. Takes care of two evils at once. Mr. Gold: I’m just imagining poor Henry’s face when he finds out that you killed his grandpa.

(Emma enters.)

Emma: I drew the invisible line. I…think. What now? You cast a protection spell?

Mr. Gold: No, no. You’re going to do that for me. I’m relying on you.

Emma: I can’t cast a spell. I can spell ‘spell’.

Mr. Gold: You can. It’s in you.

Emma: How? Here? Like, from my brain?

Mr. Gold: Just try.

(Emma closes her eyes and concentrates, but nothing happens.)

Mr. Gold: Stop thinking! Conjuring magic is not intellectual endeavor. It’s emotion. You must ask yourself, ‘why am I doing this? Who am I protecting?’ Feel it.

(Again, Emma closes her eyes. This time, a wave of magic passes over the entire shop.)

Mr. Gold: Oh, yeah. You feel it?

Emma: Yeah… I think I did.

Mr. Gold: Good girl. Very good girl.

–[Fairy Tale Land – Past]–

(In the tower, Cora is attempting to spin straw into gold without much success. Rumpelstiltskin watches her.)

Cora: Ugh! It’s not happening.

Rumpelstiltskin: You just need to stop thinking about it. Magic is about emotion. Summon up that moment that made you so angry, you would’ve killed if you could.

Cora: You do that?

Rumpelstiltskin: I do.

Cora: What’s your moment?

Rumpelstiltskin: Once, a man made me kiss his boots in front of my son. Now, in my mind, I go back and I rip out his throat, and I crunch his veins with my teeth. And that, dearie, is how magic is made.

Cora: Bloodlust.

Rumpelstiltskin: I like the phrase. Let me help you.

(Rumpelstiltskin puts his hands on Cora’s shoulders and sits behind her at the spinning wheel. Cora resumes her attempt at spinning straw into gold. Cora talks in an almost trance-like state.)

Cora: They made me kneel. I didn’t do anything wrong, but they made me apologize – to a child. I realized, no matter how good I was, or how hard I worked… I was never going to be more than I am now.

Rumpelstiltskin: What do you want to do to them?

Cora: I want to make them bow. I want their kneecaps…to crack and freeze on the stones. I want their necks to break from bending.

Rumpelstiltskin: Look.

(Cora snaps out of it as the spinning wheel jams. She sees that the piece of straw has turned into gold.)

Cora: I did it. I’m going to live.

Rumpelstiltskin: You’re going to do much more than that, dearie. Don’t stop… Until they are on their knees.

Cora: Let’s keep going.

(They continue spinning.)


(In front of a crowd at the castle, Cora successfully spins straw into gold for King Xavier. Rumpelstiltskin watches from the audience, as she brings a strand of gold to the King for appraisal.)

Cora: Here. Here’s your gold.

King Xavier: This… Did you really do it?

Cora: You saw it with your own eyes.

King Xavier: You’re just a miller’s daughter.

Cora: I am so much more.

King Xavier: You’ve earned him.

(Henry I gets on his knee to propose to Cora.)

Henry I: Cora… If you will do me the honour of accepting my hand in marriage.

Cora: Yes.

(He kisses her hand. Cora makes eye contact with Rumpelstiltskin as he does so.)


(David and Mary Margaret are keeping a lookout for Cora and Regina. David notices that Mary Margaret looks disturbed.)

David: What’s wrong? Did Gold tell you something?

MMB: No. I mean, he just said that Cora’s determined to hurt us.

David: I won’t let that happen. We’ll do whatever needs to be done.

MMB: You’re right. You’re absolutely right.

(A tremor surges through the building. David enters the back of the shop to warn the others.)

David: It’s them. Regina and Cora – they’re here.

(Outside, Regina and Cora conjure a magical fireball together. They throw it against the door, which easily breaks Emma’s protection spell. When they enter the shop, they find Emma, Neal, and David armed with swords.)

Emma: Regina. Think about what you’re doing.

Regina: Don’t talk to me.

(While everyone is distracted, Mary Margaret sneaks out the side door. Regina creates a magical fireball and hurls it at the group, but David deflects it with his sword. Annoyed, Regina magically throws David out the front door and locks him out.)

Emma: David!

(Cora magically blasts Emma backwards and Neal lunges at Cora in retaliation. Cora disappears in a puff of purple smoke, but drops the dagger on the floor in the process. Regina attempts to magically strangle Emma, but is momentarily distracted when Cora reappears. Grabbing a knife from the counter, Emma gets the upper hand and holds the dagger to Regina’s throat. With the dagger still on the floor, Neal and Cora face off.)

Neal: What’s it going to be?

Regina: Mother!

Neal: Choose wisely.

(Cora summons the dagger to her hand. Emma then throws Regina into Cora, and the two of them fall into the glass counter.)

Emma: Fall back to Gold! I have the chalk.

(Emma and Neal flee to the back of the shop. Emma draws a line in front of the door with the chalk, creating a protective barrier.)

Cora: Help me take out Rumpelstiltskin, and then we’ll go back-

(Cora suddenly stops talking. She appears to be in minor pain and disorientated.)

Regina: Mother, what is it?

Cora: My… My heart. It’s with my things in your vault. Someone’s there.

Regina: Mother?

Cora: Go. Go!

(Regina exits. Cora stands in front of the barrier and gets to work at attempting to break it.)

Cora: Really, Rumpel. Hiding’s beneath you.

–[Fairy Tale Land – Past]–

(At the castle, Cora is trying on her wedding dress. Rumpelstiltskin appears behind her.)

Rumpelstiltskin: Enjoying the view as much as I am?

(They kiss.)

Cora: How dare you. I’m a married woman.

Rumpelstiltskin: Not yet. Wedding’s tomorrow.

(They kiss again.)

Cora: Hm. Well, then it’s alright.

Rumpelstiltskin: Love the dress.

Cora: Royal brides have to be snow white.

Rumpelstiltskin: When you see the future, there is irony everywhere.

Cora: You know, I thought I wanted this. White and bright, all the admiration. But then I look at it. Fifth in line to be Queen. That won’t happen without an awful lot of bloodshed. And what you give me…

Rumpelstiltskin: I can give you nothing but darkness and isolation.

Cora: And love.

Rumpelstiltskin: Yeah. And love.

Cora: I want that.

Rumpelstiltskin: What if I, uh… What if I, uh… Amended, our contract? Instead of you owing me some random firstborn child, you owe me my child?

Cora: I can make that deal.

Rumpelstiltskin: As can I.

Cora: Rumpel, can we really do this? Can we really have this?

Rumpelstiltskin: If you truly wish it.

Cora: There is one…

Rumpelstiltskin: What?

Cora: It’s the King. He humiliated me. He made me feel the way you’ve shown me I never have to feel. I want to kill him. I want to show him his heart before I do it. So he can see it and know what I’m doing as I crush it.

Rumpelstiltskin: And that is why I love you.

(Cora puts her hand on Rumpelstiltskin’s chest. She can feel his heart beat beneath her fingers.)

Cora: Show me.

Rumpelstiltskin: I will show you everything.

Cora: Then I’ll do it tonight.

Rumpelstiltskin: Let’s seal that promise.

(Once again, they kiss.)


(Mary Margaret has broken into Regina’s mausoleum. Inside, she navigates the chambers until she comes to one with several chests and cabinets.)


(Outside of Mr. Gold’s shop, David comes to. He calls Emma, who is still in the back room, on his cell phone.)

Emma: David?

David: Are you safe?

Emma: For now. I’ve got the spell up in the back room.

David: Is Mary Margaret okay?

(The scene flashes to Mary Margaret, who is rummaging through the boxes in the chamber.)

Emma: She’s not with you?

David: No. Where the hell is she?


(Still searching, Mary Margaret opens one of the cabinets and finds the inside filled with small boxes containing hearts. The box where Cora’s heart lies is glowing and a heart beat can be heard. She removes the box and opens the lid. When she sees the beating heart, Mary Margaret quickly slams the lid shut and closes her eyes. Making a decision, she reopens the box, and lights both ends of the ‘candle of death’. She holds the candle over Cora’s heart and whispers the name.)

MMB: Cora…. Cora…

(The name echoes throughout the chamber. Mary Margaret then blows out the ends of the candle.)

–[Fairy Tale Land – Past]–

(Cora enters one of the castle’s towers and finds King Xavier winding the strands of gold onto spools.)

Cora: They told me I’d find you counting your treasure.

King Xavier: Well, you’ve made us a rich kingdom again. How can I help you?

Cora: I don’t love your son.

King Xavier: I didn’t expect you to. Not much there to love, frankly. But this is not about love. It’s about alliances.

(King Xavier stands up and approaches Cora. He takes her hands in his.)

King Xavier: Love is weakness. It isn’t for hard women like you. That should make your choice easier.

Cora: What choice?

King Xavier: Run off with the evil imp you don’t think anyone knows about, in the name of love, or stand next to my son with a crown on your head and citizens at your feet.

Cora: If the choice is love or power, then even having a heart is a liability.

(Cora places her hand on his chest and over his heart.)

Cora: Don’t you think?

(Elsewhere in the castle, Cora is shown heading back to her room with a box containing a heart.)


(Cora is still attempting to break the protective barrier with magic. Emma, Neal, and Mr. Gold are still stuck in the back room.)

Neal: It’s getting weaker. She’s going to get through.

Mr. Gold: Maybe it’s for the best. At least this cursed power will pass from this world.

Neal: No. No, you’re not dying.

Mr. Gold: I am dying. That much is certain. I need to talk to Belle. Emma, please.

Neal: Who’s Belle?

(Emma dials a number and hands her cell phone to Mr. Gold.)

Emma: Your dad’s girlfriend.

(Belle, who is still in the hospital, answers the phone.)

Belle: Mr. Gold, I… I told you before, I… I-I don’t remember you.

Mr. Gold: I-I… I know. I know. It’s just… Sweetheart, I… I’m dying.

Belle: Oh. I’m, uh… I’m… I’m so sorry.

Mr. Gold: I know that you’re…confused about who you are. So, I’m going to tell you. You are a hero, who helped your people. You’re a beautiful woman, who loved an ugly man. Really, really loved me. You find goodness in others. And when it’s not there, you create it. You make me want to go back. Back, to the best version of me. And that never happened before. So, when you look in the mirror and you don’t know who you are, that’s who you are. Thank you… Belle…

(Mr. Gold hangs up the phone. Neal clears his throat and breaks the awkward silence.)

Neal: Didn’t know you had that in you.

Mr. Gold: Oh, I’m full of love. I’ve spent a lifetime looking for you. For a chance to say I love you. And I’m sorry.

Neal: I didn’t think you would go back on our deal.

Mr. Gold: I just made the wrong choice. May I?

(Mr. Gold extends his hand to Neal.)

Neal: I’m still angry.

Mr. Gold: I know…

(Neal takes his hand and the two of them have a moment.)


(On her way out of the mausoleum, heart box in hand, Mary Margaret runs into Regina.)

Regina: You have no right to be here. And you have no right to that!

MMB: I was going to give it to you.

Regina: What?

MMB: She can’t love you, you know. She doesn’t have her heart. With it, maybe she can. That’s why you’ve never felt she loved you. She doesn’t have her heart. But I do.

Regina: You’re doing this for me?

MMB: Think about it. What would happen if Cora had her heart back? Back inside her?

Regina: She told me she took it out to protect herself.

MMB: And did it work? The person she was before… Do you think that person survived? She can’t love, so she can’t love you.

Regina: She always wanted the best for me. That’s love.

MMB: Imagine real love. You’d have a mother, and a start on making a family Henry could be a part of. Or, you could have her be the Dark One. The choice is yours.

(Mary Margaret holds out the box containing Cora’s heart.)

–[Fairy Tale Land – Past]–

(Rumpelstiltskin is waiting by a tree in the middle of the forest. Cora arrives with the heart she was shown with earlier.)

Rumpelstiltskin: I was starting to grow concerned.

Cora: Well, here I am.

(They kiss.)

Rumpelstiltskin: Something’s not right.

Cora: Yes. You’re correct.

Rumpelstiltskin: Well, what happened? Couldn’t you take the King’s heart?

Cora: No, I was able to do it. I chose not to.

Rumpelstiltskin: Ah.

Cora: I’m sorry, my dear Rumpel. I’m not going with you. You see, I have a wedding to go to – my own.

Rumpelstiltskin: Whose heart is in the box?

Cora: Don’t make this harder.

Rumpelstiltskin: You lied to me. Whose heart?

Cora: Mine. I had to. You told me not to let anything stop me until they’re on their knees. My heart was stopping me.

Rumpelstiltskin: You never loved me. Never. You’re not getting away with this. We had a contract. I’ll take your baby!

Cora: You changed the contract, Rumpel. You only get your own child. And any baby I have… It won’t be yours.


(Still unsuccessful at breaking through the barrier, Cora looks at the dagger. Rumpelstiltskin’s name has almost completely disappeared.)


(Mary Margaret is sitting on the steps of Regina’s mausoleum with her head in her hands. David finds her.)

David: Mary Margaret! Are you okay?! Are you… What did you do?

MMB: You were right. This isn’t me.


(Finally, Cora breaks through the barrier and enters the back of the shop. Emma and Neal are armed and prepared to fight.)

Cora: You two – out of the way.

(Cora magically teleports Neal and Emma out of the room. They appear on a random path in the middle of the woods. Cora and Mr. Gold are left alone.)

Mr. Gold: A vision told me about you. Told me this day would come. But it didn’t tell me everything. Didn’t tell me what I really wanted to know.

(Cora sits next to Mr. Gold on the bed.)

Cora: And what’s that?

Mr. Gold: Did you ever love me?

(Cora strokes the side of his face.)

Cora: Why do you think I had to rip my own heart out? You were my weakness. You are the only man I ever truly loved.

(Cora stands up and raises the dagger above Mr. Gold. Before she has a chance to stab him, Regina appears and shoves Cora’s heart back into her chest. The dagger falls to the ground and Mr. Gold seems to instantly recover. Cora staggers backwards and looks up to see Regina. Cora’s demeanor completely changes and she smiles. Hopeful, Regina smiles back.)

Regina: Mother…

–[Fairy Tale Land – Past]–

(Cora, King Xavier, and Henry I stand before a crowd of people at the castle. Cora is holding a newborn in her arms.)

King Xavier: Princess Cora, please. Tell me, daughter, what’s her name?

Cora: Her name is Regina, for one day, she will be Queen.

(Cora holds up baby Regina and the crowd before her kneels.)


(Cora continues with her strange behaviour and begins to laugh. Confused, Mr. Gold checks the wound on his chest and discovers that it has completely healed over. Cora pauses and looks down, where she finds a hole has developed in her chest. Regina catches her as she collapses to the ground and she holds Cora in her arms. Mr. Gold retrieves his dagger from the floor.)

Regina: Mother? Mother? What’s wrong?

Cora: This… Would’ve been enough. You… You would’ve been enough.

(Cora stops talking and her eyes shut.)

Regina: Mother? What’s going on? Mother? Don’t leave me, please… What am I going to do?

Mr. Gold: Your mother did you no favours.

Regina: Shut up! You stole her life! You cast some spell.

Mr. Gold: I did nothing.

(A frantic Mary Margaret rushes into the room with David trailing behind her.)

MMB: Regina! Stop!

Regina: You did this.


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2×15 – The Queen Is Dead

–[Fairy Tale Land – Past]–

(A young Snow White enters the main chamber of the castle, where Queen Eva is consulting several women. Snow White is dressed in a pink, sparkly ball gown.)

Queen Eva: Let’s be certain she’s seated as far away from the Duke as possible, for the Duchess’ sake.

Woman: Yes, ma’am.

(The women leave.)

Snow White: Do you like it?

Queen Eva: Oh, my dear Snow. You are an absolute vision. You are going to be the talk of the ball, and not just because it’s for your birthday.

(They hug briefly.)

Queen Eva: Come. I can hardly believe you’re growing up so fast. Which reminds me… I have a gift for you. It was my mother’s once, and her mother’s before that. And soon, it will be yours.

(In another room, a diamond tiara sits in a padded box. Johanna picks it up and places it on her head, then admires herself in the mirror. However, Queen Eva and Snow White enter and catch her in the act. She quickly removes the tiara.)

Queen Eva: Johanna.

Johanna: Oh! Oh, Your Majesty. Oh, please forgive me. I just wanted to see-

Snow White: How dare you? That’s mine. It’s not for a servant.

Johanna: It was my mistake.

Snow White: Servants don’t wear crowns.

Queen Eva: Enough.

Johanna: I’m sorry, Your Majesty-

Queen Eva: No, I was talking to Snow.

Snow White: Me?

Queen Eva: I thought I raised you better than that, Snow. It doesn’t matter whether one is a servant or royalty. Everyone in the kingdom deserves our love and respect.

Snow White: But she took my tiara-

Queen Eva: She apologized. And it isn’t yours yet.

Johanna: Your Majesty, it’s alright.

Queen Eva: You’re kind, Johanna, but Snow must learn. My dear, we are all the same.

Snow White: But I thought we were royals.

Queen Eva: We are, but that doesn’t make us better than anyone else. The upcoming ball, for instance – can you tell me what it’s for?

Snow White: It’s to honour me on my birthday.

Queen Eva: No. It’s for you to honour them, by showing them you will be a kind and benevolent leader when that time comes. Please.

(Johanna hands the tiara to Queen Eva.)

Queen Eva: When you are crowned with this on your birthday, it will be a symbol that you will always hold goodness in your heart and rule justly. Now do you understand?

Snow White: I do, mother.

(Queen Eva hands the tiara to Snow White, who then walks over to the mirror. She does not put it on.)

Snow White: It’s beautiful.

Queen Eva: And it’s heavier than it looks.

(Suddenly, Queen Eva gasps in pain and her knees buckle beneath her. Johanna rushes to support her.)

Johanna: Your Majesty!

Snow White: Mother!

Queen Eva: I’m fine.

Snow White: No, no. You’re not.

(Johanna eases the Queen into a chair.)

Johanna: Come. There. I’m getting the doctor.

(Johanna quickly exits the room.)

Snow White: Mother…

Queen Eva: I’m fine, dear.


(At Mary Margaret’s apartment, Mary Margaret looks in the mirror and reminisces, while David cooks breakfast behind her.)

MMB: What are you doing?

David: I’m making breakfast.

MMB: Why?

David: I’m hungry.

MMB: You think I don’t know what you’re doing? We talked about this. We had a deal.

David: I know. I know. But, with the curse broken, I thought maybe you would change your mind.

MMB: Well, I didn’t. What’s this?

(She gestures to the table, where there is a wrapped gift with a card attached.)

David: Birthday present.

MMB: No, I told you…

David: It’s not from me!

MMB: No one else knows.

David: Apparently, someone does, and they also think you should celebrate. It was left outside the door this morning.

(Initially ignoring the card, she opens the gift. Inside, there is the diamond tiara.)

David: What is it?

(Mary Margaret lifts the tiara out of the box and begins to tear up.)

David: I thought that was lost when the curse hit.

MMB: So did I.

(She spots the card and opens up the envelope, handing the tiara to David. Inside is a card that says ‘Thinking of you today. -Johanna”.)

MMB: Johanna.

David: I didn’t know she was in Storybrooke.

MMB: Neither did I.

David: After the curse, you were gone for a while. We’re all still finding each other. It hasn’t been easy.

MMB: I have to go.

(Mary Margaret takes the tiara back from David and goes to grab her coat.)

David: Okay. Hey… Happy Birthday.

(They kiss.)

MMB: Thank you for understanding. You should go. It’s getting late. You have to go to work.

David: I know. I just… I just wish this day made you happier.

MMB: I know. But we both know it can’t.

(Mary Margaret exits.)


(David arrives for work at the Sheriff’s station. As he’s hanging up his coat, he is briefly distracted by a noise. While his attention is elsewhere, Hook ambushes David and hits him in the head with a crowbar, knocking him unconscious. Hook takes David’s keys.)

Hook: Apologies, mate, but I think you have something of mine.

(Hook unlocks the drawer of the desk and discovers his hook inside. He unscrews the fake hand he was using as a substitute, and replaces it with his hook. He then leaves.)


(Johanna is planting a small flower garden in her backyard. Mary Margaret approaches her.)

MMB: Johanna?

Johanna: Snow…

MMB: It’s ‘Mary Margaret’, here.

Johanna: No. You will always be my dear Snow.

(They embrace.)

MMB: I never thought I’d see you again. Or this.

(She takes the tiara out of her bag and holds it up.)

Johanna: Oh. I came across it in Mr. Gold’s shop, and I knew how much it meant to you. I knew you had to have it.

MMB: Thank you. I haven’t seen those flowers in a long time.

Johanna: They reminded me of you. Because they could survive the harshest winter, and you were born during the harshest one of all.

MMB: That’s why she named me Snow.

Johanna: I thought keeping this garden would be a nice way to honour her.

MMB: It is.

Johanna: I miss her, too. Oh, you…

(Johanna wipes a tray off of Mary Margaret’s cheek. Suddenly, a noise is heard coming from the woods behind them.)

Johanna: What was that?

MMB: Stay here. I’m sure it was nothing.

Johanna: Snow…

MMB: No, no, please. Please, just stay here. I’ll be right back.

(Mary Margaret goes to investigate, while Johanna stays behind. In the woods, Mary Margaret comes across Regina and Cora. Regina is digging a hole, while Cora stands off to the side watching.)

Cora: And you’re sure this is where we’re supposed to dig?

(Regina consults the map.)

Regina: Yes. Hook marked it clearly. Rumpelstiltskin’s dagger is here.

Cora: Unless, Hook lied to us.

Regina: Well, then this map is useless. Gold is the only one who can translate it.

Cora: Oh, don’t worry, sweetheart. Hook could’ve saved us a lot of effort with honesty, but, the truth is, we don’t need anyone. I can reconstruct the map. It’ll just take a bit more time. And when we find it, I promise you, I’ll use that dagger to force the Dark One to kill anyone you like.


(Mary Margaret arrives at the sheriff’s station.)

MMB: David?

(She finds David bleeding and unconscious on the floor. She rushes over to him and frantically attempts to wake him up.)

MMB: David! David?! David! David!

(David comes to and groans.)

MMB: What happened?

David: Hook. He ambushed me.

(She helps David up.)

MMB: Are you hurt?

David: I’m fine. It’s not me he wants. It’s Gold…and his hook. Yeah, I’m going to enjoy throwing his ass in jail.

MMB: Hook isn’t the problem, David.

David: Tell that to my head.

MMB: It’s Regina. She’s been lying to us. She’s working with Cora to find Gold’s dagger.

David: The dagger controls him. If Cora gets it, she can force Gold and all his power to do her bidding.

MMB: Or… Become the Dark One herself.

David: Neither one of those options sounds good. Lucky for us, we can call the man himself. He’s with Emma.

MMB: Tried it. Sent a message.

David: Well, we can’t just wait.

MMB: No, we have to buy time until they call us back or return.

David: How?

MMB: Regina. She doesn’t trust her mother. Never has. If we can put some doubt in her about Cora’s motives, it might slow them down.

David: And you think she’ll just trust you?

MMB: Well, she doesn’t need to trust me. She just has to listen to me. And I know how to get her to do that.

–[New York]–

(Neal, Henry, Emma, and Mr. Gold walk down a street in New York. Neal and Henry are talking, while Emma and Mr. Gold trail behind them.)

Neal: So, uh… You like pizza?

Henry: Yeah. Let me guess – you’re going to tell me the best pizza’s in New York, and I got to try it, right?

Neal: Actually, it’s in the Kingdom of Damarian on the north shore of the Dragon Fields of Zorn. Nah, it’s in New York. Here, let’s get you a slice.

Henry: So you’re really from there?

Neal: Yeah, I am.

(The two of them enter the pizza shop. Emma and Mr. Gold stand outside.)

Emma: Do you think that we should…

Mr. Gold: If we were welcome, I feel confident an invitation would have been extended. It’s a sad truth that the people closest to us are the ones capable of causing us the most pain. That’s our common ground, Miss Swan.

Emma: Guess my lying to him just caught up with me.

Mr. Gold: Ah, give him time. He’ll forgive you.

Emma: Is that you projecting your own hopes?

Mr. Gold: My son and I have some way to go.

Emma: I can see that.

Mr. Gold: I need you to speak to him. Try and convince him to come back to Storybrooke with us.

Emma: If I recall, there was only one favour I owed you, and I think I’m paid up.

Mr. Gold: This isn’t about me anymore. You’ll do it for Henry.

Emma: How do you figure that?

Mr. Gold: Well, because if you don’t, you’re going to wake up one morning, and discover he’s hopped on a bus back to New York. He ran away to Boston to be with you. He’ll do the same thing for his father.

Emma: Until Neal lets him down – which he will. It’ll be a hard lesson, but then at least Henry will understand that I lied to protect him.

Mr. Gold: Someone’s beginning to sound a lot like Regina. I think the real reason you lied was to protect yourself.

Emma: What’s that supposed to mean?

Mr. Gold: From getting hurt again.

Emma: That’s not happening.

Mr. Gold: You want a second chance with that man.

Emma: What makes you think that?

Mr. Gold: The look on your face.

Emma: You have no idea what…

(Neal and Henry exit the pizza shop and join them.)

Neal: What are we talking about?

Henry: Emma, Neal wanted to show me the museum. Do you think we can go back to the apartment and get my camera?

Neal: Yeah, well, I… Kids like culture, right?

Emma: Sure. Yeah, that’s fine. You like the New York pizza?

Henry: Yeah. It’s delicious, cheesy, and doesn’t lie.


(Regina enters Granny’s Diner, where Mary Margaret is waiting for her in a booth. Regina stands across from her.)

Regina: So, how is Henry? Is he okay?

MMB: He’s fine. Everything’s fine.

Regina: What’d he say?

MMB: I didn’t actually talk to him.

(Regina sits down.)

Regina: Then why am I here?

MMB: Because I know you’ve been lying. And I thought it was time we talk about it.

Regina: I don’t know what you’re talking about-

MMB: No, no, no, no. No more lying. I know you’ve been with your mother. I know you’re looking for the dagger.

Regina: What I’m doing is my business.

MMB: There’s a war starting, Regina.

Regina: That much is clear, yes.

MMB: Lucky for you, you’ve earned enough good will with me to give you one last chance – a chance to choose the right side… The side of good.

Regina: Have you ever considered that maybe, perhaps… I am good? I was always the Queen. It was you who added ‘Evil’ to my name.

MMB: Good doesn’t do what you do. Why? Regina, why go back to being this way after how hard you tried?

Regina: And what did it get me? Dinner with a bunch of hypocrites who pretend they’ll forgive me, when in their hearts, they know… They never will. You’re giving me a chance? How about I give you one? Stay out of my way.

(Regina gets up to leave.)

MMB: Listening to your mother is a mistake, Regina.

Regina: Because listening to you will work out so much better.

MMB: She doesn’t care about Henry. All she wants is power.

Regina: Power is how you get things.

MMB: She doesn’t care about you.

Regina: Really? And what would you know about mothers?

(Regina exits.)

–[Fairy Tale Land – Past]–

(Queen Eva is now bedridden due to her illness. A doctor checks her over, while Snow White and Johanna watch by the side of the bed.)

Snow White: Do you know what’s wrong with her?

Doctor: Not yet, my dear. But I have hope that we shall know soon.

Snow White: Then she’ll be alright?

Queen Eva: Snow…

Snow White: Mother!

(Snow White goes to her mother’s side.)

Doctor: You should call for the King immediately.

Johanna: W-what… What message shall I give him?

Doctor: That whatever business he’s attending to can wait. He should be at his wife’s side.

Snow White: We’ll cancel the ball, and turn it into a celebration once you’re better.

Queen Eva: We can’t cancel your birthday. It’ll be fine. I will be well by then. I want to see you walking in that tiara.

Snow White: I don’t care about my birthday. All I care about is you.

(Suddenly, Queen Eva begins coughing. She calls for Johanna through the hacking.)

Queen Eva: Johanna.

Johanna: Snow. Let’s leave your mother alone? It’s alright. She needs her rest. Come.

Snow White: Mother?

(Johanna leads Snow White away. The doctor returns to Queen Eva’s side. When she pulls back her handkerchief, it is covered in blood.)

Snow White: What’s going to happen to her? Is she going to die?

(The two of them embrace. Snow White cries against Johanna’s shoulder.)

Johanna: Shh… I don’t know.

Snow White: I don’t want to lose her.

Johanna: We must hope the doctor-

Snow White: He doesn’t even know what’s wrong with her. How can we place hope in him? There has to be something that can save her.

Johanna: Maybe there is.

Snow White: How?

Johanna: If medicine can’t cure the Queen… Perhaps magic can.

Snow White: Magic?

Johanna: Yes. Your mother has a confidant – someone few know about. Someone schooled with the most powerful of magic. I’m not really supposed to even know of this.

Snow White: Please, Johanna.

Johanna: There is a benevolent fairy who can grant a person’s wish, if their heart is true.

Snow White: Mine is. I swear. Where do I find this fairy?

Johanna: Tonight, go into the woods where the sky is clearest. Wish upon the blue star… And she will appear to you.

–[New York]–

(In New York, the group walks back to Neal’s apartment. Henry and Mr. Gold are talking, while Emma and Neal trail behind them.)

Henry: So, should I call you grandpa, now?

Mr. Gold: Call me whatever you’d like.

Neal: He’s a good kid.

Emma: Yeah.

Neal: Hey, I’m trying my best here.

Emma: I know. We all are. It’s just, we’re going to have to go back. To our home.

Neal: I’m just getting to know him.

Emma: Then maybe… Maybe you should come with us.

Neal: To Storybrooke?

Emma: I’ve seen your apartment. You don’t got a lot going on here.

Neal: Looks can be deceiving. Listen… There’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you. It’s complicated.

Henry: So, Neal, do you think we can take the subway?

Neal: Yeah. Sure, of course. Let’s go get that camera.

(They arrive at Neal’s apartment and the four of them enter the lobby.)

Henry: Come on.

Neal: Here. I got it.

(Neal unlocks the door. He and Henry head for the apartment, while Emma and Mr. Gold stay behind.)

Neal: So after this, maybe Times Square?

Mr. Gold: So, uh, did you talk to him?

Emma: He said it’s complicated.

Mr. Gold: Oh, I see.

Emma: Well, maybe he just needs some time. I don’t know.

(Suddenly, Hook ambushes the two of them in the lobby. Hook hits Emma, knocking her to the ground. He then lunges for Mr. Gold and pins him against the wall. Hook then proceeds to stab Mr. Gold in the chest with his hook.)

Hook: Tick tock. Time’s up, crocodile. You took Milah, my love, my happiness. And for that, I now take your life.

(Emma, regaining her senses, grabs something (I can’t tell what it is) and hits Hook over the head with it. Once Hook is knocked unconscious, she rushes over to Mr. Gold, who is now slumped on the floor.)

Emma: Gold, are you alright?

(Neal hears the commotion and enters the lobby.)

Neal: What the hell is going on?

Emma: One of your dad’s enemies found us.

Neal: Hook.

Emma: You know him?

(Neal checks Mr. Gold’s wound. When he pulls his hand away, there is blood on his fingers.)

Neal: Papa?

(Neal brings Mr. Gold up to his apartment, where Henry is still waiting, and lays him on the couch. Emma enters.)

Emma: Found a storage room and locked our stab-happy pirate in there. Shouldn’t be causing anyone else any problems. And get this – he had a map on him. It looks like he sailed his ship here.

Neal: How’d he get a pirate ship into New York?

Emma: It’s cloaked. Don’t worry. He’s not going to hurt any of us.

Henry: But is Mr. Gold going to be okay?

Neal: Henry, he’s going to be fine.

Henry: Mr. Gold, are you alright?

(When Henry approaches Mr. Gold, Mr. Gold grabs him abruptly.)

Mr. Gold: You stay away from me. You caused this. You brought us back here. You did this.

(He releases his grip on Henry. Emma brings her cell phone over to Henry.)

Emma: Hey, kid. The battery’s dead. Go in the other room and see if you can find a charger, okay?

Henry: Okay.

(Henry exits the room.)

Neal: Oh, man… We got to get him to an ER, fast.

Mr. Gold: It’s pointless.

(Mr. Gold’s wound has turned a yellow-green colour.)

Emma: What the hell is that?

Mr. Gold: It’s poison. It’s one of Hook’s own making. There’s no antidote in this world. It’s… It’s not from here.

Neal: Hey, hey, hey, hey. There’s got to be some way we can save you.

Mr. Gold: There is, there is.

Emma: Storybrooke. There’s magic there now. We need to get him back.

Neal: I’ll get a car.

Mr. Gold: No, no, no. There’s not enough time. We need something faster. The Captain’s ship.

Emma: The Jolly Roger instead of a car?

Mr. Gold: It’s the fastest vessel in all the realms.

Emma: Well, that’s great, but who’s going to captain it, since the only guy qualified wants you dead?

Neal: I can do it.

Mr. Gold: Bae?

Neal: Yeah. I can do it.

Emma: You know how to sail a pirate ship?

Neal: Yeah. I do.


(Mary Margaret and David drive to the convent, where they meet with Mother Superior outside.)

MMB: Mother Superior! We need your help.

Mother Superior: I know. Something’s wrong. I sense a great deal of dark magic has been expelled.

David: That’s why we’re here. Cora and Regina are trying to find Gold’s dagger.

Mother Superior: So they may control The Dark One.

MMB: We’re hoping your magic will find the dagger first. Please, Mother Superior, you’re our only hope.

–[Fairy Tale Land – Past]–

(It’s nighttime. Snow White is wandering in the woods with a lantern. She scans the stars in the sky.)

Snow White: Is that the star? …Or is it that one?

(The Blue Fairy appears.)

Blue Fairy: Worry not, Snow White. I have found you.

Snow White: The Blue Fairy. I knew you’d come, but… I didn’t even make my wish yet.

Blue Fairy: Well, I know when I’m needed. Your mother, the Queen, is sick.

Snow White: Yes. And if you don’t help her with magic, she’ll die.

Blue Fairy: I can tell that you love your mother very much, Snow White. But fairy magic is the purest magic of all. And, alas, cheating death is the darkest of undertakings.

Snow White: Please… You can’t just let her die.

Blue Fairy: It is the way of the world.

Snow White: There has to be something you can do.

(Snow White notices the Blue Fairy’s demeanor change.)

Snow White: Yes. There is. You’re just not telling me. What is it? Please.

Blue Fairy: I may be able to conjure a remedy using a type of magic that is forbidden to fairies, except under the most dire of circumstances. You must promise to keep this a secret. No one must ever know.

Snow White: Yes. Yes, anything. Just help her.

(Snow White extends her hand. The Blue Fairy magically conjures an odd looking candle, which appears in Snow White’s hand.)

Blue Fairy: This candle is infused with magic that can save your mother’s life. But all magic, especially magic this powerful, comes with a price.

Snow White: What is it?

Blue Fairy: In order for one to live… Another must die.

Snow White: I don’t understand.

Blue Fairy: To salvage a life beyond hope means breaking the laws of nature. So if you are to save a life, then you must lose one in return.

Snow White: But who must die?

Blue Fairy: That is for you to decide. You must hold this candle over the heart of your sacrifice and whisper their name. And, when the candle is lit, that person’s life will be traded for your mother’s.

Snow White: All she ever wanted was for me to be good. I can’t trade someone else’s life for hers.

Blue Fairy: Then I’m afraid she will die.

–[New York]–

(Everyone is still gathered in Neal’s apartment. Neal takes out his cell phone and texts someone.)

Emma: What are you doing?

Neal: Getting us a car.

Emma: I thought you were suddenly a pirate and were going to take a ship.

Neal: Yeah, well, we still got to get his ass to the ship.

Emma: So you know Hook?

Neal: It’s a long story. Short version, is this world wasn’t my first stop when I left home.

Emma: No?

Neal: If it was, I’d be a couple hundred years old by now.

(Neal’s cell phone rings.)

Neal: That should be our ride. Hang tight.

(Neal answers his phone and leaves the room. Henry then enters with Emma’s cell phone.)

Henry: Emma, you need to see this.

Emma: What is it, kid?

Henry: It’s a text from David and Mary Margaret. You need to read it – now.

(Henry hands the phone to Emma. She reads the text from Mary Margaret.)

Emma: Bad news, Gold.

Mr. Gold: What, worse than incurable poison?

Emma: I don’t know. You tell me. You got a dagger hidden somewhere in Storybrooke that’s the source of all your power?

Mr. Gold: Get to your point.

Emma: Cora’s after it. The only way to stop her, is have David and Mary Margaret get to it first.

Mr. Gold: Yeah, let Cora try.

Emma: You can’t seriously be willing to risk this. Not with your son coming back with you to Storybrooke.

Mr. Gold: Miss Swan, that dagger has not left my possession for centuries. It’s not about to now.

Emma: Here’s the thing. You’re dying. And right now, we are your best hope. Time’s come for you to start trusting someone. And, if I were you, I’d start with family.


(Mary Margaret, Mother Superior, and David are standing outside of Mr. Gold’s shop. Mother Superior, using her wand, attempts to magically break through the protective barrier. However, her magic isn’t strong enough. The wand burns her hand and she drops it to the ground.)

Mother Superior: Ah! He’s cast a protection spell.

MMB: Well, then we need to try something equally powerful.

David: Dark magic?

Mother Superior: Dear, you don’t know what you’re saying.

MMB: Cora can’t get that dagger. If dark magic is the only thing that can break that protection spell, we need to make an exception and use it. Just like you told me once before.

Mother Superior: What… I never told you any such thing.

MMB: Look, I kept your secret.

(Mother Superior looks insulted by Mary Margaret’s insinuation. David’s cell phone then rings.)

David: Everybody hold on.

(He answers the phone.)

David: Emma? He told you where it is?

(David looks to the town clock.)

–[Fairy Tale Land – Past]–

(Snow White runs down the halls of the castle until she reaches her mother’s chamber. She rushes to her bedside as Johanna, the doctor, and several attendants watch.)

Snow White: Mother… I’m sorry. I’ve done an awful thing.

Queen Eva: Snow? What is it?

Snow White: I went to the Blue Fairy and begged her to help… To save you with magic. But what she gave me? It… It was dark magic. A candle that could restore your life by taking away someone else’s. It was the only way… But I couldn’t do it. I’m sorry. I could’ve healed you. But I was too afraid.

Queen Eva: Snow… That wasn’t fear. That was strength… Strength, to resist darkness. I am so proud of you.

Snow White: But now you won’t get better.

Queen Eva: We all reach a moment in our lives, where we are not meant to get better. And with or without me, someday… You will be a great queen.

Snow White: Please… Don’t leave me.

Queen Eva: As long as you hold the spirit of goodness in your heart, I shall never leave you.

(Queen Eva draws her last breath, and then dies.)

Snow White: Oh, no… No…

(Johanna approaches Snow White, and pulls her into a hug as she cries.)


(David and Mary Margaret climb up the clock tower until they reach the clock itself. David takes off a pane of glass and looks inside.)

David: It’s here! A clever hiding place for a very clever man.

(David detaches the dagger from the hand of the clock and hands it to Mary Margaret.)

MMB: We did it.

David: The Dark One finally can be controlled.

(Cora and Regina magically appear in a puff of purple smoke.)

Cora: Indeed he can be. But by whom?

MMB: Cora…

David: You’re too late.

Cora: Actually, it seems that we found you just in time.

MMB: I told you to pick your side carefully. Good has won, just as it always does.

Cora: I think the day’s finally come, my darling Snow, for you to learn a long overdue lesson.

(Cora waves her hand and Johanna magically appears.)

MMB: Johanna!

Cora: You see, in the end, it isn’t good or evil that wins… But power.

(Regina magically sticks her hand through Johanna’s chest and pulls out her heart.)

Regina: Your choice.

–[Fairy Tale Land – Past]–

(Johanna and Snow White, both dressed in black, are in one of the rooms at the castle. Johanna lifts the diamond tiara out of its box.)

Johanna: It’s time, Snow.

Snow White: Today was supposed to be a day of celebration.

Johanna: And the kingdom needs you more than ever. They will find strength through your goodness.

Snow White: Where will I find my strength?

Johanna: Where you always have – from your mother.

(Johanna hands the tiara to Snow White, who then proceeds to place it on her head. Snow White looks at herself in the mirror.)

Snow White: She was right. It is heavy.


(The citizens of the kingdom have gathered for the Queen’s funeral. Snow White enters and walks down the aisle between the people towards where Queen Eva’s body lies on a raised platform.)

Snow White: I miss you…so much.

(She places a flower on top of the Queen’s body. Snow White steps down to the floor and turns to face the altar. Everyone in the room then kneels. Snow White closes her eyes, and, eventually, is the only one left in the room. Johanna enters and touches Snow White’s shoulder.)

Johanna: It’s over, my dear. It’s time to let her go.

(Snow White stands and the two of them exit the room. When the coast is clear, the Blue Fairy flies in, whom then transforms into Cora.)

Cora: I hate that outfit. Don’t know how that fairy stands it.

(Cora approaches the altar.)

Cora: As for you… Poison looks good on you. And death is most certainly your colour.

(She picks up the flower that Snow White left.)

Cora: You raised her well. My daughter doesn’t love me the way yours does you. Snow would’ve been a great ruler someday, but that’ll never happen, because my daughter will be Queen. And all yours will be left with is knowing how I’ve felt… How it feels to be the Miller’s daughter. I’ll turn Snow White’s heart black as coal. That candle won’t be her final test. And once I’ve darkened her soul, it won’t just be you I’ve destroyed. It’ll be your legacy.

(Cora kisses two of her fingers and places them on Queen Eva’s lips.)


(The face off is still happening in the clock tower.)

MMB: Do not harm her. She has nothing to do with this.

Cora: Of course she does.

Johanna: Whatever they want, Snow, don’t give it to them.

Cora: Quiet, handmaid.

(David draws his gun.)

Regina: Mother, watch out.

(Cora magically knocks the gun out of his hand.)

Johanna: Leave me, Snow!

(Regina begins to squeeze Johanna’s heart, causing her to yell in pain.)

Cora: Enough of this. Surrender the dagger. We all know you’ll follow your mother’s example, no matter the cost. All she ever wanted was for you to be good.

MMB: Those words… Where did you hear those words?

Cora: Where do you think?

MMB: The Blue Fairy made me swear never to speak of that candle again. Not because it was a secret… But because it wasn’t her.

Cora: The dagger, dear.

MMB: She didn’t give me that candle. You did. My mother wasn’t sick at all, was she?

Cora: Oh, she was quite sick.

MMB: You did all of this. You killed my mother!

Cora: Actually, the candle would’ve worked. You could’ve saved her.

MMB: But you knew I wouldn’t. Why? Why did you take her from me?

Cora: To make my daughter the Queen.

Regina: Hand over the dagger.

MMB: No. No. I will not let you win. Not again!

Cora: You’ve already lost your mother. How many connections to her do you have left? Not many, I’d wager.

David: If we give up the dagger, we can still win.

Johanna: Let me go, Snow. It’s alright.

(Regina squeezes Johanna’s heart again.)

Cora: What would she say if she could see you now? If she wasn’t dead.

(Regina continues to squeeze Johanna’s heart. She yells out again in pain.)

Cora: The dagger, dear.

MMB: Enough!

(Mary Margaret throws the dagger to the ground, and Regina releases her grip on Johanna’s heart. Cora magically summons the dagger to her hand.)

Cora: Such a good girl.

MMB: You have what you came for.

(Regina puts Johanna’s heart back into her chest. Johanna then rushes over to Mary Margaret and David.)

Cora: Not quite everything.

(Suddenly, Cora magically throws Johanna through the face of the clock, causing her to fall to her death. Mary Margaret looks out and is devastated by what she sees. David attempts to comfort her.)

Regina: Well, there you go. You see where good gets you?

(Regina and Cora magically apparate away in a puff of purple smoke.)


(Regina and Cora arrive at Regina’s mayoral office. Cora sits in the chair behind the desk and lays the dagger in front of her.)

Regina: It’s nice to be back. Hiding is quite wearisome

Cora: I like what you’ve done with the place.

Regina: I’m so happy you approve.

Cora: What is it, my love? You’re troubled.

Regina: You never told me about your history with Snow’s mother.

Cora: I spared you that burden, like any good parent would do.

Regina: You didn’t think I deserved to know exactly what it took for me to become Queen?

Cora: Now you know.

Regina: That day at the stables, when I rescued her? That wasn’t an accident, was it?

(The scene flashes back to the past in Fairy Tale Land. A young Evil Queen is reading a book, when Cora interrupts her.)

Cora: Regina, sweetie, it’s time for your riding lesson.

Evil Queen: Mother, I have no lesson today.

Cora: Oh, I thought you’d be happy. I arranged for you to have more time with Rocinante.

Evil Queen: Of course. Thank you. I’ll send the stable boy for my saddle right away.

(Regina in the present gives commentary as the scene continues. A young Snow White and Johanna are shown riding on horseback in the woods. They are with King Leopold and his entourage.)

Regina: You made sure I’d be in the pastures when Snow rode past.

Snow White: I’m so tired of these endless journeys.

Johanna: Your father, the King, is a lonely man. But have faith. Someday, his wanderings will end.

Regina: You had to make sure when I met Snow White…

(Suddenly, Snow White’s horse is spooked and it takes off through the forest. Cora is shown hiding behind a tree.)

Regina: Her father would be searching for a new Queen.

(The Evil Queen and Daniel are shown meeting by the stables. A distressed Snow White rides past.)

Snow White: Help me! Help!

Evil Queen: Shh. Someone’s here.

Snow White: Someone help me!

(The scene returns to the present.)

Cora: And what does this knowledge change for you?

Regina: That you won, mother. I am the Queen. And, if that’s what you wanted so badly, why do you need Rumpelstiltskin’s dagger now?

Cora: You’re worried my interests are no longer aligned with yours.

Regina: My only interest now is Henry.

Cora: And I’ve told you – you’ll have him.

Regina: But how? Now that Mary Margaret and David know we have the dagger, we can’t use Gold to kill them without Henry finding out.

Cora: Have patience, my love. By the time Rumpelstiltskin returns, Emma Swan and the rest of them will be nothing more than a vaguely unpleasant memory. And Henry, will be yours.

–[New York]–

(In New York, Emma and Neal are walking to the car that Neal has arranged for.)

Neal: It should be one more block west.

Emma: Once we get the car, what do we do about Hook?

Neal: I don’t know. He made his way to New York. I’m sure he could make his way out of a basement. You have a problem leaving him behind?

Emma: Actually, I’ve done it before.

Neal: Great.

Emma: I have to admit, after some of the things you’ve said, I’m surprised you’d rally to his side like this.

Neal: There’s a difference between running away from your father, and watching him die in front of you. He may be a monster, but he’s my blood.

Emma: What happens when he’s healed?

Neal: I don’t know. Forgiveness ain’t something I think is possible with him.

Emma: But somewhere inside you, you hope someday, it will be.

Neal: Life’s full of surprises, isn’t it?

Emma: Well, no matter what, it’ll be nice for Henry to be around you a little bit, even if it is just for a visit.

Neal: Here’s our car.

(Neal runs over to a grey car, and grabs a set of keys from behind the wheel.)

Emma: Please tell me we are not going to hotwire this thing.

Neal: No. Uh… It belongs to a friend.

Emma: That’s a generous friend.

Neal: Yeah, about that. Um… We need to finish our conversation from earlier. There’s something you need to know about me before we get on the ship.

(A woman, Tamara, calls out to Neal and runs up to them.)

Tamara: Neal! Thank God I caught you.

Neal: What are you doing here?

Tamara: I don’t know. I… Maybe I got a little worried after talking to you. You can’t just say you’re… Leaving town for a while.

Neal: Hey. Yeah, listen. Everything’s fine, okay? I promise.

Tamara: Great, sweetie. Just tell me what’s going on.

Emma: Neal?

Tamara: I’m Tamara.

(Tamara and Emma shake hands.)

Emma: Emma.

Neal: She’s my fiancée.


(Mary Margaret and David are at the graveyard. Mary Margaret plants flowers on top of Johanna’s grave.)

David: It was a beautiful service.

MMB: That never should’ve happened. Johanna was an innocent.

David: You can’t blame yourself. You did the best you could do in an impossible situation.

MMB: And yet, Regina’s family mausoleum remains untouched.

David: Mary Margaret…

MMB: I’ve had the same rule my entire life – hold on to goodness. It’s what my mother taught me. How many more lives is following that lesson going to take away from me?

David: You can’t let Cora make you lose faith in who you are – someone who does the right thing. You know, that’s exactly what she wants.

MMB: I made the ‘right’ decision, when I stopped Regina’s execution all those years ago. When it could’ve saved us all of this heartache. I made the ‘right’ decision, when I sent Emma through the wardrobe alone, and we didn’t see her first steps. I made the ‘right’ decision, when I let my own mother die from Cora’s poison.

David: And we keep beating them.

MMB: At what cost? All I want is our happy ending. It’s time. We’ve earned it. No more lives lost. No more hearts broken.

David: The dagger… It’s useless until Gold returns to Storybrooke. We have time. We’ll get it back. And when we do, we can bring Cora and Regina to justice.

MMB: I don’t care about justice anymore. We keep thinking that people will change. What if that’s wrong? What if I’m the one who has to change?

David: Change how?

MMB: I’m going to kill Cora.


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2×14 – Manhattan

–[Fairy Tale Land – Past]–

(Milah is sewing inside when Rumpelstiltskin’s voice is heard through the door.)

Rumpelstiltskin: Milah?

(Rumpelstiltskin enters with a paper in hand.)

Rumpelstiltskin: Milah.

Milah: I’m nearly finished.

Rumpelstiltskin: Oh, you learn quickly.

Milah: I have a good teacher.

(They kiss.)

Milah: What is it? What brings you home so early?

Rumpelstiltskin: Milah… My weaving days are behind us. I’ve been called to the front.

(He unrolls the piece of paper and holds it in front of Milah. It reads ‘Rumplestiltskin (sic) You have been drafted into the King’s army’.)

Milah: The Ogres War.

Rumpelstiltskin: I report for training in the morning.

Milah: No. Rumpel, I’ve heard stories. The front – it’s a brutal place.

Rumpelstiltskin: Oh, Milah… I-I know, I know. I… I can’t say that I… I won’t be frightened. But… But this is the chance I’ve been waiting for…all my life. You know, I’ve lived under the shadow of my father’s actions for too long now.

Milah: Just because your father was a coward, it doesn’t mean you are.

Rumpelstiltskin: Oh, I know that. As do you. But to the world? Fighting in this war finally gives me the chance to prove that to everyone else.

Milah: Go. Be brave. Fight honourably.

Rumpelstiltskin: Oh, God, I love you.

Milah: I love you, too. When you return, we can start living the life we’ve always dreamed of.

Rumpelstiltskin: Yeah…

Milah: We can have a family.

Rumpelstiltskin: A family.

–[New York]–

(Emma, Henry, and Mr. Gold arrive at their destination in New York via taxi. They look up at the apartment building in front of them.)

Emma: What’s wrong? This the right place?

Mr. Gold: Yes, it is.

Emma: Let me guess. He’s not expecting you. Well, who doesn’t love a surprise?


(At Regina’s house, Cora and Regina are conversing, while Cora attempts to comfort Regina.)

Cora: What is it, sweetie?

Regina: It’s Henry. Emma left town with Gold, and she took him with her.

Cora: And you didn’t stop them?

Regina: I didn’t know until after they had gone.

Cora: I’m sure he’s safe. And, as soon as Gold’s done, Henry will be back.

Regina: But not with me.

Hook: Back? From where? Where’s Rumpelstiltskin gone?

Regina: I don’t know.

Hook: Well, if he’s left town, then he’s powerless. He can be killed.

Cora: The moment either of us leave, we lose our magic… And our advantage.

Hook: Your memories?

Regina: None of us were victims of the curse. It’s not about memories – it’s about magic.

Hook: Well, I don’t need magic. I’ll go after him alone.

Regina: Even if you could find him, do you really think you can just walk up to him and stab him in the heart with your sword?

Hook: Well, I prefer my hook, but I can’t find that now.

Cora: You’re not going anywhere.

Hook: I deserve my vengeance!

Cora: You’re right. You’re right, you do. And, with The Dark One gone, we can search for the one magical item that can actually kill him here… His dagger.

–[New York]–

(The trio has entered the lobby of the apartment building. Henry scans the list of names on the intercom.)

Henry: No ‘Baelfire’.

Emma: Yeah, that probably wouldn’t fly as an alias. Your magic globe didn’t give you an apartment number?

Mr. Gold: It doesn’t work that way.

(Emma and Mr. Gold take a turn at looking at the list.)

Emma: Do any of these names mean anything to you?

Mr. Gold: Well, names are what I traffic in, but sadly, no.

(Emma points to an apartment that is listed only by number.)

Emma: Here’s your boy.

Mr. Gold: Or, it could just be vacant.

Emma: You might traffic in names and magic, but I traffic in finding people who don’t want to be found. And those sort of folks don’t like to advertise their whereabouts.

(Emma buzzes the apartment on the intercom.)

Emma: U.P.S. package for four-oh-seven.

(The person on the other end of the line doesn’t respond, and then hangs up.)

Henry: Maybe you should’ve said FedEx.

(Suddenly, they hear a noise coming from the fire escape outside.)

Emma: He’s running.

(The three of them rush outside, where they see the apartment’s occupant climbing down the fire escape. He reaches the bottom and breaks into a run.)

Mr. Gold: That… That favour you owe me – this is it. Get him to talk to me. I… I can’t run.

Emma: Watch Henry. I’ll be back.

(Emma chases after the unknown man through the streets of New York, stalling traffic along the way. Emma runs around the opposite side of the building and manages to ambush the man as the two meet. She tackles him, and the two of them fall to the ground. When Emma looks up, a stunned look overcomes her face.)

Emma: No… Neal?

Neal: Emma?

Emma: Neal?

(The two of them stand up.)

Neal: I don’t understand. What are you doing here?

Emma: What am I doing here?

Neal: Yeah.

Emma: I’m not answering anything until you tell me the truth. Are you Gold’s son?

Neal: What are you talking about? Who’s Gold?

Emma: You played me. You’re from there. You played me, and he played me, you both played me.

Neal: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Okay.

Emma: You and Gold.

Neal: Emma, slow down. What are you talking about? Who’s Gold?

Emma: Your father. Rumpelstiltskin.

Neal: He’s here?

Emma: Why else would I be in New York?

Neal: You brought him to me? Why would you do that?!

Emma: Hey! I am the only one allowed to be angry here! Did you know who I was, where I was from, the whole time? Was this just some sort of sick, twisted plan? Did… Did you even care about me at all?

Neal: Emma, do not…

Emma: I want to know! I want the truth – all of it!

Neal: Fine! We… We got to get off the street. We can’t do it here. We’re out in the open. I… I spent a lifetime running from that man. I’m not going to let him catch me. There’s a bar down the street. We can talk there.

Emma: I am not drinking with you. Whatever you’re going to tell me, tell me now.

Neal: No, bar’s better. Don’t worry. You can keep yelling at me when we get there.

(Neal begins to walk off. Emma, annoyed, follows him.)


(Meanwhile, Henry and Mr. Gold are still waiting outside of Neal’s apartment building. They’re at a hotdog stand.)

Henry: Don’t worry. Emma’s really good at catching people.

Mr. Gold: Well, my son’s been running away for a long time now. Now I have a feeling he’s equally adept at it.

Henry: Well, at least we found him, right?

Mr. Gold: Indeed.

Henry: Oh, and, uh, thanks, for the hot dog. I forgot.

Mr. Gold: You are quite welcome. And thank you.

Henry: For what?

Mr. Gold: Well, if it wasn’t for you bringing Emma to Storybrooke, none of this would have come to pass. You… Are a remarkable young man.

Henry: You know… I forgave her. Emma – for giving me up. She thought it was the best for me then. That’s why she did it. I’m sure your son will get it, too.

Mr. Gold: Alas, the circumstances surrounding our separation weren’t quite so noble.

Henry: But…you’re here now. And, you want him back, right?

Mr. Gold: More than anything.

Henry: Then, that’s all that matters.


(Neal and Emma are talking at the bar Neal suggested.)

Neal: Well, what do you want to know, Emma? You want the truth? Ask away.

Emma: Did you know who I was when we met?

Neal: If I had, I wouldn’t have gone near you.

Emma: Come on.

Neal: Come on? Come on, what? I was in hiding. I came here to get… A-away from… All that crap.

Emma: So, if you didn’t know, then you were just using me. You just needed someone to take the fall for all the watches that you stole.

Neal: I wasn’t using you. When we met, I didn’t know. I found out.

Emma: How?

Neal: When I went to sell the watches… I ran into a friend of yours. August.

(The scene flashes back to when Neal ran into August in Portland.)

August: When you see what I have in here, you’re going to listen. You’re going to believe every word I say.

Neal: Yeah, right.

(August opens the lid of the box on the back of his motorcycle. Inside, there’s a typewriter loaded with a piece of paper. The sentence ‘I know you’re Baelfire.’ is typed on it.)

(The scene returns to the bar.)

Emma: You left me… And let me go to prison, because Pinocchio told you to?

Neal: Emma…

Emma: I loved you.

Neal: I… I was, um… I was… I was trying to help you.

Emma: By letting me go to jail?

Neal: By getting you home.

Emma: Are you telling me, that us meeting was a coincidence? Because how the hell did that happen? If it wasn’t in your plan, or your father’s?

Neal: Think about it. He wanted you to break the curse. Us meeting – that could have stopped it. Maybe it was fate.

Emma: You believe in that?

Neal: You know, there’s not a ton about my father that I remember that doesn’t suck. But he used to tell me that there are no coincidences. Everything that happens, happens by design, and there’s nothing we can do about it. Forces greater than us conspire to make it happen. Fate, destiny, whatever you want to call it. The point is… Maybe we met for a reason. Maybe something good came from us being together.

Emma: No. Not that I can think of. I just went to jail. That’s it. Doesn’t matter now. I’m over it. And you.

Neal: Why do you wear the, uh, key chain I got you?

(Emma takes off the necklace and places it on the counter in front of Neal.)

Emma: To remind myself never to trust someone again. Come on. I made a deal with your father I’d bring you to him.

Neal: You made a deal with him?

Emma: Yeah. And I’m upholding my end.

Neal: No, Emma, you don’t have to. You know that.

Emma: I know.

Neal: Okay, so this should be really easy for you. Tell him that you lost me. Tell him you can’t find me. You do that, you’ll never have to see me again.

–[Fairy Tale Land – Past]–

(Rumpelstiltskin is at one of the army’s camps set up in the woods. There are several tents set up, along with several armed soldiers walking around. He walks past one of the tents as a soldier is exiting.)

Man: Soldier.

Rumpelstiltskin: Me?

Man: I’m needed at the front. You guard this crate with your life.

(He gestures to a cage covered by a tarp.)

Rumpelstiltskin: W-what’s under there?

Man: A prisoner who could help us turn the tide against the ogres. Careful. It’s a tricky beast.

Rumpelstiltskin: Yes, sir.

(The man leaves. As Rumpelstiltskin draws closer to the crate, a child-like voice calls out to him.)

Seer: Rumpelstiltskin.

(Confused, he pulls back the tarp. Inside the cage, there is a young girl with her eyes sewn shut.)

Rumpelstiltskin: You’re a child.

(She points to a nearby bucket of water.)

Seer: Please. I haven’t had a sip in days.

Rumpelstiltskin: How do you know my name?

Seer: I’m a seer. I see all.

(She holds up her hands, revealing eyes on the palms.)

Rumpelstiltskin: No, no, no. That’s… That’s not possible. You must have overheard someone speak.

Seer: Rumpelstiltskin, the son of a coward. Raised by spinsters. Scared of ending up just like his father. Did I overhear that? I told you. I see all, even what has yet to pass.

Rumpelstiltskin: You mean the future? You can see the future?

Seer: Indeed I can… Including yours.

Rumpelstiltskin: No, no, no. I… I won’t indulge this…dark magic.

Seer: Even if what I see concerns your wife? Milah?

Rumpelstiltskin: Why? Has something happened to her?

Seer: Give me water.

(Rumpelstiltskin acquiesces and gives her a cup of water.)

Rumpelstiltskin: Here. Slake your thirst, witch, and speak of what you know of my wife.

Seer: She is already with child.

Rumpelstiltskin: I’m to be a father?

Seer: Your wife will bear you a son, but your actions on the battlefield tomorrow will leave him fatherless.

Rumpelstiltskin: I’m going to die? No, no, no. You… Y-you must tell me how I can stop that happening.

Seer: You can’t.

Rumpelstiltskin: Then I’m done helping you.

(He grabs the water from her hand.)

Seer: For now. Someday, you’ll help me again.

Rumpelstiltskin: I’ll bet Milah isn’t even pregnant. You just said that so I would give you water, and now you’re trying to trick me into deserting.

Seer: You shall see. Tomorrow, when you see the army ride cows into battle, you will know I speak the truth.

Rumpelstiltskin: Cows? And who’s going to man the catapults? Milk maids? I have had enough with your fiendish lies.

Seer: There is no escaping it. You will have a son, and your actions will leave him fatherless.

(Spooked, Rumpelstiltskin quickly pulls the tarp back over the cage.)


(At Mary Margaret’s apartment, Mary Margaret talks to Emma on the phone.)

MMB: Wait. Gold’s son is Henry’s father?

Emma: I know. I know. And the millions of questions you have, I have, too. The problem is, it doesn’t matter right now because I don’t know what to do.

MMB: Please tell me you’re not calling to ask me to tell you to keep it from him.

Emma: Henry thinks his father is dead. I told him that for a reason. I want to protect him.

MMB: No matter what this man did, Henry has a right to know who his father is. The truth about your parents… Emma, you of all people should know how important that is.

Emma: I don’t want Henry to get hurt. I just want to protect him.

MMB: Are you sure this is about protecting Henry, and not yourself?

–[New York]–

(Henry and Mr. Gold are waiting for Emma in the lobby of Neal’s apartment building.)

Henry: Why are you so nervous? When I found my mom, I was excited.

Mr. Gold: Because I have the benefit of a little more…life experience. I know that things don’t always happen the way we want them to.

Henry: Sure, but in my book, it says that you can see the future. Why can’t you just look and see what’s going to happen?

Mr. Gold: Well, that ability is complicated. I didn’t always have it. And then when I did… Well… It’s maybe not the gift one would expect. Seeing the inevitable can be a terrible price.

Henry: But you wouldn’t have to worry about stuff. You’d just know.

Mr. Gold: But that’s the great trap. The future is like a puzzle… With missing pieces. Difficult to read. And never, never what you think.

(Emma enters.)

Emma: Hey.

Mr. Gold: Did you find him?

Emma: Sorry. Your son… Got away.


(Belle is lying in bed in her room at the hospital, when Regina enters.)

Belle: Who are you?

Regina: So it is true. You really don’t remember anything.

Belle: Are we friends?

Regina: We spent some time together. But I’m here because I believe you can help me find something that belongs to Rumpelstiltskin.

Belle: W-who?

Regina: Mr. Gold.

Belle: I, uh… I-I don’t know him.

(Regina magically knocks Belle unconscious.)

Regina: Not anymore. But you did.

(Regina magically opens Belle’s purse, causing all of its contents to float through the air. The object of interest is a piece of paper, which Regina levitates towards her. She takes said paper and examines it. It has the number 915.63 written on it.)


(Cora, Regina, and Hook are at the town library. Regina scans the shelves of books for the number on the paper.)

Hook: Shouldn’t we be pillaging his shop or ransacking his home?

Cora: That would be the obvious choice, yes. But Gold wouldn’t risk crossing the town line and losing his memory without entrusting the dagger’s location to someone.

Hook: Belle.

Regina: My guess, is she hid it in one of her beloved books.

Cora: Impressive, Regina.

Regina: Thank you, mother.

Hook: I’ll be impressed when I’m holding the dagger in my hand.

(Regina finds the correct spot, but there is no book, just an empty space.)

Regina: No. It should be here.

Hook: Well, it’s not, is it? May we go now?

Cora: Hold on.

(Cora sticks her hand in the space between the books and finds a folded piece of paper.)

Cora: What’s this?

(She unfolds the paper.)

Hook: Oh, yes. Crude. To the untrained eye, a child’s scribbles, but to a pirate… It’s a map. Gold may not have hidden the dagger here, but I believe he’s left us the next best thing – its location.

Cora: Can you read it?

Hook: Well, lucky for you ladies, I’m quite adept at finding buried treasure.


(Mary Margaret and David are talking in Mary Margaret’s kitchen.)

David: So Rumpelstiltskin is Henry’s grandfather?

MMB: Apparently.

David: But I’m his grandfather.

MMB: You can have more than one.

David: So his…step-grandmother is Regina, the Evil Queen.

MMB: Actually, his step-great-grandmother. And she’s also his adoptive mother.

David: It’s a good thing we don’t have Thanksgiving in our land, cause that dinner would suck.

MMB: Or, maybe this will mellow everyone out.

–[New York]–

(Still in the lobby, Mr. Gold frantically hits all of the buttons on the intercom.)

Emma: Gold, wait. What are you doing?

(Someone responds to the buzzer and unlocks the front door.)

Mr. Gold: I’m finding my son.

Emma: He’s gone.

Mr. Gold: But he lives here. He’ll be back, and I’ll be waiting.

(They arrive at the door of Neal’s apartment. Mr. Gold sets to picking the lock.)

Emma: Stop. You can’t just break in.

Mr. Gold: Yeah, well, actually, that’s something I’m quite adept at.

Emma: He might not come back.

Mr. Gold: Okay. Finding people is what you do, Miss Swan. I’m simply going to assist you. There may be information in here. Who he is, what he does, who he loves.

Emma: No, don’t do this. There are things called laws.

Henry: I’ll be lookout.

Emma: No, I… You could get arrested.

Mr. Gold: Then my son will have to testify against me, and we will be reunited.

(Mr. Gold successfully picks the lock and opens the door.)

–[Fairy Tale Land – Past]–

(At the camp, Rumpelstiltskin and another man watch as a several injured soldiers are carried in on stretchers. Some are yelling in pain.)

Man: Lucky bastards.

Rumpelstiltskin: Oh… I think they’d beg to differ.

Man: They’re not dead, but they can’t fight. Which means, they get sent home. That’s the only way out of here alive. When the ogres rip you limb from limb, pray that they’re quick.

(Another soldier makes an announcement, drawing a small crowd around him.)

Man 2: Fortune favours us! Fresh supplies have arrived from the Duke. Today, we will not be marching into battle. We’ll be riding.

Rumpelstiltskin: Riding? Riding what?

Man 2: What kind of question is that? A horse, of course. Now, grab yourself a cow, and get ready.

Rumpelstiltskin: I’m sorry, sir. W-What did you say?

Man 2: A cow. The saddles we just got in – made from the finest leather. We call ’em cows. Grab yours, so at least the ride into doom will be a soft one on your backside.

(The crowd dissipates, while Rumpelstiltskin remains frozen in place. The man he was talking to earlier notices.)

Man: Are you alright?

Rumpelstiltskin: Yes. You… You go. I’ll catch up.

(The man leaves.)

Rumpelstiltskin: Oh, no…

(He walks over to the covered cage where the Seer was held.)

Rumpelstiltskin: So, it’s all true. I’m going to have a son. And I’m going to die.

(There is no response.)

Rumpelstiltskin: Answer me!

(Rumpelstiltskin pulls back the tarp, revealing an empty cage. In a fit of anger, he hits the crate several times, until he notices a sledge hammer a few feet away. He picks it up and draws it over his head. Hesitating, he checks that the coast is clear, and then slams the hammer into his leg. With a crunch, his leg breaks, and he falls to the ground screaming in agony.)

–[New York]–

(The trio enter Neal’s apartment after Mr. Gold’s successful break in.)

Emma: Gold. Come on, please. We really shouldn’t be here.

Henry: I don’t think he’s listening.

(Henry joins Mr. Gold to investigate the apartment. Emma spies the dream catcher from her and Neal’s hotel room hanging in the window. She takes it down and stares at it in her hands. Mr. Gold notices her interest.)

Mr. Gold: You find something, dearie?

Emma: Nothing. Uh, it just looks like a dream catcher.

Mr. Gold: Yeah, well, if it’s nothing, why are you still holding it? You’re lying to me.

Emma: Just get back to looking, okay?

Mr. Gold: No, no, no. You saw something. Tell me.

Emma: You don’t know what you’re talk-

Mr. Gold: Tell me!

Emma: Henry, go wait in the bathroom.

Henry: But I can help-

Emma: Henry, go!

(Henry exits, leaving the two of them alone.)

Emma: There’s nothing here. The guy’s a ghost.

Mr. Gold: Well, you think me a fool? You’re holding back. I want to know what, and why.

Emma: I’m not holding back.

Mr. Gold: Did he tell you something?

Emma: Gold-

Mr. Gold: Did he tell you something?!

Emma: Nothing. He didn’t say anything.

Mr. Gold: But you talked to-

Emma: Don’t put words in my mouth-

Mr. Gold: Tell me! You tell me, or I’m going to make you tell me.

Emma: You don’t have magic here.

Mr. Gold: Oh, I don’t need magic.

Emma: You really want to do this?

Mr. Gold: Do not push me.

Emma: Don’t push me.

Mr. Gold: We had a deal! A deal! No one! No one breaks deals with me!

(Neal barges in and interrupts the fight.)

Neal: Hey! Leave her alone.

–[Fairy Tale Land – Past]–

(With his leg in a crude brace, Rumpelstiltskin limps towards his and Milah’s home.)

Rumpelstiltskin: Milah! Milah!

(Rumpelstiltskin arrives home. Inside, Milah is holding an infant wrapped in a blanket. She is confused to see him.)

Rumpelstiltskin: Milah! Milah!

Milah: Rumpel?

Rumpelstiltskin: What’s his name?

Milah: Baelfire.

Rumpelstiltskin: A strong name!

(He collapses into a chair due to the pain in his leg.)

Milah: Something he’ll need if he’s to live with the shame of being your son.

Rumpelstiltskin: What… What are you talking about?

Milah: Rumpel, is it true?

Rumpelstiltskin: Is what true?

Milah: Did you injure yourself… So that you wouldn’t have to fight? So that you would be sent home?

Rumpelstiltskin: Who told you that?

Milah: Everyone! Rumours travel quickly from the front. Rumpel, did you do this to yourself? Did you do it to yourself?!

Rumpelstiltskin: Yes! A seer told me I was going to die in the battle.

Milah: You did this because a seer told you to do it?

Rumpelstiltskin: She was right about everything else. I left the front to be with you. You and… Baelfire.

Milah: You left because you were afraid.

Rumpelstiltskin: No…

Milah: You became what everyone thought you were – a coward.

Rumpelstiltskin: Stop…

Milah: Just like your father!

Rumpelstiltskin: I am nothing like my father! He tried to abandon me. I will never, ever do that to my son. That’s why I did this. For him. All for the boy. To save him from the same fate I suffered – growing up without a father.

Milah: You sentence him to a fate much worse – growing up as your son.

Rumpelstiltskin: What… What… What else could I do?

Milah: You could have fought, Rumpel. You could have died.

Rumpelstiltskin: You don’t mean that. You don’t mean that.

(Milah hands baby Baelfire to Rumpelstiltskin. She then hastily grabs a bucket and exits through the front door.)

Rumpelstiltskin: Oh, it’s alright, Bae. It’s alright. Your Papa’s here. And I promise… I will never, ever leave you.

–[New York]–

(Neal, Emma, and Mr. Gold are still in the living room of Neal’s apartment.)

Mr. Gold: Bae… You came back for me.

Neal: No. I came to make sure you didn’t hurt her. I’ve seen what you do to people who break deals.

Mr. Gold: Please, Bae, just let me talk.

Neal: I have no interest in talking to you. You can go.

Mr. Gold: I’m not going anywhere.

Neal: Get out of my apartment!

Emma: Neal…

Neal: Emma, I got this.

Mr. Gold: You two know each other… You two know each other. How?

Emma: You sent me chasing after him.

Mr. Gold: No, no, no. Stop it! You’re lying. How do you two know each other?!

(Henry, who was still in the bathroom, enters the living room.)

Henry: Mom? W-what’s going on?

Emma: Hey…

Neal: Who’s this?

Emma: My son.

Neal: What?

Henry: Is that Baelfire?

Emma: I need you to stay in the other room for a little while longer, okay? Come on.

(Emma tries to lead Henry out of the room.)

Neal: Wait. H-how old are you?

Emma: Don’t answer him.

Neal: How old are you, kid?!

Henry: Eleven! Now, why is everyone yelling?

Neal: He’s eleven?

Henry: Mom?

Neal: Is this my son?

Henry: No. My dad was a fireman. He… He died. That’s what you told me. You said…

Neal: Is this… My son?

Emma: Yes…

(Neal is shocked. Henry backs away from Emma, and then exits through the window leading to the fire escape. There is a brief pause, then Emma follows Henry.)

Emma: Henry. Henry?

(Emma crawls through the window, leaving Neal and Mr. Gold alone. Neal goes to follow Henry and Emma, but Mr. Gold stops him.)

Mr. Gold: Baelfire…

(Neal shrugs his hand off of his shoulder.)

Mr. Gold: Please, please. All I want is a chance to be heard.

Neal: Get out.

Mr. Gold: Look, you came back to protect Emma. To show that she had lived up to her end of her bargain with me.

Neal: And now she has. You can go.

Mr. Gold: No. Our deal was for her to get you to talk to me. If you truly want her deal to be fulfilled, you have but one choice. You have to talk to me.

Neal: You got three minutes.


(At the hospital, Greg is talking to someone on his cell phone. He is no longer bedridden, and is dressed in his normal clothes. He still has a scrape and bruising on his forehead.)

Greg: Hey. N-no, I… I’m… I-I’m okay. Yeah. No, they… They… They said I’m… I’m good to go. But, um… You know, I think I’m going to stay here for little while. Why? Well, take a look at this and see.

(Greg sends a video of Regina using magic in Belle’s room to the person listed as ‘Her’.)


(Regina, Hook, and Cora are still at the library. Hook has finished interpreting the map.)

Hook: I give you the location of the dagger.

Cora: Well done, Hook. We’ll take it from here.

(Cora snatches the map off of the table and she and Regina begin to leave.)

Hook: No. You promised me!

(When Hook tries to confront them, Cora magically blasts Hook back into a bookshelf, knocking him unconscious.)

Cora: The kris dagger’s much too powerful to be wasted on you.

Regina: So… Is… This what it was all about? Getting Rumpel’s dagger so you could obtain his dark powers?

Cora: If we possess the dagger, we control the Dark One. And when he returns to Storybrooke, we can command him to kill Snow White, Prince Charming, and Emma. Our enemies will be vanquished, and you, will be blameless in the eyes of the only person who matters.

Regina: Henry.

–[New York]–

(Emma has found Henry at the top of the fire escape. The two of them talk.)

Henry: So, that’s him.

Emma: Yeah.

Henry: Why didn’t you tell me?

Emma: Because I never thought I would see him again. I never wanted to.

Henry: Why not?

Emma: He was a thief, Henry. A liar, a bad guy, and he… He broke my heart.

Henry: I could have taken it, you know. The truth.

Emma: I know. He was just a part of my life I wanted to forget. That’s why I didn’t tell you. I was thinking of me, not you.

Henry: I thought you were different, but you’re just like her. Regina. She always lied to me, too.

Emma: I’m sorry…

Henry: I want to meet my dad.


(Neal and Mr. Gold are having their three minutes.)

Neal: Clock’s ticking.

Mr. Gold: I know I’ve made mistakes, but you must believe me. I want to make up for it. There’s no greater pain than regret.

Neal: Try abandonment.

Mr. Gold: Please. Let me make it up to you.

Neal: How are you going to do that? I grew up alone. I grew up without a father. You can make up for that?

Mr. Gold: Yeah. Yes, I can.

Neal: Two minutes.

Mr. Gold: Come with me to Storybrooke. There’s magic there. I can turn the clock back. Make you fourteen again. We can start over.

Neal: Fourteen? I don’t want to be fourteen, again. Are you… Are you insane?

Mr. Gold: I can’t make up for the lost time, but I can take away the memories. Bae…

Neal: Take away who I am? No, thanks. One minute.

Mr. Gold: Bae… Please… Give me a chance. You once loved me.

Neal: You were once a good man.

Mr. Gold: And I can be that man again. I’ve changed. Look. I came here, to this city, without magic.

Neal: Yeah, yeah, and you’re still trying to use it to make up for your mistakes. Still think that that can make it all better. It won’t. You can’t. You have no idea what I’ve lived with. You’re so worried about you. You know what I’ve dealt with? Every night, for more years than you could know, the last thing I see before sleep, is the image of you… You and me, over that pit. Your hand… Wrapped around mine. And then, you open your grip. And as I fall away, all I can see is your face. Choosing all…this…crap over me. Letting me go. Now, it’s my turn. Now I’m letting you go.

Mr. Gold: I’m sorry-

Neal: I don’t care. I didn’t get closure, so you don’t, either. Got to go.

Mr. Gold: Oh, Bae…

Neal: No. Time’s up.

(Neal exits.)

–[Fairy Tale Land – Past]–

(Rumpelstiltskin enters a clearing in the forest. There is a campfire burning in the middle. The Seer, now an adult, appears from behind a tree.)

Seer: I’ve been expecting you.

Rumpelstiltskin: Then you know exactly why I came here.

Seer: What I foretold during the Ogres War has finally come to pass.

Rumpelstiltskin: Well, in a manner of speaking. I, uh, hobbled myself on the battlefield. Was branded a coward. My wife – ran away and left me. Then, my son was called to the front. Oh! Then I became The Dark One. Then, Bae left me. So, yes. My actions on the battlefield left my son fatherless. But… It would’ve been nice to know about all that pesky detail.

Seer: Knowing would not have made a difference. You still would have been powerless to escape your fate.

Rumpelstiltskin: Just…like…you.

(He magically ‘strangles’ her, cutting off her breathing.)

Rumpelstiltskin: Now you know exactly why I came here.

(The Seer manages to croak out a response.)

Seer: You want to find your son.

Rumpelstiltskin: Indeed.

(Rumpelstiltskin releases the magical hold on her throat. Once free, the Seer does a deliberate set of hand movements.)

Seer: You will find him.

Rumpelstiltskin: How? And this time, don’t leave out a single detail.

(She continues the movements.)

Seer: It will not be an easy path. It will take many years… And require a curse. A curse…powerful enough to rip everyone from this land.

Rumpelstiltskin: Yes, yes, there’s more, I know it. Tell me.

Seer: You will not cast the curse… Someone else will. And you will not break the curse… Someone else will.

Rumpelstiltskin: Tell me!

Seer: I don’t know. Even my powers have limits.

Rumpelstiltskin: Ah, ah, ah. Not good enough, dearie.

(Rumpelstiltskin, again, puts her into a magical stranglehold. She croaks out another sentence.)

Seer: If you want to see the path you must take, there is only one way. Take this burden from me.

(The Seer holds out both of her hands palm up.)

Rumpelstiltskin: Mm, gladly.

(Rumpelstiltskin places his hands on top of the Seer’s, emitting a burst of white light. The Seer screams.)

–[New York]–

(Emma crawls back into Neal’s apartment through the window, while Henry waits outside on the fire escape. Neal is waiting.)

Emma: He wants to meet you.

Neal: You weren’t going to tell me about him.

Emma: No, I wasn’t.

Neal: Yeah, well, he’s my kid, too, so you don’t get to make that decision by yourself anymore.

Emma: Great. Go talk to him, then. But… Don’t break his heart.

Neal: Trust me – I’m not going do to him what he did to me.

Emma: Or what you did to me.

Neal: Okay. I get it. We’re all messed up. What do you say we try to avoid that with him? Alright?

Emma: Alright.

(Neal crawls out onto the fire escape to join Henry.)

Henry: So… You’re my dad.

Neal: Yeah.

Henry: I’m Henry.

Neal: It’s nice to meet you, Henry. Sorry I took so long.

Henry: It’s okay. You didn’t know.

(While Henry and Neal talk outside, Mr. Gold walks past the window. He stops and watches them.)

–[Fairy Tale Land – Past]–

(Rumpelstiltskin and the Seer still have their hands joined together. The white light is also still being emitted from the two of them.)

Rumpelstiltskin: I can’t…see…anything. It’s too much. It’s nothing but a jumble.

Seer: The future is a puzzle with many pieces to be sorted. In time, you will learn to separate what can be, from what will be.

(Rumpelstiltskin lets go. The connection breaks, and the Seer falls to the ground.)

Rumpelstiltskin: This is why you wanted to give me your power. To free yourself from this torment.

Seer: In time, you will work it all out.

(Rumpelstiltskin turns to leave, but the Seer calls out to him.)

Seer: Wait. As gratitude, I offer you one piece of the puzzle.

(She raises one of her hands off of the ground and waves it through the air.)

Seer: You will be reunited with your son, and it will come in a most unexpected way.

Rumpelstiltskin: How?

Seer: A boy… A young boy will lead you to him. But beware, Rumpelstiltskin, for that boy is more than he appears. He will lead you…to what you seek. But there will be a price. The boy… Will be your undoing.

(Finally, the Seer’s hand falls to the ground as she dies.)

Rumpelstiltskin: Then I’ll just have to kill him.

–[New York]–

(Back in Neal’s apartment, Mr. Gold is still watching Henry and Neal through the window. He turns around with a haunted look on his face.)


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2×13 – Tiny


(Mr. Gold knocks on the door to Mary Margaret’s apartment. Emma answers.)

Mr. Gold: Ready to go, Miss Swan?

Emma: Almost.

(Mr. Gold enters the apartment, and Henry enters the room with a suitcase and his coat.)

Henry: Do you think we’ll be cold where we’re going, or warm?

Emma: I think layers are always a good idea.

Mr. Gold: I thought the terms of our agreement were quite clear. You owe me a favour – you alone.

Emma: I’m not leaving Henry here with Cora lurking about, so either we both go, or we both stay.

Mr. Gold: Then, we’ll have to purchase another plane ticket, won’t we?

(Mary Margaret enters and helps Henry put on his jacket.)

Emma: Wait. We’re flying?

Mr. Gold: Don’t worry, I’m covering expenses. Even the new ones.

(David overhears the conversation as he comes down the stairs.)

David: You’re a real gentleman, aren’t you? Alright, Gold, you’re going out there with my family. Just know, if anything happens to them…

Mr. Gold: Then you’ll what? Cross the town line? And David Nolan will hunt me down in his animal rescue van?

David: I’ll be devastated. This isn’t a threat. It’s a request. Take care of them.

Mr. Gold: I promise no harm will come to your family. After all, we have a deal.


(Mr. Gold, equipped with the shawl around his neck, is driving. Emma is in the passenger seat, and Henry is in the back seat. They are heading down a deserted road in Mr. Gold’s car.)

Henry: So… Where are we going?

Mr. Gold: Logan International Airport.

Emma: I think he meant after that.

Mr. Gold: Let’s just take things one step at a time, shall we?

Emma: You really think that shawl’s going to work?

Mr. Gold: Well, if it doesn’t, and I revert to my cursed self, we’re all going to have some problems. It’ll work.

(They pass the ‘leaving Storybrooke’ sign and a wave of magic passes over Mr. Gold. There is a brief pause.)

Emma: So?

Mr. Gold: My name is Rumpelstiltskin. And we’re going find my son.


(At Mary Margaret’s apartment, Mary Margaret is in the kitchen when David enters wearing two gun holsters.)

MMB: You like the holster, huh?

David: I miss carrying a sword.

MMB: Well, it looks good on you.

David: Come on. Leroy has the dwarves on Cora watch. They’ve got eyes everywhere, but they could use our help.

MMB: Really? How hard can it be to find a powerful sorceress in a small town?

(They go to leave. When they open the door, they find Regina, who was just preparing to knock.)

David: Apparently, not very hard.

MMB: Regina. You’re back.

Regina: I know you think I’m responsible for poor Dr. Hopper’s death.

David: He’s… Alive.

Regina: What?

MMB: You were framed.

Regina: Who would do that?

MMB: Your mother. She’s here.

Regina: But… But that’s… That’s… Not possible.

MMB: When we found a way back, so did she. We were wrong… And we’re so sorry.

Regina: I know. But, if Cora’s here, then we’re all in danger. Please, you have to let me see my son. I can protect him.

MMB: He’s not here.

Regina: What?

David: Mr. Gold asked Emma to help him find his son. They left town about an hour ago with Henry.

Regina: And no one told me?

MMB: We didn’t know where you were. And, to be honest, Regina, I don’t think Emma has to run anything by you.

Regina: No, I suppose she doesn’t.

(Regina exits.)

MMB: That went well.

David: With her, it doesn’t get much better. Come on. Let’s go find Cora.

MMB: Where?

David: No idea. But I know who to ask.

(David hands a quiver of arrows and a bow to Mary Margaret, and the two of them leave.)


(David, Mary Margaret, Leroy, and Hook are at the docks. Hook walks with an obvious limp.)

Hook: You didn’t even ask me about my recovery.

MMB: How are you feeling, Hook?

Hook: Come closer and feel for yourself.

(David hits Hook.)

David: You want to lose the other hand? Where’s the ship? Come on. Archie told us. It’s shielded somehow, isn’t it, mate?

Hook: Aye… That it is. Follow me. I don’t know what you expect to find. Cora won’t be there.

David: Well, maybe she left something behind that will tell us where she went. Let’s go.

Leroy: No funny business. I’m watching you, pirate.

Hook: Yes, Dwarf. That should deter me from any maleficence.

MMB: Oh, don’t worry, Leroy. He’ll help us.

Hook: What makes you so sure?

MMB: Because you’re a pirate. You know which way the wind blows, and, right now, it is gusting towards us.

Hook: Oh. I see where your daughter got her gumption. Follow me.

(They arrive at the pier where the ship is anchored. Hook walks up the invisible stairs and disappears behind the shield. The rest of them follow suit.)

Leroy: You sailed this ship from our land. Can you sail it back?

Hook: My ship? She’s a marvel. Made from enchanted wood. We weathered many a storm together, seen many strange, glittering shores. But, to travel between lands, she must go through a portal.

David: Yeah. What do you know about Cora’s plans?

Hook: Cora’s not the most communicative of lasses. I will tell you this – whatever malice she has in mind, her weapon of choice is in here.

(Hook gestures to a tarp covered box. Leroy and David pull back the tarp, revealing a cage. Inside, is the shrunken giant from the beanstalk. He is unconscious/sleeping.)

MMB: Who’s that?

–[Fairy Tale Land – Past]–

(At the giant’s castle, the giants have gathered for dinner. One of them rings a bell to summon Anton. Anton enters.)

Arlo: Ah. You’re late, Tiny.

Abraham: Missed you out in the fields, Tiny.

Anton: It’s Anton.

Abraham: But you’re just so damn tiny, Tiny.

Arlo: Alright, enough squabbling. Now, today, we celebrate. After a century of hard labour, the time of the bean harvest has finally arrived.

(The giants, save Anton, pound their fists into the table and cheer.)

Anton: …Yay.

Arlo: But is a blossom more than its root? Is a harvest more important than a hard day’s work? No. Each has value. Just as each of us has value. Hear, hear.

Group: Hear, hear.

(The giants stand up to toast, but are interrupted by a loud bang. They look over at Anton. A human-sized harp has slipped from his sleeve onto the table.)

Arlo: You’ve been spending time in the treasure room again, haven’t you?

Anton: No. Maybe. So say that I was. So what?

Arlo: Your fascination with the humans and their artifacts is misguided. No good can come of it.

Anton: How can you say that, when you’ve never even been to their world? And you won’t even let any of us go down there.

Arlo: Have you forgotten what the humans did? Why we no longer trade beans with them? They weren’t content merely traveling between the realms. They had to conquer and pillage.

Anton: Because a few humans did some bad stuff, doesn’t make them all evil.

Arlo: They don’t abide by the same laws that we do, Anton. We giants foster life. They destroy it. That is why they must never know that we still exist, or that we still grow the beans.

Anton: But why do we keep growing them… If nobody ever uses them?

(There is an awkward silence at the table.)

Arlo: It’s what we do.

Anton: We don’t do anything with them!

Arlo: It is the labour that makes us who we are. Not the fruit that it yields.

Abraham: What is this? A human toy?

(Abraham picks up the harp and inspects it.)

Anton: Put it down.

(He crushes the harp in his hand and drops it to the floor.)

Abraham: Not much fun, is it?

Arlo: Abraham, that is enough.

(Anton gets up from the table and runs out of the room. Arlo calls after him.)

Arlo: Tiny!

(Anton exits the castle until he comes to the beanstalk. He looks down and ponders. He then decides to climb down to earth.)


(David and company are still on Hook’s ship. They are gathered around Anton’s cage.)

Leroy: So, Cora used magic to make him travel-sized.

Hook: Whatever she intends to do with him, it’s important.

David: Oh, I think you know exactly what she intends. You’re holding out.

Hook: Well, either have your lovely wife torture it out of me, which I promise will be fun for both-

(David grabs Hook by the throat and shoves him against the wall.)

David: Why don’t you and I have some fun?

Hook: I don’t know what she’s planning. Why don’t you wake the bloody giant and ask him yourself?

(Hook extends the key to the cage. Mary Margaret takes it and unlocks the door. She crouches down and touches Anton on the shoulder. He startles awake.)

MMB: Hey… It’s alright. You’re safe now.

(Anton crawls out of the cage.)

MMB: What’s your name?

Anton: Anton. Where’s that witch?

MMB: She’s gone.

Anton: What did she do? She made me small.

David: Come on. Let’s get you out of here.

Anton: You.

David: Me?

Anton: You!

(Anton punches David in the face, causing him to fly backwards.)

MMB: David!

Leroy: Hey! Hey, over here, you big-

(Leroy attempts to distract Anton, but is thrown down the stairs of the ship. Anton lunges at David, who has drawn his gun. He easily hits it out of his hand. Suddenly, Mary Margaret shoots an arrow past Anton’s head.)

MMB: Step away from my husband.

Anton: You may have me outnumbered, but this isn’t over. You think I forgot what you did? I didn’t. You’ll pay for your evil. I promise! You’ll pay!

(Anton flees the ship.)


(Belle is watching television in a common room at the hospital. Ruby enters with a basket of items.)

Ruby: Hey. You don’t remember me, do you?

Belle: Sorry, no, I… I don’t.

Ruby: I’m Ruby. You used to come into my Granny’s diner a lot. Before. I thought you could use some comforts from home. You were always telling me about Jules Verne, so I brought you my favorite – The Mysterious Island.

Belle: Thank you. Were… Were we really friends?

Ruby: Yeah, we were.

Belle: Then tell me the truth. Before I was brought here, I was hurt. I was bleeding, and then this man came. And he… He healed me. Then, I saw him hold a ball of fire in his hands. How… How is that possible?!

Ruby: The nurse said that the tranquilizers can give you wicked nightmares.

Belle: No, I know what I saw. And I don’t need any more tranquilizers or-

Ruby: Belle…

Belle: Don’t call me that. Why does everyone keep calling me that?

(A nurse enters to restrain Belle.)

Belle: I don’t… I’m telling you, I don’t…

Nurse: Take it easy. Take it easy.

(The nurse sits her down in a chair and injects a sedative into her Belle’s arm.)

Ruby: Has she been like this the whole time?

Nurse: More or less. We’ve had to keep her heavily sedated. Okay, let’s get you back to bed.

Belle: No…

Nurse: Here we go. There.

(The nurse escorts Belle out of the room. Meanwhile, Greg has entered and has seen the outburst.)

Greg: Everything okay in here?

Ruby: Everything’s fine, Mr. Mendell. She’s alright. How are you?

Greg: Much improved.

Ruby: Well, then, rest up. The sooner you’re better, the sooner you can be out of our quiet little town.


(David, Mary Margaret, and Leroy are sitting in a booth at Granny’s Diner.)

MMB: David… Did that giant just say he’ll make you pay? For what?

David: I have no idea. I’ve never seen that guy before.

Leroy: Well, he sure knows you.

David: No. It’s not about me. He just thinks it is.

–[Fairy Tale Land – Past]–

(At his castle, James and barely-clothed Jack are having a make out session.)

James: You are a true wonder.

Jack: I know.

(James picks her up and carries her to the bed. He drops her onto it, and the two of them resume where they left off. However, King George enters and interrupts.)

King George: I didn’t know you had company, James.

James: Father. This is my father, the King. Father, this is-

King George: I don’t care. The kingdom is teetering on bankruptcy. The name of your latest dalliance is of little concern to me.

Jack: Pleasure to meet you, too, Your Majesty.

King George: Good day.

James: Care for a drink, Father?

(James goes over to a side table to pour himself a drink.)

King George: There’ll be time for that later. Right now, there’s trouble afoot. I just received word that there’s a giant running amok in the outer village.

James: I thought giants were extinct.

Jack: I’d love the chance to battle one.

King George: No. No killing. Not yet, anyway. This giant could be of use to us.

James: Just tell me what needs to be done.


(The trio is still at Granny’s.)

MMB: Your brother. That’s who he thinks you are.

David: It’s the only thing that makes sense. Come on.

MMB: Where are we going?

David: To find out just what kind of trouble my brother got himself into. Leroy, get your head looked at and gather the dwarves. We need to keep an eye out for this giant.

–[Fairy Tale Land – Past]–

(Anton has successfully climbed down the beanstalk. He comes to a tavern, where he leans down and peers inside the window. Seeing as he can’t fit, he gets up and turns to leave. However, James and Jack have noticed him and chase after him.)

James: If you want some ale, you should ask! They’ll serve anyone who can pay, my friend. I’m James – Prince of this realm. I wanted to make sure you received a warm welcome.

Anton: I’m Anton. I’m a giant.

James: Yeah, I can see that. What brings you to our land?

Anton: I’ve always been fascinated with your customs. I just… Wanted to see it for myself.

James: Well, we would be more than happy to show you around. Of course, there’s the matter of your size.

Anton: I’m too small for back home, I’m too big for here.

Jack: Don’t despair, Anton. I have something that may help you.

Anton: What is it?

(She pulls out a small piece of mushroom.)

Jack: Magic. A piece of mushroom from a far-off land. I once slayed a Jabberwock that was terrorizing a village, and they… They couldn’t pay me in gold, so they paid me with this, instead. If you eat it, it will change your size. Its effects are temporary, but we have more.

(Anton reaches down and Jack drops the mushroom piece into his hand.)

Jack: I’m pretty sure this one makes you smaller.

Anton: Pretty sure?

Jack: Well, I haven’t had the occasion to try it, but… The wise woman who gave it to me swore by its power.

James: Go on, Anton. Give it a try.

Anton: I have no way to repay you for your kindness.

Jack: No need. If it makes you happy, that’s all the payment that we desire.

Anton: Well, then at least tell me your name.

Jack: Jacqueline. But… Most people call me Jack.

Anton: Nice to meet you, Jack.


(Emma, Henry and Mr. Gold have arrived at the airport. They pick up their boarding passes from the desk, and then enter the line for security.)

Henry: Have you ever been outside of Storybrooke before, Mr. Gold?

Mr. Gold: No.

Henry: Are you nervous?

Mr. Gold: No.

Henry: Are you worried about meeting your son?

Mr. Gold: No, Henry, I’m fine.

Emma: How about we talk about all this later, kid? We’re next.

(Henry and Emma begin taking off their shoes to put in the boxes.)

Henry: It must be really hard not to use magic – being like everyone else.

Emma: You’ve got to put your shoes in.

Mr. Gold: How terribly uncivilized.

(Mr. Gold takes off his shoes and Henry goes through the metal detector.)

TSA Agent: Uh, scarf and the cane go in the basket.

Mr. Gold: What?

TSA Agent: Scarf and cane go in the basket.

Mr. Gold: I can’t.

Emma: You have to.

(The man behind them interrupts.)

Man: It ain’t rocket science, buddy. You ever been on a plane before?

Mr. Gold: Have you ever been impaled upon a cane before?

Emma: My… Father’s a little nervous. We’re headed to a family reunion. Sorry.

Mr. Gold: Father?

Emma: Just put your shawl in the bin. I’ll help you get through.

Mr. Gold: If I let this go, I could forget who I am.

Emma: I’m not going to let that happen.

Mr. Gold: Okay.

(Mr. Gold takes the shawl off and puts it in the box with his cane. When he does, his hearing becomes distorted and he stumbles. He goes through the metal detector in almost a trace-like state, until Emma has a chance to grab his shawl out of the box on the other side of security. She puts it around his neck and his hearing and mind go back to normal. Mr. Gold gives a slight nod and the two of them begin to put their shoes back on. Henry is there waiting for them.)

Henry: Guys, there’s a Cinnabons here!


(Hook enters a deserted alley near the docks. He places a card – the Queen of Hearts – onto the ground. When he turns around, Regina has appeared behind him.)

Regina: Hello, Hook.

Hook: Regina.

Regina: Expecting my mother? The one you were supposed to kill?

Hook: Oh, that. Well, I didn’t want to deprive you of a happy reunion.

Regina: Well, it’s your lucky day. She and I have made amends.

Hook: And you’re here to thank me? How sweet.

Regina: She wants to know if they’ve found the ship.

Hook: Well, you can tell her, she can ask me herself.

Regina: She decided it wouldn’t be prudent for her to be out and about.

Hook: Well, then it is my lucky day. And you can tell her they found the ship.

Regina: Well, did you get her things off it?

Hook: I’ve been tied up in bed – not in the good way.

Regina: She needs her things.

Hook: Oh, I’ll bet she does. Well, there’s good news, then. A giant got loose from the hold.

Regina: You lost a giant?

Hook: Well, a shrunken giant.

Regina: How is that good news?

Hook: Because, when he got free, he took one look at the Prince, and became extremely murderous.

Regina: Hm. A giant in town who wants to kill the Prince. This is just the distraction we need.

Hook: That it is, dear.


(Elsewhere, Anton is attempting to navigate the streets of Storybrooke. He dodges cars as they honk at him.)

–[Fairy Tale Land – Past]–

(Anton, who is now small, James, and Jack enter the tavern. James pulls out a chair for Anton, and the three of them sit at a table.)

James: Much better to be on the inside, huh? Please. You’re the guest of honour.

Anton: No fighting for a seat at the table. If my brothers could see me now…

Jack: I’m not so sure about this family of yours, Anton. It doesn’t sound like they appreciate you.

Anton: They’re not so bad. Except for the… Making fun of me. And the pushing me around. And the harsh words. Well, yeah, it’s sort of bad.

James: Sometimes, you have to leave home to find the people you…truly belong with. Your real family.

Jack: It’s like you were always meant to be here, Anton.

James: Now, make sure our Anton has all that he needs.

(James gets up and heads to the other side of the pub. In the corner, a group of people are playing music. One of them is playing a harp.)

Anton: I had one of those once. I never knew it made such beautiful music. My brothers are so wrong about humans.

(Anton overhears James arguing with another man.)

James: It’s unacceptable! Go back there and tell him what I said. Promise them anything. I don’t care-

Anton: Is there a problem?

Jack: He didn’t tell you, did he? The royal coffers are empty. James and his father are deeply in debt to a neighboring kingdom.

Anton: I don’t understand.

Jack: If James can’t pay back what he owes, they’ll plunder this realm, and burn it to the ground.

Anton: Now I understand.

Jack: It’s bad.

Anton: Will the other kingdom only accept gold coins?

Jack: Well, it depends. A magic bean, for instance, would be worth a thousand coins, but… You don’t have any of those back home. …Do you?

Anton: No. No beans. We do have treasure. Enough to pay off your debts, I bet.

Jack: You would help us?

Anton: Without question. If I’m going to stay here for good, might as well make sure it’s a nice kingdom and not, you know – burned to the ground.

Jack: You are our hero.


(In the woods, Anton is sitting on a log and looking forlornly at the river. Regina approaches him.)

Anton: Get away from me!

Regina: I’m here to help you.

Anton: No. You’re human. I hate humans.

(Regina continues to walk towards him.)

Anton: Don’t come any closer! Or I’ll kill you.

Regina: Look, I hear you’re in town cause you want to kill someone. I can help. I have no love for this Prince, either, and if you want to destroy this town to get to him… Well, I’m happy to do my part. This will make you bigger. It will return you to your former glory.

(He takes the proffered mushroom and takes a bite. In a puff of blue smoke, he returns to his former giant size.)

Regina: Now, get to work! As I’m sure you’re aware, that mushroom won’t last forever.


(Emma, Mr. Gold and Henry are waiting by their gate. Mr. Gold is pacing back and forth.)

Emma: Do you want something to eat?

Mr. Gold: No.

Emma: Is something wrong?

Mr. Gold: Stop asking me that! I’ll be right back.

(Mr. Gold leaves and enters the public washroom. He enters one of the stalls and locks the door. Still anxious, he starts to pace back and forth, until he suddenly drops his cane and begins violently punching the toilet seat cover dispenser on the wall. Afterward, Mr. Gold leans against the wall and looks down at his bloodied hand. He waves his hand over the wounds, but nothing happens. He tries again with the same result. Henry enters the washroom and calls out for him.)

Henry: Mr. Gold? Mr. Gold? We’re boarding soon. Are you coming?

(He ignores Henry.)

–[Fairy Tale Land – Past]–

(Anton has returned to the castle and is gathering treasure. Arlo finds him there.)

Arlo: Anton. Anton, where have you been? We were worried.

Anton: I needed to get away for a little while. So, I went down below to see things for myself.

Arlo: You went to the human world? Do you have any idea how dangerous that could be?

Anton: I met friends there – friends who understand me. Who like me. And I plan to go back for good.

Arlo: Anton… I know we tease you. But we love you. You’re our brother. You know that. You expect these humans to just welcome you with open arms? You could crush them.

Anton: There’s magic that can change me to their size. And, with this treasure, we can all be happy.

(Outside, the sound of birds can be heard.)

Arlo: Sentry birds. Someone has trespassed on our land. You told the humans you were coming here, didn’t you? You showed them the beanstalk.


(Mary Margaret and David watch from a distance as Anton terrorizes the town.)

Anton: That’s right! Run! Run!

(He picks up a car and throws it in David and Mary Margaret’s direction, then continues his path of destruction. The citizens of Storybrooke scramble for safety as Mary Margaret and David follow Anton.)

David: Head to the town hall! Bring anyone you find on the way! Somebody get Leroy!

MMB: Guess we found our giant. I just didn’t think he would be so…

David: Giant?

MMB: My mistake.

David: Ever stop one before?

MMB: Nope.

David: Well… Here’s to new firsts.

(David yells to Anton to get his attention.)

David: Wait! You don’t have to do this!

Anton: Yeah, I do. You destroyed everything in my life. Now you’re going to know what that feels like.

David: The man who hurt you? That wasn’t me. That was my twin brother James. We were separated at birth. He was raised by a… A ruthless King.

Anton: You’re not James?

David: No!

Anton: Then where is he?

David: He paid the ultimate price for his arrogance. He’s dead! There is nothing more you can do to him.

MMB: We’re on your side, Anton! We’re good! We’re here because of you. You know our daughter Emma. You gave her the magic compass.

Anton: Emma? Let me talk to her. She says you’re okay, then I’ll stop.

(Leroy has arrived and joins Mary Margaret.)

MMB: She’s kind of out of town.

Anton: Really?

MMB: But when she gets back, I know she’ll really want to talk to you.

Anton: How convenient. Everyone I’m looking for isn’t around! All you humans do is lie, and cheat, and kill, and I’m sick of it!

(Anton charges after them.)

–[Fairy Tale Land – Past]–

(Anton and Arlo head to the beanstalk, where they find James and Jack.)

Arlo: Humans. Let’s kill them.

Anton: No, no, no! It’s not like that. Arlo, these are my friends, James and Jack. Guys, you didn’t have to come up here. The treasure’s ready to go.

James: Oh, we’re not here for the treasure. We’re here for the beans. All of them.

Anton: But… You’re my friends. H-how-

(Jack draws her sword.)

Jack: No, we’re not. If you and your people want to save your lives, take us to the beans.

Arlo: No. We may live in peace, but we will fight to protect what is ours.

James: Then a fight is what you shall have.

(James draws his sword. Jack and James charge towards the giants.)


(Mary Margaret, David, and Leroy run down the streets of Storybrooke as Anton chases after them.)

Leroy: So let me get this straight – you got a twin brother?

David: Yeah.

Leroy: His name is James?

David: Right.

Leroy: Well, your name is James.

David: No, actually, it’s not.

Leroy: It’s Charming, then?

MMB: No, that’s the nickname I gave him.

Leroy: Hey, hold on. What the hell is your name?

David: David.

Leroy: Your curse name?

David: My real name!

Leroy: What, you’re David, James, and Charming? Is David like a middle name?

David: No! It’s my name-name.

Leroy: You know what? I’m going to call you whatever I damn well please! Is that okay?!

David: Sure, Leroy.

Leroy: So what’s the plan?

David: Lead the giant away from here, so he can’t hurt anyone.

MMB: Wait. If we keep heading in this direction, we’re going to hit the town line.

David: Okay, new plan.

(The three of them stop near the docks. David approaches the giant.)

MMB: What are you doing?

David: Giving him what he wants. Anton! How about we make a deal?

Anton: I don’t make deals with humans.

David: Just hear me out. I’ll surrender myself to you, if you spare the lives of everyone in Storybrooke.

MMB: David, you can’t do this.

David: If I don’t, the whole town will suffer. I can’t allow that. Well, what do you say?

Anton: Deal.

(Anton lunges towards David and tries to jump on him. However, Mary Margaret pulls David out of the way at the last second, and Anton ends up jumping straight through the ground. Stuck, the mushroom’s effects then wear off, and Anton seems to disappear in a puff of blue smoke. All that’s left is a large hole in the ground.)

MMB: Where did he go?

David: I’m not sure.

(They head over to the hole to investigate, where they find Anton hanging on to an underground pipe.)

–[Fairy Tale Land – Past]–

(Anton runs through the castle as the battle rages outside. He meets up with Arlo.)

Arlo: Anton. The human armies are overrunning us. Abraham and Andre have fallen. The human swords are poisoned.

Anton: This is all because of me. I’ve ruined everything.

Arlo: No, you still have a chance to save us.

Anton: How?

Arlo: The beans, Anton. You must raze the fields.

Anton: No!

Arlo: If the humans take the beans, they will bring their violence to every realm. It is your birthright to protect the beans. Right now, that means destroying them.


(The dwarves, Granny, and Ruby have arrived on the scene with a truck and some rope. Anton is still hanging onto the pipe below.)

David: That better hold.

Leroy: It’ll hold.

Granny: I got this.

(Granny ties the rope to the back of the truck and Leroy throws the rope down the side of the hole. Mary Margaret then kisses David.)

MMB: Most people would let that giant die after what he’s done.

David: You wouldn’t.

(David wraps the rope around his waist and begins to shimmy down the hole.)

David: Alright, Anton! I’m coming down!

(He gets down to Anton and extends his hand.)

David: Take my hand.

Anton: No!

David: No?

Anton: I don’t want to go back up there. I should just let go!

David: You’ll die.

Anton: Maybe death hurts less than life.

David: If you really wanted to die, you would have let go already. Now take my hand!

(Anton finally grabs David’s hand and the people above pull them out of the hole.)

Leroy: Come on.

MMB: Almost! A little more!

(David and Anton are successfully pulled up. Mary Margaret hugs David.)

Anton: You saved my life.

David: That’s what we do.

Anton: Thank you.

Leroy: You’re welcome.

David: We’re not all the same, Anton. I don’t know what my brother did to you, but… That’s not us.

Anton: You have no idea.

–[Fairy Tale Land – Past]–

(In the treasure room, Jack is fighting Arlo, while James stuffs treasure into a sack. Jack stabs Arlo in the ankle with the sword, causing him to yell in pain. However, Jack isn’t quick enough to get away, and Arlo grabs Jack.)

Jack: James!

(Arlo takes Jack’s sword and stabs her with it. He then tosses her and the sword onto the ground. He falls over due to the poison, just as Anton enters the room.)

Anton: Arlo? No… No, no, no, no!

(James, having filled the sack with treasure, goes to leave. Jack is dying on the floor.)

Jack: James! Please…

James: I’m sorry, Jack. But I have a kingdom to run. I’m sure you understand.

(James exits, leaving Jack behind. Anton tends to Arlo.)

Arlo: Anton… The poison. It’s in my blood. Did you…

Anton: All destroyed. The fields and every last bean.

Arlo: Oh, good. Good. That’s what’s important.

Anton: No. Everyone else is dead. You can’t die, too, please!

Arlo: I know your path is hard. But someday, you will know which road to choose. And when you do, you will need this.

(Arlo takes out a vial with a piece of beanstalk inside. He hands it to Anton.)

Arlo: A preserved cutting…from the stalk. Plant it. New beans will grow.

Anton: You had me salt the land. Nothing can grow here.

Arlo: Then someday, you will find… New land.

Anton: How? Arlo? Arlo?! No…


(Anton and the rescue group enter Granny’s Diner.)

Leroy: This is Granny’s. She makes a mean lasagna and runs an inn, so I’m sure we can set you up with a room till you find a place.

Anton: Thanks, but I think I’ll set up camp in the woods.

Leroy: The woods?

Anton: Yeah, I’m better off alone. I’m not too good at fitting in.

Leroy: You’re in the right place. Storybrooke’s got all kinds – dwarves, fairies, werewolves, you name it. Ruby, beers all around!

MMB: We all miss our land, Anton. But this is our home now.

Anton: You never think about going back?

MMB: Of course we do. It’s just not possible.

David: We have no way to get there.

Anton: How’s the farmland here?

David: Pretty good. Why?

(Anton takes out the vial with the piece of beanstalk.)

Anton: The stem is from a beanstalk. If I plant it, it should be able to grow some magic beans. And then, you just may have a way.


(Mary Margaret, David, Anton, and the dwarves have gathered in a field. Anton checks the soil.)

David: Well, what’s the verdict?

Anton: Soil’s got a nice loamy feel. Lot of minerals. The beans should grow well here. Only one problem.

MMB: What’s that?

Anton: Cora. This is why she brought me. She wanted me to grow beans. So whatever she plans to do with them… Can’t be good.

MMB: Then we won’t let her get to them.

Leroy: No one touches our crop.

Anton: Your crop? I thought you guys were miners?

Leroy: Work is work. It’s what we do. So what do you say? You up for some help?

Anton: Okay.

Leroy: Happy!

(Happy hands a pick axe to Anton.)

Leroy: Here. To help break up the earth.

(Anton looks down, and the name ‘Tiny’ appears on the handle.)

Anton: ‘Tiny’. My brothers used to call me that.

Leroy: Axe never lies.

David: Wait a second. I did my time in the mines. How come I didn’t get one of those?

Leroy: Cause you ain’t a dwarf. Welcome aboard, brother.

(The dwarves and Anton begin to hack away at the earth. They whistle.)


(Belle is reading in her room at the hospital. Greg enters.)

Greg: Hey. It’s okay.

Belle: Who, uh… Who are you?

Greg: My name’s Greg, okay? I… I’m a patient here, just like you. I… I’m really sorry to bother you, but… I’m the one that was driving the car in… In the accident.

Belle: Oh. Are you okay?

Greg: Yeah. Yeah, they, um… They patched me up pretty good. Look, I… I overheard you talking. About how you saw a guy with a ball of fire.

Belle: And you think I’m crazy, too. Well, I did see it. I-

Greg: Hey, I know that you’re not crazy.

Belle: You do?

Greg: Cause I saw it, too.


(David exits Granny’s Diner with two coffees. He hands one to Mary Margaret, who is waiting outside.)

David: Here’s to not getting squashed by a giant.

MMB: I’ll drink to that.

David: Sometimes I wonder how things would’ve turned out if I had been the one raised by King George instead of my brother. You know, would I have been…corrupt like him?

MMB: Never.

David: Same blood ran through our veins.

MMB: Mm, but your hearts are different. You may not believe it, but trust me – I know you, Charming. I had a lot of fun today.

David: Fun?

MMB: Uh-huh.

David: Almost getting killed is fun?

MMB: Yeah. I missed our adventures.

David: Me, too. It was kind of fun. You know, we could do this all the time. When the beans grow, we could go back. Everyone could go home.

MMB: I don’t know.

David: What don’t you know?

MMB: Home is where our family is. And that’s here. I don’t know if Emma would come with us, and I am not going to be separated from her again.

David: You’re worried about her.

MMB: Aren’t you?

David: Of course, but… Emma… Emma can take care of herself, and I’m sure wherever she and Henry are, they’re safe.


(Emma, Henry, and Mr. Gold have boarded the plane and are waiting for takeoff. Henry has a box of cinnamon buns on his lap.)

Emma: You good, kid?

Henry: You kidding? A trip with you, first plane ride, and we’re going on a quest like in the book. The only thing that could make this day better? Is more frosting.

(Emma looks down and notices Mr. Gold’s bandaged hand.)

Emma: It’s going to be alright. We’re going to find your son.

Mr. Gold: I know.

(The takeoff announcement begins.)

Announcement: Welcome, folks, to Ajira Airlines regional flight fifty-three, with non-stop service to New York City. Our flight time tonight is forty-two minutes. Please sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

(The plane engines start. Mr. Gold stares ahead blankly.)


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2×12 – In The Name Of The Brother


(The situation is chaotic at the town line. Mr. Gold holds an injured and confused Belle, Hook is unconscious at the side of the road, and the ‘outsider’ is still in the crashed car. In the distance, sirens are heard approaching.)

Belle: Who are you? What’s going on?

Mr. Gold: Shh… Let me… Let me. Let me.

(Mr. Gold magically heals Belle’s injuries.)

Mr. Gold: All better. Good.

Belle: How did you do that?

Mr. Gold: It’s nothing to be afraid of.

Belle: Get away.

Mr. Gold: Shh. Belle, please.

Belle: What are you?!

(Emma, David, and Mary Margaret arrive on the scene via squad car. David gets out and runs towards Belle and Mr. Gold, with Mary Margaret trailing behind. Meanwhile, Emma radios for more assistance.)

David: Are you okay?

Emma: I’m at the town line. Two people down, maybe three. There’s a car – pretty banged up with Pennsylvania plates.

David: What’s going on?

Mr. Gold: She crossed over the line. She doesn’t remember.

(Emma finds a now alert Hook at the side of the road.)

Hook: Hey, beautiful. Here, I didn’t think you’d notice.

(She leans down and pushes on his ribs. He yells out in pain.)

Emma: Your ribs are broken.

Hook: Oh, that must be why it hurts when I laugh. Did you see his face? His one true love, gone in an instant! Just like Milah, crocodile! When you took her from me…

Mr. Gold: But you took her first.

(Mr. Gold lunges at Hook, digging his cane into his neck.)

Emma: Gold, are you insane?!

Mr. Gold: Yes, I am!

David: You can’t do that!

Mr. Gold: I can if you let me go.

Emma: You don’t want her to see that.

Mr. Gold: I’m a stranger to her.

Emma: Murder is a bad first impression.

David: What would Belle want you to do?

(An ambulance arrives, distracting Mr. Gold long enough for David to pull him off of Hook.)

David: Over here!

(The paramedics head towards Hook first, but Emma directs their attention to the driver of the car instead.)

Emma: No! Him! Take care of him. He can wait.

(Mary Margaret, who is still tending to Belle, overhears Emma.)

MMB: What?

Emma: There’s someone in there.

MMB: Stay. I’ll be right back.

(Emma and Mary Margaret watch as the paramedics look over the unconscious driver of the car.)

Emma: Do you know this guy?

MMB: I’ve never seen him before.

David: That’s because he drove into town.

MMB: From the outside?

Emma: Looks like the world just came to Storybrooke.


(At the hospital, the voice over the intercom announces the arrival of the accident victims. Alone in another room, Dr. Whale listens to the announcements as he drinks. Outside the door, several other hospital workers can be heard.)

Man: Anybody seen the doctor?

Woman: Dr. Whale, we need you in the ER!

–[A Land Without Color]–

(Victor, Gerhardt, and Alphonse toast in the living room of their home. It is decorated with Christmas decorations.)

Victor: To the Frankensteins.

Gerhardt: To a fine new year, papa.

Alphonse: Thank you, Gerhardt. And let’s have a better look at that medal.

(He looks over the medal pinned to Gerhardt’s chest.)

Alphonse: My son. The Silver Cross.

Gerhardt: It’s embarrassing to have everyone make such a fuss.

Victor: Well, that’s your cross to bear, I suppose.

Alphonse: To the holiday. Something for both of my sons.

(Alphonse hands a small box to Gerhardt and a leather envelope to Victor.)

Gerhardt: Too small to be a pony.

(Gerhardt opens to the box, revealing a pocket watch inside.)

Alphonse: Your mother gave me that when we were married. It was her father’s. She wanted to keep it in the family.

Gerhardt: I remember.

Alphonse: Open yours, Victor.

(Victor opens the envelope, revealing a piece of paper.)

Victor: A commission. Father, surely you’re joking. My work is far too important to leave now.

Alphonse: I purchased you a commission. You will join the Mobile Thirty-fourth as their camp physician. It’s an honour.

Gerhardt: Well, yes, of course. But I’m not sure you realize the important scientific work he’s doing.

Alphonse: Certainly, but how will he do his work without my financial support?

Victor: Papa, I rely on that money.

Alphonse: I’ve already allowed you the use of our summer home for your foolish purposes. Isn’t that enough?

Victor: I have made great progress! The name Frankenstein is going to stand for life! Life, everlasting here on Earth.


(Hook and the driver of the car are wheeled into the hospital on stretchers by the paramedics, while the rest of the group from the accident site follow behind them.)

Belle: I don’t know what’s going on.

Paramedic: Car versus pedestrian. Chest trauma from the wheel. Pedestrian’s got contusions, broken ribs.

Nurse: Go to X-ray. Pedestrian first.

Emma: Hide him.

Nurse: What?

Emma: Find a room and hide him.

(Mr. Gold enters.)

Mr. Gold: Belle. What’s going on?

David: Get him out of here!

Mr. Gold: Well, what’s happening? Belle!

Leroy: I’d like to know that myself.

Mr. Gold: Belle! Belle!

(Dr. Whale finally joins everyone.)

Dr. Whale: Everybody, calm down! Mr. Gold. Everything will be fine. She’s in good hands here. I promise.

–[A Land Without Color]–

(Victor briskly walks away from the house towards his carriage, as Gerhardt runs after him.)

Gerhardt: Victor. Victor, wait. He’ll cool off. Here. Take this.

(He extends the pocket watch to Victor.)

Gerhardt: You’re the eldest. She wanted it for you.

Victor: No. Keep it. Don’t worry about me. I’ll find another way.

(Victor continues on towards his carriage, while Gerhardt turns to return inside. Rumpelstiltskin is shown watching the exchange from a distance.)


(Mr. Gold watches Belle as she sleeps in her hospital bed. He leans over and kisses her on the lips. There is a brief pause where it seems like Belle may recognize him, but she then starts screaming.)

Mr. Gold: No, no, no, no, no.

(She continues to scream.)

Mr. Gold: No, no, no, no, no. I… I’m sorry. I’m sorry.

(Several nurses enter the room. Mr. Gold begins to back out of the room.)

Mr. Gold: I’m sorry.

Man: You okay?

Mr. Gold: I’m sorry…

(Mr. Gold exits.)


(In another room in the hospital, Emma interrogates Hook, who is handcuffed to the bed.)

Emma: Where’s Cora?

Hook: What?

(Hook goes to move his arm and realizes he’s stuck.)

Hook: Again? You’re really into this, aren’t you? Damn, that hurts.

Emma: Told you – cracked a few ribs. Where’s Cora?

Hook: You look good, I must say. All ‘where’s Cora?’ in a commanding voice. Chills.

Emma: You have all sorts of sore places. I can make you hurt.

(Emma pushes her hand into his ribs, causing him to wince in pain.)

Hook: I have no idea where Cora is. She has her own agenda. Let’s talk about something I am interested in – my hook. May I have it back? Or is there another attachment you’d prefer?

Emma: You’re awfully chipper for a guy who just failed to kill his enemy, then got hit by a car.

Hook: Well, my ribs may be broken, but… Everything else is still intact. Which is more than can be said for other bad days I’ve had. Plus, I did some quality damage to my foe.

Emma: You hurt Belle.

Hook: I hurt his heart. Belle’s just where he keeps it. He killed my love. I know the feeling.

Emma: Keep smiling, buddy. You’re chained down, he’s on his feet, immortal, has magic, and you hurt his girl. If I were to pick dead guy of the year? I’d pick you.


(Mary Margaret and company have gathered in the lobby of the hospital with the driver’s cell phone.)

Leroy: We’ve got to get into his phone.

David: Let me guess another pass code.

MMB: You can’t guess. There are a million possible combinations.

Ruby: Ten-thousand.

MMB: Ten-thousand.

David: Leroy, can you get it open or something? Hack it?

Leroy: Well, you do understand that computer hacking and pickaxe hacking are different.

(Emma enters.)

Emma: Here, let me try. I have a thing. And we do know something. There was stuff in his car – rental agreement, maps, receipts. His name is Greg Mendell. Now, let’s see…

(Emma breaks into the phone and begins to root through it. She finds several phone numbers and pictures of Greg.)

Emma: Pictures of him alone at a bunch of Eastern Seaboard tourist locations, a LinkedIn account, and he tweets pictures of his food. I’ll keep looking, but I think what we have here is a well-documented, real-life ordinary Joe. Or Greg.

Ruby: So, whatever’s kept random people from stumbling into Storybrooke for the last twenty-eight years-

MMB: Is gone.

David: Anyone could drive in. Why are my instincts telling me that’s a bad thing?

Leroy: Cause you’ve seen E.T., or Splash, or any other movie where they find something magical and study it to death. Think what’d they do to a werewolf.

MMB: Oh, and his friends and family? They’re going to come looking for him soon.

Emma: Let’s try not to overreact.

David: Leroy’s right. We don’t need outsiders here.

Emma: Hook says he doesn’t know where Cora is, and God knows what she’s going to do. With other people coming here, that’s not going to be good for anyone.

MMB: We need to find Regina – tell her we know she was framed.

Ruby: I’ve been tracking her. No luck. She’s gone underground.

MMB: But what if Cora finds her first? I don’t want to think about the damage those two would do together. This could not have come at a worse time.

Emma: It’s okay. The guy’s being patched up right now. He’ll probably be on his way home by morning.

(Dr. Whale enters.)

Dr. Whale: Not quite. He’s bleeding into his chest cavity. It’s not a full flood, you know. But, pretty soon, he’ll be drowning in his own blood.

Emma: So make it stop. Aren’t you a doctor?

(Dr. Whale spots Mr. Gold walking down the stairs. He approaches him.)

Dr. Whale: Gold. You fixed me. Now fix him. It will take you seconds and cost you nothing.

Mr. Gold: No.

Dr. Whale: No? Just… No?

Mr. Gold: I owe you nothing, Whale. I owe none of you anything. And some of you, owe me. So, yeah, just… No. Oh, and point of interest – the driver? He saw me throwing some magic. So, instead of trying to get him out of here, you better be hoping he dies. Because if he doesn’t, he’s going to be driving tour buses up and down main street. So glad I don’t give a damn.

(Mr. Gold exits.)

Dr. Whale: Look… Letting him die is easy. I can do that, if that’s what you decide.

Emma: Let’s take this somewhere private.

(The group enters a small examination room to talk.)

Dr. Whale: It’s not really murder if we let him succumb to his injuries.

Emma: I’m pretty sure it is.

MMB: Of course we save him.

David: Obviously.

Leroy: Well…

MMB: Leroy!

Leroy: We got to think it through. If we save him and kill the whole town, is that really better?

Ruby: So we have to choose between our lives and his.

David: We can worry about the town later.

MMB: Which doesn’t mean we should abandon him.

David: I know, but let’s worry about Storybrooke after we save a life. Dr. Whale, prep for surgery.

(Dr. Whale exits.)

MMB: Anyone else notice he’s drunk off his ass?

(Suddenly, Greg’s phone begins to ring.)

Emma: Someone’s looking for Greg. How long before they come here?

–[A Land Without Color]–

(Victor and Igor are clearing out Victor’s laboratory. Igor leaves with a box of stuff, while Victor continues to pack. Rumpelstiltskin enters by magically appearing on a chair.)

Rumpelstiltskin: Good evening, Doctor.

Victor: How did you get in here? Who are you?

Rumpelstiltskin: Stiltskin. Rumpel Von Stiltskin.

Victor: A foreigner.

Rumpelstiltskin: What tipped you off? My rosy complexion? Yes, I’ve seen nothing of your drab little land yet, but, I am interested in your work.

Victor: Well, you’re a little late. I’ve been shut down. And I can’t bring back dead loved ones, anyway, if that’s what you’re after.

Rumpelstiltskin: I think my deceased are best kept where they are, dearie, thank you very much. No, no, no. My interest, is in how you do what you do. You see, where I come from, we do things differently. Your land has witchcraft, but it’s feeble, neglected stuff. Where I live, it’s strong and hearty. But… It cannot restore life. If you can do this, well… I’ll want to know more, and I’m willing to pay.

(Rumpelstiltskin takes out a small pouch and pours its contents onto the floor. A massive pile of coins pour from the bag.)

Victor: How did you do that?

Rumpelstiltskin: Ah… Missing the point. Money – yours.

Victor: Are you a philanthropist?

Rumpelstiltskin: Well, I’ve been called worse. There is a cost to you – knowledge. You teach me to wield… Whatever it is you wield. That, is the deal.

Victor: Then it’s a deal.

(Igor returns.)

Igor: I thought you were bringing-

Victor: Igor, tremendous news! This is Rump-

(Victor turns around, but finds that Rumpelstiltskin has disappeared.)

Igor: Master… What’s happened?

Victor: Bring back the equipment. We’re staying. And we’re going to need a body.


(In his shop, Mr. Gold is reminiscing over the chipped cup. Suddenly, the bell to the front door rings. He goes over to investigate, but finds that there’s no one outside. When he turns around, he sees that a box has been left on the counter. Cora then appears near the door.)

Cora: Hello, Rumpel.

Mr. Gold: Well, I expected this was just a matter of time. Had hoped you were dead, but hey – disappointment’s just part of life. I’m sure we can agree on that.

Cora: Aw, the crocodile snaps at the little bird. And after I brought you a gift.

Mr. Gold: Yeah, did you bring the antidote, too?

Cora: Oh, Rumpel. It’s a peace offering.

Mr. Gold: And what do you want for this, uh… This peace offering?

Cora: My daughter. You were so clever to get her to lay the curse so you could come here. You don’t need her anymore. Let me try to get her back and let us live.

Mr. Gold: And what do I get for my troubles?

Cora: Your son.

(She nods towards the box. Mr. Gold pulls off the lid, revealing a white ‘globe’ inside.)

Cora: You know what that is, of course.

Mr. Gold: It’ll find him… If this one truly is it.

Cora: Oh, darling, I have no reason to cheat you.

Mr. Gold: Anymore.

Cora: I want you to find the one person in this universe who might still love you. After all, I’m doing the same thing.

Mr. Gold: Do you have any spells to return memories?

Cora: I only know what you taught me… Master. So, will you accept my offer of a truce?

Mr. Gold: Truce.

(He extends his hand, which Cora takes. The two shake on the deal.)

Cora: Let’s seal it like we used to.

(Cora leans in and kisses Mr. Gold.)


(At the hospital, David finds Dr. Whale staring at Greg’s watch.)

David: What’s that?

Dr. Whale: Oh. It’s just the guy’s personal effects. I get the best watches this way. Joking. As far as you know. It’s too bad it’s cracked.

David: I thought you’d be scrubbing in by now.

Dr. Whale: Yeah. Yeah, I’m going to do that.

David: Arm okay?

Dr. Whale: I’m not drunk.

David: Okay, just… Let’s save this guy, alright? I don’t care what he saw. We don’t let go of people.

Dr. Whale: Right. Of course not.

–[A Land Without Color]–

(During a thunderstorm, Victor is in a graveyard attempting to dig up a body. Gerhardt finds him there.)

Victor: Gerhardt.

Gerhardt: Igor told me that I’d find you here. I can’t believe… I thought you worked with cells in Petri dishes.

Victor: My work has progressed. And I thought you supported me.

Gerhardt: Not like this.

(Near the entrance of the graveyard, there is a man with a gun.)

Man: Halt!

Victor: Don’t shoot! We have orders! He’s in uniform.

(A shot is fired. The two of them run towards the carriage and quickly get inside.)

Gerhardt: Go! Go!

Victor: You shouldn’t have come looking for me. And I thought you supported me. Gerhardt?

(Victor notices that Gerhardt is unresponsive. He looks down and sees blood seeping through his uniform.)

Victor: Gerhardt?


(Emma and company are waiting in the lobby of the hospital. Greg’s phone, now on silent, begins to vibrate. On the screen, the incoming caller is listed as ‘Her’.)

Leroy: Same person again.

Emma: ‘Her’. Cute.

David: Probably a girlfriend.

MMB: We could answer it – just let her know he’s okay.

Emma: He’s not okay.

Ruby: He’s alive. We could let her know he’s alive.

David: Nah. The police could trace it here instantly.

Emma: She can activate the find your phone thing without us picking it up at all.

(The phone stops vibrating.)

Leroy: That settles that.

MMB: Oh, my nerves can’t take this. Is the surgery almost over?

Emma: I… I think it takes…

(A man enters and scans the lobby. He turns to leave when David stops him.)

David: Whoa. Whoa. Wait. Wait. Any news?

Man: No. I was just looking for the doctor.

Ruby: He’s not in the OR?

Man: He never came in.

Emma: Then page him.

David: He was not looking so good earlier.

(The man makes a phone call. A beeping sound is then heard nearby.)

MMB: He’s here.

(The beeping sound is coming from the laundry basket of dirty scrubs. Emma looks through it and finds the pager, along with Dr. Whale’s lab coat.)

Emma: No, but his pager is. He’s gone.


(Ruby sniffs Dr. Whale’s lab coat to pick up the scent.)

David: Got the scent?

Ruby: Boozy.

Emma: Just find him and bring him back. We’ll watch Hook and figure out options if Whale doesn’t come back.

MMB: Maybe Doc can do it.

Leroy: Surgery? No.

MMB: Maybe he didn’t even run. Maybe Cora grabbed him for some reason.

David: I don’t think so. He’s been in a rough place since he had brought Regina’s fiancé back to life.

MMB: Daniel?

Emma: Back to life?!

David: And had his arm ripped off and put back on.

Leroy: Cool.

MMB: Wait. Daniel came back?

Emma: Like some kind of Frankenstein?

David: That’s Whale. The doctor. And Daniel was his-

MMB: What went on here while we were gone?

Emma: Ruby, get going. Bring back… Dr. Frankenstein.

(Ruby exits.)

Emma: We’re going to send this guy back home with bolts in his neck.

MMB: She’ll find him.

Emma: Yeah, but what kind of state is he going to be in?


(Dr. Whale is shown running down the main street of Storybrooke.)

–[A Land Without Color]–

(Surrounded by his equipment, Victor has Gerhardt’s corpse laid out in the middle of his lab. He chest has been cut open and sewn shut. Igor is there assisting.)

Victor: I will bring you back, my brother. I promise.

(Victor throws a switch, causing a surge of electricity to flow through Gerhardt’s body. The body twitches, then all is still. When they check over the body, they notice smoke rising from the chest cavity. Victor grabs a scalpel and cuts open the stitches. He then pulls out Gerhardt’s charred heart.)

Igor: It’s burned. Like coal.

Victor: Cover him. The sheet will serve as his shroud.

Igor: Of course, doctor.

(Alphonse enters.)

Alphonse: Victor?

Victor: Father.

Alphonse: You were seen carrying a body into this house. Explain yourself.

(Alphonse walks over to the body and discovers that it’s Gerhardt.)

Alphonse: Gerhardt? My boy. My dear son. What did you do?!

Victor: It was an accident. I was working-

Alphonse: You caused this! The things you do.

(He pulls back the sheet and sees the stitches running along his chest.)

Alphonse: You cut into your brother!

Victor: No, no, it wasn’t like that!

Alphonse: You put your foul magician’s work into your brother!

Victor: It can work! I did this for you, too, father. I wanted you to have two sons again.

Alphonse: And now I have none.


(Cora enters Regina’s house and begins to look through it. She scans the glassware in the kitchen, then smells the clothes hanging in Regina’s closet. Cora then reaches Henry’s room, where she finds an old picture of Henry and Regina. She looks over the dresser, and finds an old craft done by Henry. It’s a mold of Henry’s handprint with the words ‘To Mommy’ written below it. She smirks and takes it with her.)


(In the middle of the night, Henry walks across the graveyard to Regina’s family mausoleum. He slides the sarcophagus over, and heads down the stairs. He begins to call for Regina.)

Henry: Mom? Hello? Hello? Hello? Mom?

(Behind one of the walls, Regina has a hidden room. She hears Henry and walks over to one of the mirrors on the wall. She waves her hand, and

magically transforms the mirror to allow her to see out. Regina sees Henry searching the crypt.)

Henry: You in there? Can I come in? Mom?

(Regina opens the door to the hidden room.)

Henry: Mom? Mom?

(Henry enters and hugs Regina. She returns the embrace.)

Regina: Henry, I’m so glad you’re here. I missed you so much when… I have to let you know, I had nothing to do with Archie.

Henry: I know. I always knew.

Regina: I was framed. I don’t know how. I… It just seems like everything… You knew? How did you know?

Henry: Simple.

(In a puff of blue smoke, Henry magically transforms into Cora.)

Cora: Because I did it.

Regina: Mother…

–[A Land Without Color]–

(Victor is working is his laboratory. He has suspended Gerhardt’s body in a bubbling fluid. He goes to look through a microscope, when Rumpelstiltskin appears behind him.)

Rumpelstiltskin: Did it work? No?

Victor: There was a little problem with what the heart could withstand.

Rumpelstiltskin: Ah! Problems of the heart. Isn’t that always the way?

Victor: Could you get out of my light, please?

Rumpelstiltskin: You know, where I come from, there are hearts that can withstand anything because of magic.

Victor: You have hearts?

Rumpelstiltskin: I’ll tell you what. I’m going to bring you a friend – a master of the hat. He shall take you to a young woman who has exactly what you need. You put on a little show for her, and then you walk away with all your prayers answered. A heart for your brother.

Victor: And who is this woman?

Rumpelstiltskin: Her name…is Regina.


(Regina and Cora talk in the hidden room.)

Regina: You… I thought we stopped you. How did you get through?

Cora: Determination. I had to see you. I needed to tell you, that I know why you sent me through the looking glass. And I know why you tried to have me killed. And it’s… It’s alright.

Regina: I think it’s not alright.

Cora: I love you. I just… I’ve always shown it in all the wrong ways. And I never should have made you marry the King. I’m so sorry. When you cried over my coffin, it… It all changed.

Regina: You framed me – for the cricket.

Cora: Temporarily. So you could see what these people really think of you.

Regina: You made an airtight case. Anyone would believe it.

Cora: I didn’t want you to reject me. Not again.

Regina: You wanted me broken.

Cora: Receptive.

Regina: You are the most manipulative… No. I won’t even argue. Come with me. We’re going to town.

Cora: It’s the middle of the night.

Regina: I don’t care. We’ll wake them up – Emma and Henry and the two idiots – and you can tell them how you lied. You owe me that.

Cora: And then you’ll let us start over?

Regina: I don’t see that happening, mother. But I am… I was trying so hard to be worthy of Henry. And I deserve the same thing from you.

Cora: You’re right. For you, sweetheart. Anything.


(Dr. Whale is standing at the edge of the dock. He stares at Greg’s watch as he looks into the water below. Ruby finds him.)

Ruby: Dr. Whale?

Dr. Whale: Don’t come near me!

(He tosses the watch into the water, then jumps off the dock. Using her wolf abilities, Ruby is quickly able to grab Dr. Whale by the neck of his coat before he falls in.)

–[A Land Without Color]–

(Victor and Igor have conducted the experiment on Gerhardt’s body. Slowly, Gerhardt raises his hand, which Victor clasps.)

Victor: Rumpelstiltskin was right. The new heart worked. Welcome back, brother.

Igor: It’s magic, Dr. Frankenstein.

Victor: No, not magic. Science.


(Victor confronts Alphonse in his study.)

Victor: I’m telling you, it’s true. I brought him back.

Alphonse: Victor… If you have really given me this…

Victor: We’ve kept him waiting long enough.

(Victor goes to fetch Gerhardt. He leads him into the room, but is clearly ‘off’.)

Victor: He’s still…recovering. It’s a slow process, so don’t expect him to…

Alphonse: You did it.

Victor: I did it.

Alphonse: It’s really you. Let me see you, my son.

(Alphonse grabs a candlestick and holds it up to Gerhardt, which causes him to shy away from the light. Gerhardt says nothing, and only grunts.)

Alphonse: What? What is it? Is he alright? Why doesn’t he speak?

(Gerhardt swings and hits the candle out of Alphonse’s hand. He then crouches on the ground, holding his head.)

Alphonse: Ow!

Victor: I told you, father, it’s an adjustment.

Alphonse: I believed you. The terrible thing is, for a moment, I believed you did it. He’s a monster! What a fool I was! That’s not my son! You aren’t my son! You’re a ghoul and a grave robber. A fool and a witch doctor. You’re a disgrace to this family!

(During the tirade, Gerhardt suddenly lunges at Alphonse and throws him onto the floor. He then sits on his chest and begins to furiously punch him. Victor watches for a few moments before deciding to intervene.)

Victor: Enough. Gerhardt. Enough.

(Victor places his hand on Gerhardt’s shoulder, causing him to cease the attack. Victor feels his father’s neck for a pulse.)

Victor: You have killed our father.

(Distressed at the news, Gerhardt flees the room.)


(Ruby and Dr. Whale are sitting on the dock conversing.)

Dr. Whale: I wanted my name to stand for life. But everybody just thinks it’s the name of a monster. I guess they’re right about that. Rumpelstiltskin says that magic has a price. But, from where I’m sitting, seems that science does, too. Every time I try to save a life, someone else dies.

Ruby: Hey. Yeah. Look, you’re Frankenstein. And I’m the werewolf. I ate my boyfriend. Regina thought she was punishing us by erasing who we were, but I think she underestimated how much crap we wanted to forget.

Dr. Whale: Yeah.

Ruby: But… We can’t let it stop us. She gave us a chance to start over, and I want to take it. I think you should, too.

Dr. Whale: I wasn’t such a bad guy, you know. I wanted to bring life back. But he never got over our mother. If I could’ve just brought her back-

Ruby: That guy in the hospital – someone keeps calling for him. Maybe a wife, a mother. Maybe, there’s still some stuff you can fix.


(Regina and Cora are in Regina’s car. Regina is driving, and Cora is in the passenger seat.)

Regina: Nervous?

Cora: Not about owning up to what I’ve done. It’s just… These carriages are strange. And something’s irritating me…

(Cora pulls out Henry’s handprint craft.)

Cora: Oh. For Mommy. Oh, that used to be you.

Regina: When were you in my house?

Cora: I haven’t had the pleasure.

Regina: That was in my house. Think I don’t know where that was? It’s one of my most treasured possessions.

Cora: Well, let’s be honest. Taking me to be pilloried by the town might gain you some points, but, as long as Emma and her parents are here, he’s not really yours. Not like he was when he made things for his one and only mommy. You’ve been too bad for too long, and now they see you as a… A snake. You don’t want their love at all. What do you want?

Regina: My son back.

(Regina pulls the car over in a deserted parking lot.)

Cora: And I want my daughter back. I meant everything I said earlier. I am so sorry. I can do better. I won’t push you away again. Let me into your heart. Together, we can get him back again.

(Regina leans across the seat and puts her head on Cora’s shoulder. Cora embraces her.)

Regina: How?

Cora: Oh, I have a few thoughts.


(Dr. Whale and Ruby arrive back at the hospital, where Emma and company are still waiting in the lobby.)

MMB: You’re back.

Emma: Finally.

Dr. Whale: I don’t know why everyone’s so worried. I was just stretching my legs. Now I’m going to go do this thing.

–[A Land Without Color]–

(Victor enters Gerhardt’s cell. Gerhardt sits in silence.)

Victor: Gerhardt? My brother? I was trying to bring you back. Are you here? Gerhardt? Gerhardt?

(When he places his hand on Gerhardt’s shoulder, Gerhardt reacts violently. He throws Victor onto the ground and begins to strangle him, but stops when he recognizes his brother.)

Gerhardt: Vic…tor?

Victor: Yes. Yes, it’s me.

(He takes his hand off of Victor’s neck, and scrambles over to the corner of the cell, grabbing his head. Victor takes out a pistol and slowly makes his way over to Gerhardt. He points the gun at his head, but then lowers it. Gerhardt, realizing Victor’s intentions, grabs Victor’s hand and aims the gun at his forehead. Once again, Victor lowers the gun.)

Victor: No. I won’t do it. I will still save you. Father is wrong. I will find a way.


(At the hospital, Dr. Whale meets Ruby in the hallway.)

Dr. Whale: Where are they?

Ruby: Getting coffee from the machine. What’s the verdict?

Dr. Whale: He’ll live.

Ruby: You did it?

Dr. Whale: Thank you. Monster to monster.

Ruby: You did it!

(They enter the lobby, where Emma and company have returned.)

David: He’s going to make it?

Dr. Whale: He’s got some recuperating ahead of him – a few weeks, maybe – but yes. He’s going to live.

MMB: Thank goodness.

Dr. Whale: Or me.

Leroy: Telling you right now, this will come to no good.

David: Quiet, Leroy.

Emma: I want to talk to him.

Dr. Whale: He’s waking up now.

Ruby: Already?

Dr. Whale: I waited a couple of hours to tell you in case he, you know, keeled over. But so far, so good.

MMB: Alright, then.

David: Well, let’s talk to him.

Emma: We’re not talking to him as a group. We’re not a group Sheriff.

MMB: But, we’ve been doing this together.

Emma: We’re trying to convince this guy this place is normal. In a normal town, the Sheriff goes in and asks a few questions. She doesn’t bring her parents in with her.

David: That’s probably true.

MMB: We’ll be right here, then.

(Emma exits.)


(Elsewhere in the hospital, Mr. Gold hands Belle, who is still bedridden, the chipped cup.)

Mr. Gold: I know you don’t remember, but just… Indulge me. Please. Be careful with it.

(Belle takes the proffered cup.)

Belle: It’s a… It’s a cup.

Mr. Gold: Yeah.

Belle: It’s… It’s damaged.

Mr. Gold: Just…look at it. Focus. It’s your talisman.

Belle: It’s a cup.

Mr. Gold: You dropped it… In my castle. You were afraid that you had angered me.

Belle: Okay, here. You… You need to go and take your cup, okay?

(She tries to hand him back the cup, but he refuses to take it.)

Mr. Gold: No, no, no, no. I… I charmed it. If you focus, it will work. It’s magic.

Belle: Okay, just go away. S-stop talking about magic, and take your cup.

(Belle, again, tries to push the cup back to Mr. Gold.)

Mr. Gold: Just look at it.

(Frustrated, Belle takes the cup and throws it against the wall. It shatters onto the floor.)

Belle: Just go. Just go away.

Mr. Gold: I’m sorry…

(He leaves the room, glancing at the broken cup on the way out.)


(Emma enters Greg’s room.)

Greg: Nurse?

Emma: Sheriff Swan, actually.

Greg: I’m thirsty.

(She hands him a glass of water with a straw. She also sets a bag of his belongings next to the bed.)

Emma: Here. I have your personal effects. I’m just going to put them here, okay? So, Mr. Mendell, I wanted to talk to you about the accident.

Greg: Did I hit somebody? Oh, my God, I hit someone. Is he okay?

Emma: Don’t worry about him. I mean, the… The damage was pretty minor.

Greg: Oh, thank God.

Emma: But, I do need you to state what happened in your own words – what you did, what you saw.

Greg: Well, I… I didn’t see anything. I-

Emma: Well, you were driving.

Greg: Yeah, I mean… I saw the road, of course.

Emma: I just think I might be able to put your mind at ease. There might be…an explanation if you saw-

Greg: I was texting.

Emma: Oh.

Greg: I looked down, just for a second. And when I looked back up, he was… He was right there. And he was too close to avoid, but I… I know that it’s not legal in Maine.

Emma: It’s okay. I’m just glad that you… Were honest with me.

Greg: So, no charges?

Emma: No. No charges. I will let you go with a warning this time.

Greg: Thank you. So when… When can I head home?

Emma: As soon as the doctor clears you. We don’t want to keep you.

(Emma exits the room and heads down to the lobby, where everyone is nervously waiting.)

Leroy: He didn’t see nothing?

Emma: Free and clear.

MMB: Oh, good.

David: Now maybe, things can calm down for ten minutes and we can catch our breath.


(At his shop, Mr. Gold takes out the white ‘globe’ that Cora had given him. He pricks his finger on the point and the top, and drops a drop of his blood onto the globe. The globe begins to glow and rotate. A red map of the world starts to appear, with one point in particular standing out from the map.)

Mr. Gold: Bae.


(Emma, Mary Margaret, and David arrive home to Mary Margaret’s apartment. Henry runs down the stairs to greet them in the kitchen. They all sit down to eat breakfast.)

Henry: You were out all night. Where were you? Granny wouldn’t tell me anything. Did I miss it all?

David: Cereal okay?

Emma: Yeah.

MMB: Rumpelstiltskin and Captain Hook had a fight and someone got hurt.

Emma: We weren’t sure if Dr. Frankenstein could fix him, but he did.

Henry: Doctor? Oh… That’s who Whale is.

Emma: Yeah, but without the neck bolts.

Henry: The monster had the bolts, not the doctor.

Emma: Right, but either way, some of us having known him… It’s weird.

MMB: It’s not weird. We’re past it. We were cursed.

Henry: What are you talking about?

David: Nothing.

Henry: Wait.

MMB: Really, it’s nothing.

(Henry leaves and returns with his book.)

Henry: Frankenstein isn’t in here. It’s not even a fairy tale. That means it comes from another land with different stories.

Emma: Eat. I really want to go to bed.

Henry: If the curse went to places with other stories, then who knows who else is in this town?

(There is a knock on the door. Emma goes to answer it, but Mr. Gold lets himself in first.)

Emma: Gold. We’ve all had a long night.

Mr. Gold: You remember that favour you owe me, Miss Swan?

Emma: Yeah.

Mr. Gold: I’m cashing it in.

Emma: It’s not… A good…

Mr. Gold: You do honour your agreements, don’t you? I need to find someone, so we’re leaving today. Pack your bag.

MMB: Leaving?

Henry: W-where?

Emma: Wait. Find someone? Who?

Mr. Gold: My son. It has to be today, because every minute I’m here, is a minute closer to me killing Hook. So it’s really best for all concerned if I leave, and you’re going to come with me. Oh, and, um, we have a long history. So know this, and know it to be true. If any harm comes to Belle while I’m gone, I’m killing all of you. I’ll see you at noon.


(Greg is still in his room at the hospital. He grabs his bag of belongings off of the table and takes out his cell phone. Checking that the coast is clear, he dials a number.)

Greg: Honey? I… I… I know. Just wait. Wait. Just listen. Just listen. Okay? Yes, I’m okay. I… I was in an accident. And, honey… You’re not going to believe what I saw.


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2×11 – The Outsider


(Mr. Gold’s car comes to a stop in front of the town boundary. He gets out and then pops the truck, where Smee is bound and gagged inside. Mr. Gold removes the gag and leads Smee over to the town line.)

Mr. Gold: This will only take a moment.

Smee: Don’t…push me over. If I cross the line, I’ll lose my memory. It’s a cruel fate.

Mr. Gold: A fate you were more than willing to bestow upon Belle.

(Mr. Gold kicks Smee to the ground and takes his hat.)

Mr. Gold: You’ve had this rag since the day we met. Why is it so important to you?

Smee: My grandmother made it for me when I was a boy. It’s always brought me good fortune. What difference does it make?

(Mr. Gold pours a potion over the hat, causing it to glow with magic.)

Mr. Gold: Oh… All the difference in the world. It’s your only chance.

(He throws the hat back to Smee, who quickly puts it on.)

Smee: What do you mean, my only-

(Suddenly, Mr. Gold pushes Smee over the town boundary. A surge of blue magic pulses through his body, and then stops.)

Mr. Gold: What’s your name?

Smee: William Smee.

Mr. Gold: And who am I?

Smee: Rumpelstiltskin. The Dark One. I remember everything! How can this be?

Mr. Gold: Well, it seems our little experiment was a success. Now go.

(Smee flees the scene.)

Mr. Gold: I have a trip to plan.


(Several of the Storybrooke residents are gathered around a casket and a tombstone. It reads ‘Archibald Hopper – Friend and Conscience’. Mary Margaret gives a eulogy to the crowd.)

MMB: Some of us knew him as Archie. Others, as Jiminy. But we all knew him as a true friend. And though, he may now be gone, he will always live on inside of us. Reminding us to be our best selves, to do the right thing, to always fight for what we believe in. So, we shouldn’t think of today as goodbye, just as a way of saying… Archie, we’ll be listening.

(Marco walks up to the tombstone and lays Archie’s umbrella against it.)

Marco: I miss you so much, my friend. Well, at least… You are in a better place.


(In the hold of Hook’s ship, Hook is interrogating Archie, who is still tied up.)

Archie: Wait! No, please, don’t! Wait! Please! Please!

Hook: Shh… As your patient, the Dark One must’ve told you all manner of secrets. Where is his dagger?

Archie: I don’t know anything about a dagger.

Hook: No, you don’t, do you? It’s his weakness. Now, tell me, does he have any others?

(Archie doesn’t respond.)

Hook: Very well. I’ve always wanted to dissect a cricket.

(Hook digs his hook into Archie’s forehead.)

Archie: No! Wait. Wait. Please.

Hook: Ah… That’s more like it. Now tell me, Cricket, what is his weakness?


(Belle enters Mr. Gold’s Pawn Shop.)

Belle: Hey. What, uh… What’s wrong that you couldn’t tell me on the phone?

Mr. Gold: I did it. I can leave.

Belle: You can cross the town line?

Mr. Gold: Indeed, I can. When I pour this potion onto the object I hold most dear, that object becomes a talisman, and allows me to cross the town line and still remember who I am.

Belle: And who you’re looking for?

Mr. Gold: My boy.

Belle: What, um… What will you enchant?

Mr. Gold: Well…

(Mr. Gold reveals a hidden safe behind a painting. He unlocks the safe, a pulls out a well worn shawl.)

Mr. Gold: This shawl…is all I have left of my Baelfire.

Belle: I don’t suppose I could come with you?

Mr. Gold: No, I… I… I truly wish you could, but… I only have enough of this potion for one object.

(He puts the shawl back into the safe.)

Mr. Gold: Hey. This is my journey, Belle. This is my journey. I’m afraid it’s something I have to do alone.

(They hug.)

Belle: I know.

–[Fairy Tale Land – Past]–

(Belle is reading at a table in a pub. She watches a crowd gather around a man on the other side of the room.)

Man: There’s a fearsome beast ravaging a faraway kingdom. Its eyes burn with fire. They call it the yaoguai. No man has been able to kill it, but we will. There’s room on our wagon. Now, who’s going to join us?

(Grumpy approaches Belle’s table and sits down.)

Grumpy: Looking for an adventure?

Belle: Dreamy, right?

Grumpy: Yes. I came to thank you. That advice you gave me last night? It worked. Nova and I are running away together.

Belle: That… That’s wonderful.

Grumpy: Why don’t you sign up?

Belle: I, um… I’ve always dreamt of heroics, but… I think it’s safer I stick to my books. They’re the only adventures I know that have happy endings.

Grumpy: Well, maybe this one’ll have one, too.

Belle: Well, yeah, I doubt it. Last time I faced a beast, it… It didn’t end well.

Grumpy: What are you talking about?

Man: Men, follow me. Yaoguai awaits.

(The men begin filing out of the tavern.)

Grumpy: Get on that wagon. Go. Take a chance.

Belle: Thank you.

(Belle packs up her book and goes to leave, but Grumpy stops her.)

Grumpy: Wait! Belle, wait. It’s fairy dust. Might come in handy.

(He hands Belle a small satchel.)

Belle: Oh, no… Thank you, I… I’ve seen what magic does to people.

Grumpy: You’ve seen what dark magic does. Fairies use this for good. Now go be a hero.

Belle: Okay.

(She runs off to catch up to the group.)


(Belle enters the library and grabs a handful of books to put away. She runs into Hook, who is reading a book in one of the aisles.)

Belle: Uh, sorry. The… The library’s not open yet.

Hook: Oh. I’m not here for the books, love.

Belle: You. You’re the one who broke into my cell at the Queen’s palace.

(Belle runs out into the main part of the library, and Hook follows her.)

Belle: You wanted to kill Rumpelstiltskin.

Hook: Oh, I still do. But, right now, I’ll settle for you.

(She pushes a cart of books on top of Hook and runs into the elevator. Hook frees himself from the pile and dashes towards the elevator, but the door shuts in his face. He bangs on the elevator door, while Belle calls Mr. Gold from inside.)

Mr. Gold: Hey, Belle.

Belle: Rumpel, I’m… I’m in the elevator. There’s a man here. He broke in. He wants to kill me.

Mr. Gold: Belle? You’re… You’re breaking up. Who’s in the library?

Belle: …Pirate-

Mr. Gold: Belle?

Belle: …A hand. Missing a hand-

Mr. Gold: Belle?

Belle: Hello?

(The line cuts out and Belle hangs up the phone.)

Mr. Gold: Belle?

–[Fairy Tale Land – Past]–

(Belle has managed to catch up with the group of travelers. She sits on the back of the wagon, reading her book.)

Man: What’s that?

Belle: Uh, a book? I trust you’ve seen them before.

Man: You expect to defeat the fiercest creature in the land with a book?

Man 2: Maybe she means to bore it to death.

Belle: It will tell us how to find the yaoguai.

Man: These are just scribbles.

Belle: It’s called another language. And one that I know how to translate.

Man: What?

Belle: Oh, I thought it was just scribbles?

Man: We’re here to protect the land, girl. If that book tells us where to go, you shall share it with us.

Belle: It says we’ll find the yaoguai by the lake.

Man: The lake, you say?

Belle: Yes.

Man: You heard her, Claude! We’re going to the lake!

(The man pushes Belle off the wagon while it’s still in motion and yells to the driver.)

Man 2: To the lake!

Belle: Wait!

Man: Don’t forget your book!

(The man tosses the book towards Belle. Belle picks it up, and then, looking smug, she yells to the distant wagon.)

Belle: Enjoy the lake!

(She reads a passage of the book aloud.)

Belle: The yaoguai prefers mountain habitats to all others. The yaoguai hibernates by day, hunts by night.

(Belle tracks down the yaoguai, until she arrives in front of a cave in the forest.)

Belle: Please be asleep.

(She draws a dagger and begins slowly approaching the cave. However, she steps on a branch, alerting the yaoguai to her presence. The yaoguai charges out of the cave towards Belle. She runs, but trips and falls to the ground. Mulan, who has been waiting in secret, shoots the yaoguai with an arrow, scaring it off.)

Belle: How ever can I thank you? Y-you saved my life.

Mulan: And you ruined my hunt. It took me weeks to track the yaoguai here.

Belle: Yeah. I found it in a day.

Mulan: You had luck on your side.

Belle: No, not luck. It was this.

(She holds up her book.)

Belle: I could, uh… I can help you find it again.

Mulan: You’ve done enough damage already. If you really want to help? Stay out of my way.


(Belle is still trapped in the elevator. There is someone banging on the door, trying to get in. When the door opens, it turns out to be Mr. Gold, not Hook. She runs into his arms.)

Mr. Gold: Belle.

Mr. Gold: It’s okay. It’s okay. It’s okay. Here.

(He places his jacket over her shoulders.)

Belle: Where… Where is he?

Mr. Gold: I don’t know. But you’ve nothing to fear. I’m here now.


(At Mary Margaret’s apartment, Henry is brooding on his bed. Emma enters the room with a pop tart on a plate.)

Emma: Hey, kid. You hungry? I managed to wrangle up a pop tart.

Henry: No, thanks.

(Emma heads back to the living room, where Mary Margaret and the rest of the funeral attendees are gathered.)

Emma: Well, that went well.

MMB: Emma, you’re doing all you can do.

Emma: That’s what makes me feel awful.

Leroy: Ladies? The dwarves have been thinking. We have to ask – when do we go back?

Emma: Back? Where?

Leroy: The Enchanted Forest. Our home.

MMB: You want to go back?

Emma: We fought really hard to get here.

Leroy: But with what Regina did to Archie, Storybrooke ain’t as safe as we thought.

Emma: We’re going to find her. There’s only so many places she can hide.

MMB: We’ve dealt with her before, we’ll do it again.

Leroy: But it’s not just her. The curse is broken. There’s a whole world full of people beyond the town line that don’t know who or what we are. Ever think of what might happen if one of them were to come pay us a visit?

Ruby: He’s right. What if they see, you know, magic? Like a girl turning into a wolf, for example? Folks weren’t exactly understanding back in our world.

Emma: Okay, let’s not worry about ‘what ifs’. No one is here.

Leroy: Yet. Maybe they come, maybe they don’t. But that doesn’t change the fact that while we might enjoy things like penicillin, we’re a bit homesick.


(Mr. Gold and Belle are walking along to main street back to Mr. Gold’s shop.)

Belle: Where are you going?

Mr. Gold: The shop.

Belle: Why?

Mr. Gold: Well, let’s just say, there are many wonderful things in there, that I could use to make sure that pirate never comes near you ever again.

Belle: Rumpel, no. We… We need to report this to the Sheriff. They’ll take care of him. You’re so close to finding your son. Please. Please, don’t let your hatred for this man get in the way of that.

Mr. Gold: But he tried to harm you.

Belle: But why? What… What happened between you two?

Mr. Gold: Belle… This is really not your concern.

Belle: He attacked me. It most definitely is my concern.

Mr. Gold: Many years ago, I was married to a woman named Milah… Until Hook crossed our paths.

Belle: She was Baelfire’s mother?

Mr. Gold: Yeah. And because of that marauding cur, he grew up without her. He took my wife – he took Bae’s mother – so I took his hand.

Belle: That’s why he came after me. But, uh, what… What about her? What… What did he do? Rumpel, you can… You can tell me anything.

Mr. Gold: She died. That’s all that matters.

(They arrive at the shop and they both enter. Inside, they discover that the entire shop has been ransacked.)

Belle: What happened here?

Mr. Gold: Hook. This is why he attacked you.

Belle: To get you out of the store. What did he want?

(Mr. Gold checks the safe and finds it empty. From a nearby rooftop, Hook spies on the pair through a telescope. Smee, holding the stolen shawl, joins Hook.)

Hook: You have it, Mr. Smee?

Smee: What is it, Captain?

Hook: It’s the end of the crocodile’s hope. Now he’s trapped here.


(Mr. Gold begins smashing things with his cane, until Belle stops him.)

Belle: Rumpel! Rumpel! Stop it! Stop, please.

Mr. Gold: No, you’re right.

Belle: Hey…

Mr. Gold: I’ll have to retrieve what’s mine.

(He stalks towards the exit.)

Belle: Let me… Let me help you.

Mr. Gold: This is my fight.

Belle: And this is my fault! If Hook had never attacked me, you never would have left the shop.

Mr. Gold: How do you propose that we get the shawl back? Have you dueled with a pirate before? How exactly are you going to help me?

Belle: Well, I’m not just going to sit here and do nothing!

Mr. Gold: No. You’re going to go back to the library, lock the door, and wait for me to dispense with this problem!

Belle: And, if I don’t? You’ll… You’ll cast some spell that gives me no choice?

Mr. Gold: No. I trust you’ll do as I wish, as you trust me to be a better man. Belle, please. Hook has maybe cost me the chance of finding my son. I don’t want to lose you, too. Here, look. I want you to take this.

(Mr. Gold pulls a gun out of one of the drawers and hands it to Belle.)

Mr. Gold: Just in case Hook is stupid enough to come after you again. Point this, pull this trigger, and the gun’ll do the rest for you. Alright? Alright?!

Belle: Yes, yes.

(He tries to leave, again, but Belle stops him at the door.)

Belle: W-wait. Promise me that you going after Hook is just about getting the shawl back.

(Mr. Gold doesn’t respond, and abruptly leaves.)

–[Fairy Tale Land – Past]–

(In a village center, Belle is pulling up a bucket of water from a well, when two of the men from the wagon ambush her. One grabs her and holds her over the well, while the other interrogates her.)

Man: The yaoguai wasn’t at the lake.

Belle: I’m, uh… I’m sorry. I… I m… I must’ve misread that one.

Man: See, you know what I think happened? I think you sent us in the wrong direction on purpose.

(Suddenly, one of the men is hit and is thrown onto the ground. Mulan emerges from the crowd of villagers.)

Mulan: Let her go.

Man: This isn’t your fight, solider.

(The second man draws his sword and begins to swipe at Mulan. Unarmed, she twists him onto the ground, losing her helmet in the process.)

Man 2: Wait. You’re a-

(She punches him in the face.)

Mulan: Yeah, I know.

(Mulan notices that a crowd has gathered at the scene. She directs her attention towards the men.)

Mulan: Go.

(The two of them leave. Mulan approaches Belle.)

Belle: I didn’t expect to see you again. Thank you.

Mulan: I had to put up with brutes like them when I served in the Emperor’s army. Fools who think we have no business holding a sword. I only wish there was someone there to stand up for me.

(Mulan grimaces in pain and grabs her knee. It’s clearly wounded.)

Belle: You’re, uh… You’re bleeding.

Mulan: I’ll survive. The sun should be setting soon. We need to move out.

Belle: What… What… What do you mean, ‘we’?

Mulan: You tracked the yaoguai in a matter of hours. It took me weeks. You track the beast, and I’ll kill it.

Belle: I’d be honoured to help you.


(Belle is cleaning up the mess of books at the library. Amongst the pile, she finds a knotted piece of rope. Curious, she finds a book titled ‘A Nautical Guide’, and looks through. She finds a page on ship knots and discovers that the piece of knotted rope is called ‘the Monkey’s Fist’.)

Belle: Hook came here on his ship.


(Carrying a bag, Smee heads down the main street of Storybrooke. When he reaches a parking lot, he is confronted by Mr. Gold.)

Mr. Gold: Leaving town, Mr. Smee?

(Using magic, Mr. Gold pins Smee to the wall. He struggles to breathe.)

Mr. Gold: I spared your life. And this is how you repay me? That object you stole from me – I want it back.

Smee: I gave it to Hook.

Mr. Gold: And where is he?

Smee: I don’t know. W-we met on a rooftop. He didn’t tell me anything.

Mr. Gold: And why would he? Hook knows exactly what you are, Mr. Smee – a sniveling rat.

(In a puff of black smoke, Mr. Gold magically transforms Smee into a rat.)

Mr. Gold: Now, scurry off.


(Belle makes her way down to the docks to search for Hook’s ship, but finds it deserted.)

Belle: Where is it?

(Above her, she notices several seagulls perched on a seemingly invisible object. She grabs a handful of feed from a nearby container and throws it at the base of the ‘ship’. The feed reveals the stairway leading onto the boat.)

Belle: Found you.

(Belle carefully walks up the stairs until she crosses an invisible barrier, which allows her to see the ship for herself. She goes below deck, where she hears Archie yell out.)

Archie: Hello?

Belle: Uh… H-Hello?

Archie: Down here!

(Belle opens the grate and finds Archie tied up inside.)

Archie: Belle! Oh, thank God!

Belle: Archie! You’re… You… You’re okay!

Archie: Yes, I… I… I am. I… I… Can… Can you, uh…

(She grabs a nearby sword and cuts Archie’s ropes. He unties his legs himself, and climbs out.)

Belle: Go. Find Mr. Gold. Tell him I’m here. Bring him back to the ship.

Archie: Wait. You’re not coming with me?

(A creaking noise is heard from above.)

Belle: Go. Go! Go, go! There’s no time to argue.

(Archie exits, leaving Belle behind.)


(David and Mary Margaret are washing dishes at the apartment. They see Henry sitting on his bed and calling someone.)

David: Who’s he calling?

(The recording on Archie’s office phone is faintly heard.)

Recording: You’ve reached the office of Archibald Hopper. I’m sorry I can’t take your call right now. I’m either with a patient-

Henry: Or dead.

(Henry hangs up. David sits next to him on the bed.)

David: It’s okay, buddy. Things will get better, I promise. You just…got to hang in there.

Henry: Doesn’t feel that way.

David: I know. I know.

(Pongo suddenly enters through the front door and rushes over to where Henry is sitting.)

Henry: Pongo!

MMB: How did he get in here?

(Emma enters.)

Emma: I brought him. Marco and I had a chat. Archie knew how much Henry loves this dog. We decided he should have him. That is, if you’re up for taking care of him, Henry.

Henry: Yeah, I am!

(They see the trail of mud brought in by Pongo.)

Emma: Henry, why don’t you take Pongo outside and clean him up?

Henry: Okay. Come on. Come on, boy! Come on! Let’s go! Come on, boy.

(Henry exits.)

Emma: Alright, look. I know that there’s a lot to work out logistically, but-

MMB: No, no, no. I think giving Pongo to Henry is a great idea. It’s just, four people and a dalmatian in this loft. Things might get a little-

Emma: Cramped. I know. We’ll get creative.

MMB: Or… We could get our own place.

Emma: You want to do what?

David: You want to move out?

MMB: Whoa! I… It’s just a suggestion.

Emma: After twenty-eight years, isn’t this what we’ve all been waiting for? To be together under the same roof?

MMB: Yes! I just… Imagined a bigger roof. …With turrets. Being here in Storybrooke, we have a chance at a fresh start. Let’s take it.


(Belle places the gun on a counter and begins to search the room for the shawl. She finds a locked box on a shelf, but no key. She eventually finds the key on one of the shelves and opens the box. Inside, however, there is only a few pieces of gold. Holding the shawl, Hook enters behind her.)

Hook: Looking for this?

Belle: Uh, that doesn’t belong to you.

Hook: Oh, it does now.

(The both glance at the gun. Belle attempts to grab it, but Hook is faster.)

Hook: Oh… My dear Belle, you should’ve stayed with your books. Real life can get so… Messy.

(He points to gun at her head.)

–[Fairy Tale Land – Past]–

(Mulan and Belle are traveling through the woods, when they come to a ridge.)

Belle: It’s just ahead.

Mulan: You found it. Your books serve you well.

(Below, they see a burning village. Mulan cringes in pain due to her injured knee.)

Belle: Mulan, your leg’s getting worse.

Mulan: No. I have to protect my village.

(Mulan attempts to walk, but collapses in Belle’s arms.)

Belle: You can’t even walk. How… How are you going to kill the yaoguai?

Mulan: I’m not. You are.

Belle: Me? I… I’m… I’m… I’m not a soldier.

Mulan: You have good instincts. You tracked down that beast faster than I ever could.

Belle: Uh, tracking it and killing it are not the same thing.

Mulan: There was once a time when people didn’t think that I had what it took, either, but I proved them wrong.

Belle: How?

Mulan: By showing them that I had the warrior spirit. Once I found something worth fighting for, I fought for it with everything that I had. I never gave up. Belle… The fate of my village depends on you.

(Mulan unbuckles her sword and hands it to Belle.)

Mulan: Don’t be afraid.


(Hook still has the gun pointed at Belle’s head.)

Belle: I’m not afraid of you, and I’m not leaving without that.

(He places the shawl on the counter.)

Hook: Well, I admire your loyalty. But helping Rumpelstiltskin? I’m afraid you’re fighting a lost cause.

Belle: He needs that shawl to find his son.

Hook: And what makes you think his son wants to be found? Mm? I’m doing that boy a favour.

Belle: Have you not hurt Rumpel enough?

Hook: Oh. I’ve hurt him?

Belle: You stole his wife.

Hook: Tell me something, love. If a woman comes to you and begs you to take her away, is that theft?

Belle: Why would she leave him?

Hook: Because he was a coward. And because she loved me. I should have burned this the moment I acquired it.

Belle: Why didn’t you?

Hook: Because she made it.

Belle: I’m sorry she died, but… Vengeance? Vengeance won’t bring her back.

Hook: Died? Like it was some kind of accident? Is that what he told you?

Belle: He… Well, he… He didn’t say.

Hook: No, of course not. Of course he’d leave out the most important detail of her passing.

Belle: And, uh… What would that be?

Hook: He killed her. He ripped out her heart, and he crushed it right in front of me.

Belle: No…

Hook: Oh, yes.

Belle: No!

Hook: Yes. He will do anything – anything – to hold on to his power. Why do you think anyone who’s ever gotten close to him, has either run away, or been killed? Now, what makes you think you’re any different? Tell me something, darling. Why would you want to fight for a man like that?

Belle: Because I still see good in him. Because I believe he’s changed. Because his heart? Is true. And yours? Yours is rotten.

(Belle slams the oar that’s handing from the ceiling into Hook’s head. He stumbles backwards and falls into the storage area where Archie was held. Belle grabs the shawl from the counter and runs upstairs.)

Hook: You have no idea…

(Belle makes her way above deck, where Hook cuts her off.)

Belle: How the hell did you…

Hook: Oh, I know this ship like the back of my… Well, you know. I’d suggest you give that back to me now.

(Mr. Gold arrives on deck.)

Mr. Gold: Or what?

Hook: Ah. You look different in this world, crocodile. Like the coward I met so long ago – limp, and all.

Mr. Gold: And yet, you still can’t kill me.

Hook: Let’s have it, Dark One. What magic are you going to hide behind today?

Mr. Gold: Oh, no. Not magic.

(Mr. Gold hits Hook upside the head with his cane, causing him to fall back. Mr. Gold then furiously begins to beat Hook with his cane.)

Belle: Rumpel! Hey, let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s go.

Mr. Gold: No, not yet, Belle.

(He hits him again. Belle holds up the shawl.)

Belle: This – this is what you came for. This is what’s going to get you back to Bae.

Hook: Ah, you’re wasting your breath, love. He can’t resist. He has to prove that he’s not a coward.

Mr. Gold: You may want to turn away, Belle. This isn’t going to be pretty.

(Mr. Gold again begins to beat Hook with his cane.)

–[Fairy Tale Land – Past]–

(Belle sees the yaoguai in a field, leaving behind a fiery trail. She yells to it in order to coax it towards her.)

Belle: Over here! Over here!

(Belle runs into the nearby village, which appears to be abandoned, with the yaoguai trailing close behind. Belle waits by the above ground water system and draws her sword. When the yaoguai approaches, she slashes the pipes, releasing a blast of water. The water extinguishes the yaoguai’s flames and it flails helplessly on the ground. Belle approaches the creature, and sees that it’s writing symbols in the dirt.)

Belle: You… You’re writing something. Jiu wo. Save me. You need help.

(She sheathes her sword and instead takes out the satchel of fairy dust.)

Belle: Let’s, uh… Let’s give this a try, shall we?

(She sprinkles the fairy dust over the yaoguai, and in a puff of purple smoke, transforms the beast into a human – Phillip.)

Prince Phillip: The curse… You broke it.

Belle: Someone… Someone did this to you?

Prince Phillip: Maleficent – an evil sorceress from my kingdom determined to do everything in her power to keep me apart from Aurora, my true love. So she exiled me to this land, and turned me into a monster. I tried to warn the villagers, but… No one understood what I really was. Except you.

Belle: Well, you’re not the first beast I’ve faced.

Prince Phillip: I am forever in your debt. Please, tell me how I might repay you.

Belle: My friend’s hurt. She… She needs a doctor. As do you. Help me bring her back to the village.

Prince Phillip: It would be my honour.


(Mr. Gold continues to beat Hook in a blind rage as Belle watches.)

Hook: Do it! Do it! Kill me! He has to show you how powerful he is.

Belle: No, Rumpel. This… This is what he wants. To destroy every bit of good in you.

Hook: Rip my heart out. Kill me like you did Milah, and then I’ll finally be reunited with her.

Mr. Gold: He has to die, Belle.

(Mr. Gold drops his cane and lunges for Hook’s throat.)

Belle: No! No, he doesn’t! There’s still good in you. I see it. I’ve always seen it. Please. Please show me I’m not wrong.

Mr. Gold: You take your little ship, and sail until you fall off the edge of the world. I never want to see you again. Let’s go.


(At. Granny’s Diner, Mary Margaret and David are looking through the real estate available in Storybrooke.)

MMB: I really liked this one.

David: I don’t know. The yard looks kind of small.

MMB: You going to say that about every house we look at?

David: I grew up on a farm.

MMB: This isn’t about the houses, is it?

David: We buried a friend this morning, Mary Margaret, and it made me realize… I don’t want to die here.

MMB: But our home, David? It doesn’t exist anymore. The ogres are back. Cora’s in power.

David: Which is exactly why we need to return. To make things right – to fight.

MMB: I’m tired of fighting! That’s all we’ve ever done. We have a chance here – a chance to be together.

David: But what if we don’t belong here? Isn’t it worth it to fight for what we really want?

MMB: Unless, we don’t want the same thing.


(At Mary Margaret’s apartment, Henry is drawing at the table, while Pongo lies near his feet. Emma enters.)

Emma: You plotting your escape from Shawshank, kid?

Henry: No, they’re blueprints. I had some ideas for what to do if David and Mary Margaret move out. Look.

Emma: You want to make Mary Margaret’s room an armory?

Henry: Yeah. You know, for weapons and stuff. To protect us – from Regina.

Emma: She’s not going to hurt you. I’m not going to let her.

Henry: She hurt Archie. What if she wants to take me back?

Emma: That’s not going to happen.

(There’s a knock on the door, which causes Pongo to become agitated.)

Emma: Pongo? What is it?

(Emma answers the door and discovers Archie – alive.)

Emma: Archie…

Archie: Hi.

Emma: What happened?

Archie: It was Cora. She kidnapped me.

Henry: Archie?

Archie: Henry. Oh!

(Henry and Archie embrace.)

Archie: Oh, it’s alright. I’m fine. I’m fine.

Emma: Henry. We were wrong. Regina didn’t do it.

Henry: I knew it. Maybe we should let her know.

Emma: Yeah. But something tells me, either way, we’re going to pay the price.


(Mr. Gold’s car pulls up in front of the town boundary. He and Belle sit inside and talk. He holds up the shawl.)

Mr. Gold: This would have been lost if it wasn’t for you, Belle. I would have been lost. After everything you’ve learned about me, after everything I’ve done, why haven’t you given up on me?

Belle: I learned a long time ago, that when you find something that’s worth fighting for, you never give up.

–[Fairy Tale Land – Past]–

(Belle and Phillip arrive to where Mulan has set up camp.)

Belle: My… My friend’s over that ridge. There she is.

Mulan: Belle. You’re alive.

Belle: I, uh… I did it. I defeated the yaoguai. …With a little help.

Mulan: Who are you?

Prince Phillip: I was the yaoguai.

Belle: He was cursed. So, I helped him. Now he’s going to help you.

Mulan: Wait. You’re not coming?

Belle: I have another beast to face. Goodbye.

(Belle hands Mulan her sword, and Mulan hands Belle her book.)

Mulan: Goodbye, Belle.

(Belle heads into the forest.)

Prince Phillip: We haven’t been properly introduced. My name’s Phillip.

Mulan: Mulan.


(Belle walks a bit through the woods until she reaches a road.)

Belle: I’m coming back, Rumpel.

(Behind her, the Evil Queen, several of her guards, and the two men from the wagon have tracked her down.)

Evil Queen: Isn’t that sweet? Still fighting for true love, even to the bitter end.

Belle: How did you find me?

Evil Queen: You really should be nicer to your traveling companions. Right, Claude? Take her to the tower.

(Two of the guards grab her and drag her towards a wooden cell.)

Belle: What? No. What are you… What are you doing? I… I can save him! Just let me go to him. I… I can break his curse!

Evil Queen: You already tried and failed. That monster’s beyond saving. I’m sparing you a lifetime of pain and misery.

(They lock her inside.)

Belle: You… You can’t keep us apart forever! I’ll fight for him. I’ll never stop fighting for him!


(Mr. Gold and Belle approach the town line. Mr. Gold pours the potion over the shawl, causing it to glow with magic.)

Belle: Okay…

Mr. Gold: Here we go.

(He crosses the spray painted boundary, causing a surge of magic to pulse through his body.)

Mr. Gold: Belle…

(Belle edges closer to the town line and grabs Mr. Gold’s hand.)

Belle: It… It worked.

Mr. Gold: Yes, it did. It did.

Belle: Now you can find your son.

Mr. Gold: Oh, Belle, I so wish you were coming with me.

Belle: As do I, but… It doesn’t matter.

Mr. Gold: And why not?

Belle: Because you’ll find him. And, when you do, I’ll be here waiting for you when you get back.

(They go to hug, when a shot rings out. Belle falls forward across the town line, causing the magic to surge through her. Behind them, Hook is pointing the gun in their direction.)

Hook: I wouldn’t count on it.

Mr. Gold: Belle?! Belle? Belle!

(He lowers Belle to the ground. She looks up at him with a confused look on her face.)

Belle: W-Who’s Belle?

Mr. Gold: Oh, no. No, no, no, no…

Hook: Oh, fear not. She’ll live. She’ll just have no idea who you are.

Mr. Gold: What you’ve done cannot be undone.

Hook: Well, now you finally know how it feels! Well, go ahead, crocodile. Do your worst!

Mr. Gold: Oh, I intend to.

(Mr. Gold magically produces a fireball in his hand. He goes to throw it, but a car suddenly barrels down the road towards them. Mr. Gold grabs Belle and rolls them both out of the way, but the car ends up hitting Hook. Hook ends up unconscious on the side of the road, while the car swerves and crashes into a large boulder. The car comes to a stop and the license plate can be seen. The car is from Pennsylvania.)


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2×10 – The Cricket Game


(Hook’s ship is anchored at the docks of Storybrooke. Seeing that the coast is clear, Hook jumps off the boat. He then proceeds to assist Cora off the ship.)

Hook: Well, my dear Cora, this is where we shall part ways. Thank you for everything. It’s time for me to skin my crocodile.

(As Hook turns to leave, Cora magically disappears, and then reappears in front of him.)

Cora: You might want to rethink this.

Hook: We had a deal. Get out of my way.

Cora: Believe it or not, I’m doing you a favour.

Hook: By preventing my vengeance?

Cora: Ask yourself how I’m doing that.

Hook: By using your dark magic.

Cora: Exactly. Magic is here. And that makes matters a bit more complicated. If you go off half-cocked after an empowered Rumpelstiltskin, do you know what’ll happen? So, you do. Good.

(A fisherman spots the two on the pier and approaches them.)

Man: Hey. You folks need anything? Tackle shop don’t open until morning. But, if you want to go out and try and snare some of New England’s finest pescatarian creatures, I’d be happy to open early for ya.

Hook: No, thank you. We’re fine.

Man: It’s a fine vessel you got there. When’d you get in?

Cora: What vessel?

Man: W-Why that one right…

(Cora waves her hand and the ship turns invisible.)

Man: Hey, that’s a neat trick. You some kind of magician back in our land?

(Annoyed, Cora magically transforms the man into a fish. As it flops on the dock, Hook kicks it into the water.)

Hook: What did you do with my ship?

Cora: I hid it from prying eyes. For what we both want to do, we need the element of surprise. Now you ready to listen to me?

Hook: Go on, Your Majesty. What now?

Cora: Let’s go have a little look at this Storybrooke, shall we?


(Mary Margaret and David are in bed at Mary Margaret’s apartment.)

David: What are you thinking?

MMB: That it’s good to be back.

David: Yeah? And what are you really thinking?

MMB: Twenty-eight years is too long to wait between-

(Suddenly, Emma and Henry return home from shopping.)

Henry: Hey! Guess what? Taco shells were on sale.

Emma: Apparently, tacos? Not a big item in the Enchanted-

(Henry and Emma both pause when they see them in bed.)

Henry: What are you guys still doing in bed? It’s the middle of the afternoon.

MMB: The trip back was tiring, and I needed to rest.

David: And I needed to… Help her rest.

Emma: Uh, let’s… Let’s go make the tacos. We have to make a lot, because there’s going to be a ton of people at Granny’s welcome back party tonight.

(Henry heads to the kitchen, while the three of them whisper.)

MMB: We thought you were going to be back later.

Emma: Yeah, well, we weren’t. So maybe next time, you could put a tie on the door, or send a text, or… You know what? I’m… I’m… Going to go make some tacos.

(Emma leaves to join Henry.)

David: It’s impressive that we can still provide her with a few traumatic childhood memories at this stage of the game.

–[Fairy Tale Land – Past]–

(The Evil Queen, armored and on horseback, is on a hill overlooking King George’s kingdom. Below, she watches as it burns. Several of her men arrive on horseback.)

Guard: My Queen. We’ve received word. Snow White and the Prince have defeated King George. His army has fallen. The kingdom is theirs.

Evil Queen: And what of George?

Guard: His fate is unknown. But, without his forces, we are now alone. We cannot defeat them.

Evil Queen: Do not tell me what we can or can’t do. Where is Snow White now?

Guard: Alone, on her way back to meet the Prince.

Evil Queen: Excellent. I don’t care how many men you lose – keep them apart long enough for me to find her. I will not let them defeat me.

(Snow White runs through the woods, until she trips over a rock on the ground, causing the Evil Queen to catch up to her.)

Evil Queen: Leaving the battle so soon?

Snow White: The battle’s over, Regina. Our army is too great. You can’t win.

Evil Queen: Well, that all depends on your definition of victory.

Snow White: I offer you parley – to negotiate the terms of your surrender.

Evil Queen: My surrender? Fair enough. My terms are quite simple… Your death.

Snow White: Now!

(The Evil Queen prepares to attack, but stops as the Blue Fairy and Prince Charming arrive. The Blue Fairy shoots a blast of blue magic at the Evil Queen, which causes her to become immobilized.)

Evil Queen: It was all a trap.

Snow White: You should’ve surrendered when I gave you the chance.

Prince Charming: We knew you couldn’t resist going after Snow. And now, because of your bloodlust, the kingdom is ours. Your reign of evil is over.


(The citizens of Storybrooke have gathered at Granny’s Diner for a welcome home celebration. The Charming family enters. Everyone cheers, and Ruby rushes towards Mary Margaret for a hug.)

Ruby: I wasn’t worried a bit.

MMB: I can tell.

Archie: Oh, we all missed you.

(The two of them hug. Elsewhere, Emma presents Granny with a tray of tacos.)

Emma: Tacos. I cannot tell you the relief of cooking something that I didn’t have to kill first.

Granny: Don’t I know it. Meat loaf back home? What a bitch.

David: I just wanted to, uh, thank you all for joining us tonight. Mary Margaret and I – we have a saying… That we will always find each other. And, while I believe that with all my heart, I’d like you all to raise your glasses and join me when I say… Here’s to not having to look for a while. To Mary Margaret and Emma!

(As everyone clinks glasses, Regina enters with a casserole dish.)

Regina: Sorry I’m late.

(Leroy grabs a knife.)

Leroy: What is she doing here?

Emma: I invited her.

(Mary Margaret takes Emma to the side along with David.)

Emma: We’re celebrating today because of Regina. She helped us get home. No matter what she did in the past, we owe her our thanks now.

MMB: Didn’t you think to tell us about it?

Emma: I did, but you two were a little busy this afternoon.

MMB: Emma, she tried to kill us – yesterday!

Emma: No, she didn’t. She’s trying to change for Henry. He believes in her. And, right now, that’s enough for me. I couldn’t have changed if I wasn’t given a chance, so… She gets one, too.

(Henry sits with Regina as she slices the lasagna she brought.)

Henry: I’m glad you came.

Regina: Me, too.

(She sees Leroy and offers him a piece of lasagna.)

Regina: Oh, I made a lasagna.

Leroy: What’s the secret ingredient? Poison?

Regina: Red pepper flakes. Gives it some kick.

(Leroy suspiciously sniffs the lasagna, but takes it. Later in the evening, the party is winding down. People have split off into groups to talk, while Regina sits alone in one of the booths. She grabs her coat and decides to leave. Emma sees Regina exit, and follows her outside.)

Emma: Archie made a cake. You don’t want to stay for a piece?

Regina: I’m fine, thank you.

Emma: Okay.

(Emma turns to go back inside.)

Regina: Thank you.

Emma: You just said that.

Regina: F-For inviting me.

Emma: Henry wanted it. I’m glad you guys got to spend some time together.

Regina: Me, too. I’d like to see him more. Maybe you’d consider letting him stay over some time. I… I have his room just… Just waiting for him.

Emma: Oh… I’m… I’m not sure that’s best.

Regina: Because you know so much about parenting in the five minutes you’ve been with him. Talk to David. At least he took care of him while you were away. Like I did, during the ten years you were away the first time.

Emma: Okay. Thanks for coming.

(Emma turns to leave, but Regina stops her.)

Regina: No, wait. I’m sorry. I… I’m… I’m sorry. Snapping at you – I shouldn’t have done that. Will you accept my apology?

Emma: Okay. You’re right. Archie said you were trying to change. And, well, you are.

Regina: Dr. Hopper said I was trying?

Emma: He said you came to see him. That you’re trying not to use magic, that you’re trying to be a better person. You understand, I was hesitant to invite you. I asked him, and he thought it was a good idea.

Regina: Thank you. It was. I should be going.

(Regina leaves the diner and starts to walk home. From a nearby rooftop, Hook and Cora spy on her through a telescope.)

Hook: Well, is she broken?

Cora: Not yet.


(Archie is walking his dog at the docks. He sees Regina and approaches her.)

Archie: Beautiful day, isn’t it, Regina?

Regina: Why should I answer you, bug?

Archie: Because I’m making friendly conversation.

Regina: That you’ll just repeat to anyone with an ear. You told Miss Swan about our sessions.

Archie: I was simply trying to help you.

Regina: By betraying my trust?

Archie: I… I mentioned only that you had come to see me, as an example of your commitment to change.

Regina: I came to you in confidence. How am I supposed to prove to people I’ve changed, when you’re there to chirp in their ears and remind them of my past?

Archie: I said nothing specific. I would never betray the doctor-patient confidentiality.

Regina: Doctor? Doctor?! Need I remind you got your PhD from a curse?

(Ruby sees the two of them arguing and runs up to them.)

Ruby: Hey! Is everything okay here?

Regina: Private conversation. Go take yourself for a walk.

(Ruby exits.)

Archie: I can be trusted. I assure you.

Regina: You’re lucky I’ve changed.

–[Fairy Tale Land – Past]–

(Snow White and Prince Charming have gathered everyone for a meeting at their castle.)

Jiminy Cricket: I fear the Queen will never change. We must dispense justice.

Prince Charming: Agreed. What are our options?

Grumpy: How about giving me five minutes alone with her and my axe? …She’s still restrained, right?

Blue Fairy: Yes. But the magic that we used to capture her, will only keep her powerless for a short while.

Granny: How about banishing her to another realm?

Jiminy Cricket: We can’t. It would be unconscionable to condemn another realm to the suffering that we’ve endured.

Red: Jiminy’s right. She’s our problem, and we have to deal with her.

Prince Charming: Then only one thing is certain – as long as the Queen lives, the kingdom is in danger.

Snow White: Are you saying…

Prince Charming: Yes. We must kill the Queen. Thank you all.

(Everyone exits, except for Snow White and Prince Charming.)

Snow White: You sure this is what we must do?

Prince Charming: What choice do we have? As long as she draws breath, she will come after us – after you.

Snow White: There’s always a choice. You stopped me from killing her once, took an arrow to save her. Why is this different?

Prince Charming: I took that arrow to save your life, not hers. That was an assassination. This is an execution. If we don’t stop her now, there’s no telling what she’ll live to do.


(As Ruby closes up the diner for the evening, she sees Regina enter Archie’s office across the street. Inside, Regina knocks on the door. Archie answers.)

Regina: I know it’s late, but I was hoping we can talk.

Archie: Sure. Come on in.

(When Archie lets Regina in, Pongo begins barking and growling.)

Archie: Hush, Pongo. You know Regina.

(He goes to his filing cabinet to retrieve Regina’s file.)

Archie: I know how hard it is. Real change can often be a… A struggle.

(Regina appears behind him.)

Regina: I couldn’t agree more.

Archie: Regina, is there something-

(Regina grabs Archie by the neck and lifts him into the air. Pongo gets up and begins barking, but Regina magically silences and freezes him. Archie struggles as a cloud of purple smoke begins to flow from Regina’s hand. The scene cuts off, and Regina exits the building. When she is around the side of the building and out of sight, ‘Regina’ transforms back into Cora.)


(Emma and Henry are having breakfast at Granny’s.)

Henry: So, what was it like? Over there?

Emma: Well, let’s see. There were ogres, the dead rising, people trying to kill me. And…more ogres.

Henry: Awesome.

Emma: Kid, we got to work on your sense of awesome. Come on. It’s time for school. I’ll walk you to the school bus.

Henry: It’s okay. I can go on my own.

Emma: I know that you can. That doesn’t mean that you should.

Henry: David let me.

Emma: Well, I’m not David.

Henry: You used to let me.

Emma: Well, I am not me. I’m walking you, because that’s what mothers do. And I’m doing it.

(Henry and Emma exit the diner, where they are greeted by a distressed Pongo.)

Henry: Hey, Pongo. It’s okay. It’s okay.

Emma: Where’s Archie?

(Ruby bolts out of the diner.)

Ruby: Emma, something’s wrong.

Emma: How do you know? Never mind. The wolf thing. You know what? Eleven is old enough to walk to the bus stop. I’ll pick you up later.

Henry: Okay.

(Henry leaves. Pongo runs off and leads Emma and Ruby to the door of Archie’s office, which is slightly ajar.)

Emma: Archie?

(Emma enters the office and spots Archie lying on the floor where Cora left him.)

Emma: Archie? Oh, hell.

Ruby: What? What is it?

Emma: Archie…

(Emma checks for a pulse, but finds nothing.)

Ruby: No… No…

Emma: Who would do this?

Ruby: I think I know.

–[Fairy Tale Land – Past]–

(In her cell in a tower, the Evil Queen watches the people below gather for the execution. A guard at the door breaks the silence.)

Guard: You have a visitor.

(The guard leaves, leaving behind the Evil Queen’s father.)

Evil Queen: Daddy.

Henry I: This is all my fault. I failed you as a father. I should have done more to protect you. Can you ever forgive me, child?

Evil Queen: There’s no need. How could I blame the one I love most? The only one to stand by me… To the end.

Henry I: It doesn’t have to be the end.

Evil Queen: Snow and her Prince seem rather determined to make it so.

Henry I: Show them regret for what you’ve done, the pain you’ve caused. Show them you can change. They will spare you. Just give them a reason. I beg of you.


(Regina is sitting in the interrogation room at the Sheriff’s station. Emma and David enter, while Mary Margaret watches through the glass.)

Regina: Glad to see the Sheriff’s station’s now a family business. Why am I here?

Emma: You know why you’re here. Because of Archie.

Regina: Oh, it’s now against the law to get into an argument with someone?

David: It is if you go to their office later that night and kill them.

Regina: Archie’s dead?

David: Stop it, Regina. Ruby saw you going into his office last night.

Regina: Then she’s lying. I was home all evening. After everything I’ve done to change, to win Henry back, why would I toss it all away now? And, if I did and I was going to kill Archie, you would never know it. The fact that he’s dead and you caught me shows sloppiness.

David: You’ve been caught before. Come on, Emma. Who do you think’s lying – Ruby, or her? She’s incapable of change, no matter how many times we’ve given her the chance. Why should this time be any different?

–[Fairy Tale Land – Past]–

(Two guards escort Regina to the middle of the courtyard, where a crowd has gathered to watch. Along with Snow White and Prince Charming, Rumpelstiltskin is another notable person in the crowd. Regina is chained to a pole, and a line of guards armed with bows stand in front of her. Jiminy Cricket flies up to speak to her.)

Jiminy Cricket: Regina. This is your opportunity to meet your end with a clear conscience. Do you have any last words?

Evil Queen: Yes. Yes, I do. I know I’m being judged for my past. A past where I’ve caused pain, a past where I’ve inflicted misery, a past where I’ve… Even brought death. When I look back at everything I’ve done, I want you all to know what I feel. And that is… Regret. Regret, that I was not able to cause more pain. Inflict more misery. And bring about more death. And above all else, with every ounce of my being, I regret that I was not able to kill… Snow White!

Prince Charming: Arrows!

(Regina is blindfolded, and the guards draw their weapons.)

Prince Charming: Take your aim. Fire!

Snow White: Stop!

(The arrows fly towards Regina’s chest, but are stopped by the Blue Fairy’s magic. The arrows clatter to the ground.)

Prince Charming: Snow!

Snow White: This is not the way.

Prince Charming: Snow…

(Snow White storms out of the courtyard.)

Prince Charming: Take her back to her cell.

(Regina’s blindfold is removed. Now looking somewhat deranged, she is escorted back to her cell by the guards.)


(Emma and David join Mary Margaret outside of the interrogation room.)

MMB: So what do we do with her now?

David: Lock her up.

Emma: We can’t lock her up, because she didn’t do it.

David: You really believe her?

Emma: I watched her when we told her Archie was dead. She didn’t know.

MMB: Emma, I know that you want to believe that Regina can change for Henry, but-

Emma: I know what I saw. Look at her in there. The old Regina would’ve reduced this building to ashes. That’s a woman who wants to change. She just wants everyone else to see it. I know that look. I know her. I believe her.

David: With all due respect, you don’t know her like we do.

Emma: Maybe that’s the problem. I know in your kingdom, she was the Evil Queen. But here, she’s Regina. And I’m still the Sheriff, and I say she’s innocent until proven guilty.

MMB: So… Uh, what do you suggest we do?

Emma: Let her go.

David: Emma, sh-

Emma: We let her go, and then we find the truth.

–[Fairy Tale Land – Past]–

(Prince Charming follows Snow White into the castle.)

Prince Charming: Snow, I thought we agreed what had to be done. Instead, you show the Queen mercy? She doesn’t deserve it. You heard her. She’s completely unrepentant.

Snow White: What I heard, was a woman who didn’t want to appear weak in her final moments.

Prince Charming: I’ve seen her kill, I’ve seen her terrorize. Every moment I’ve seen of her, has been one of evil.

Snow White: Exactly. That you’ve seen. But I knew her before. I knew her when she was good. She saved my life when I was a little girl.

Prince Charming: That was years ago.

Snow White: She changed before. Why can’t she change back?

Prince Charming: You can’t be serious. You want to rehabilitate the Queen?

Snow White: Maybe showing her mercy is the first step.

Prince Charming: But, if you fail, the entire safety of the kingdom is at stake. We cannot take that risk.

Snow White: You’re so sure of her black soul? Sure enough to kill? Because there’s no going back from killing.

Prince Charming: If you think this is the right thing to do, then it’s what we shall do. But know that your path is one that we cannot come back from either.


(That evening, Snow White goes for a walk in the courtyard. Rumpelstiltskin is waiting there.)

Rumpelstiltskin: My, my. Aren’t we troubled, dearie?

Snow White: Rumpelstiltskin. What brings you here?

Rumpelstiltskin: You have to ask? I came to witness the Queen’s execution. Even had my heart set on a wee souvenir. It’s all very disappointing.

Snow White: I won’t apologize for sparing her life. Not when there’s a chance she might change.

Rumpelstiltskin: Regina redeemed – what a novel thought. And, um… How do you plan to accomplish such an impressive feat?

Snow White: I don’t even know if it’s possible. I’m probably just fooling myself.

Rumpelstiltskin: Maybe you need someone to show you that it is possible.

Snow White: What do you mean?

Rumpelstiltskin: Simple. I provide you with a test to help determine whether the Queen can truly change.

Snow White: Why would I trust you, when I know you want the Queen dead? You never make a deal without a price.

Rumpelstiltskin: Maybe I just want her alive.

Snow White: That I doubt.

Rumpelstiltskin: Question my motives all you like, dearie, but they shall remain mine. What is yours now, is opportunity. I can help you. Do we have a deal?


(The Charmings are searching for evidence in Archie’s office. David is looking through the filing cabinet for Regina’s file.)

David: Huh. Regina’s file – it’s empty.

MMB: So she did it. She killed the kindest soul in this town. A man who only cared about helping.

Emma: I promise we’ll find whoever really did this.

David: Isn’t it time you admit we already have? Regina had a fight with Archie, Ruby saw her outside last night, and now, her file is empty. That’s… That’s a lot of evidence.

Emma: Maybe that’s the point.

David: What do you mean?

Emma: Well, I don’t know how it is in fairy tale land, but in the real world, it’s usually hard to find evidence. But this has been way too easy. Unless, someone wants us to find evidence.

MMB: What? So you think she was framed?

Emma: Well, it wouldn’t be the first time that happened in this town.

David: Who would want to frame her?

MMB: That’s a long list, present company included.

Emma: Yeah. But there’s only one name on that list that would resort to killing to get what they want.


(In Mr. Gold’s pawn shop, Belle has prepared a lunch for the two of them.)

Mr. Gold: Oh, well, that looks delicious. Thank you very much, belle.

(Emma, David, and Mary Margaret enter.)

Mr. Gold: Ah… Nothing warms the heart more than a family reunited. You have your mother’s chin, Miss Swan.

Emma: We know that you killed him.

Mr. Gold: And your father’s tact.

Belle: Someone’s dead?

Emma: Dr. Hopper.

Mr. Gold: Why on earth would you think I had anything to do with that?

Emma: Because all the evidence points to Regina.

Belle: And she’s not possibly capable of doing something so vile?

Emma: It’s a frame job.

MMB: It wouldn’t be the first time you used someone to try to hurt her.

Mr. Gold: Nice to see your memory’s still intact, dearie. But this time, I’m afraid I’m going to have to disappoint you. It wasn’t me.

David: Why should we believe you?

Mr. Gold: Because I can prove it. Ask the witness.

Emma: No one was there.

Mr. Gold: Well, that’s not strictly true now, is it?

(David finds Pongo and leads him into the shop. Mr. Gold goes to pet him.)

Mr. Gold: Hey, boy. Good boy. Good boy, good boy.

Belle: I, uh… I didn’t know you were such a dog person.

Mr. Gold: Well… A long time ago, in another life, I got to know a sheepdog or two.

Emma: That’s fascinating. But unless you speak dog, how is Pongo going to tell us anything?

Mr. Gold: Through magic, of course. It won’t allow us to communicate, but it will allow us to… Extract his memories.

David: Extract?

Mr. Gold: You don’t have to worry. He won’t feel a thing.

Emma: Why should we trust you? Couldn’t you just as easily use magic to fool us?

Mr. Gold: Because I’m not going to be the one using magic – you are.

Emma: Me? How?

Mr. Gold: You have it within you. Told me so yourself. You witnessed it, didn’t you?

MMB: Emma, you don’t have to do this.

Emma: If it tells us something about Archie’s death, then so be it.

(Mr. Gold takes a dream catcher out of one of the cupboards and holds it up.)

Mr. Gold: Do you know what this is?

Emma: A dream catcher.

Mr. Gold: Well… It’s capable of catching so much more.

(He slowly runs the dream catcher along Pongo’s back, which causes it to start glowing a bright yellow.)

Belle: What is that?

Mr. Gold: Memories. Now, Miss Swan. You show us how.

Emma: How? It’s just a jumble.

Mr. Gold: Will it. Will it, and we shall all see.

(Emma takes the dream catchers and holds it in front of her. She concentrates on the jumbled swirl in the middle of the dream catcher, but nothing happens.)

Emma: I can’t.

Mr. Gold: Yes, you can.

(Emma briefly closes her eyes, which causes the jumble to transform into an actual image. In the dream catcher, Pongo’s memories of ‘Regina’ entering Archie’s office play.)

David: Emma… You’re doing it.

Emma: Regina.

(The memory gets to the part where ‘Regina’ grabs Archie’s neck. Mary Margaret, horrified, turns away. Having seen enough, Emma drops the dream catcher and lets it fall to the floor.)

Emma: You were right all along.

David: I’m sorry, Emma.


(Emma rushes out of the shop, with David and Mary Margaret trailing behind.)

David: Emma! Wait. Where are you going?

Emma: To get Regina.

MMB: Well, can we talk about this?

Emma: What’s there to talk about? She killed Archie, now she’s got to pay.

MMB: Emma, how do you plan on doing that? She has her powers back here.

Emma: Yeah, well, you just saw what happened. So do I.

David: Yeah. You have something, but you didn’t even know what the hell to do with it. And now, you’re going to go take on the most powerful woman in town?

Emma: Excuse me. Weren’t you both the ones who’ve been pushing on the ‘it’s Regina’ kick the whole time? You should be happy you were right.

MMB: We may be right, but I also know that going after her without a plan is a mistake.

Emma: So what do we do?

David: Even if the dwarves construct a cell to hold her, we need a way to contain her magic until then.

MMB: Fairy dust. Leroy said they were processing a new batch of it.

Emma: Will that stop her power?

David: It has before. The problem is, she’ll see us coming.

Emma: Leave that to me. Trust me – we’re locking her up.

–[Fairy Tale Land – Past]–

(In the tower, a guard is outside of the Evil Queen’s cell. Snow White walks up the stairs, entering the area.)

Guard: Your Highness.

Snow White: Leave us, please.

Guard: But I have direct orders from the Prince-

Snow White: And now, you have direct orders from me.

(The guard exits, leaving Snow White and the Evil Queen alone. Snow White slips a dagger in her sleeve.)

Evil Queen: First, you stop my execution, and then, you defy your Prince to see me. Should I be worried there’s trouble in paradise?

Snow White: I’m not here to talk about my fiancé.

Evil Queen: Then why are you here?

Snow White: I know you weren’t always like this, Regina. The woman who saved my life all those years ago…had good in her.

Evil Queen: That woman lost much. And now she’s gone.

Snow White: Maybe. But as hard as you’ve tried to bury her, I think she’s still inside you.

Evil Queen: No, she’s not.

Snow White: All you need…

(Snow White unlocks the door of the cell.)

Snow White: Is someone to help you let her out.

Evil Queen: What are you doing?

Snow White: I’m letting the woman who saved my life go. This is a chance to start fresh, Regina. To leave the evil behind in this cell.

(The Evil Queen stands up and walks towards the door.)

Evil Queen: Just like that?

Snow White: Just like that.

(The two of them walk a short distance, when the Evil Queen turns and grabs Snow White by the throat, holding her against the wall.)

Evil Queen: You make change sound so easy.

(Snow White draws her dagger, but the Evil Queen quickly stops her and takes the weapon for herself.)

Evil Queen: Did you really think this would protect you? Since I can’t use magic, I can think of no better way than to kill you with the blade you had meant for me. Goodbye, Snow White.

Snow White: No…

(The Evil Queen stabs Snow White with the dagger.)

Evil Queen: Yes…

Snow White: No.

(The Evil Queen looks down and sees that the dagger has not injured Snow White. She removes the dagger, unbloodied.)

Evil Queen: That’s impossible.

Snow White: No, that’s magic.

(Prince Charming and several guards enter.)

Prince Charming: And this time, it wasn’t thanks to fairies.

(He holds up the blindfold used during the Evil Queen’s execution.)

Prince Charming: Rumpelstiltskin. He took one of your hairs from this, and used it to fashion a protection spell.

Evil Queen: No…

Prince Charming: Now there’s nothing you can do in this land to hurt Snow or me. You’re powerless against us.

Evil Queen: You tricked me.

Snow White: It wasn’t a trick. It was a test – one that I had truly hoped you’d pass.

Prince Charming: We wanted to give you a chance to change, Regina.

Snow White: Regina, you are banished. Banished to live alone with your misery.

Prince Charming: As long as you’re alive in this world, you can’t hurt us.

Snow White: You saved my life once, and now I’ve saved yours. So we’re even. And if you ever try to hurt anyone in my kingdom again, I will kill you.


(Emma knocks on Regina’s door, while David and Mary Margaret stand behind her. Regina answers.)

Regina: Miss Swan. I assume you’re here to apologize.

Emma: I saw you do it.

Regina: What?

Emma: I saw it. You choked the life out of Archie.

Regina: What are you talking about? How is that even possible?

David: Magic.

Regina: You-

Emma: I saw what happened, and it was you.

Regina: Gold. He helped you. You’re going to trust him, of all people, when he’s probably the one behind this?

MMB: We didn’t trust him. That’s why Emma used magic instead.

Regina: You can use magic… The saviour. Of course. Well, I can only assume he warned you, then.

Emma: About what?

Regina: That magic always comes with a price.

Emma: Yeah? Well, that’s a price we’re both going to pay.

Regina: How’s that?

Emma: Henry. He believed in you. His heart’s going to break. That’s both our prices.

Regina: No. I will not let you poison Henry against me.

Emma: It’s an interesting word choice, since you already did.

(The three of them start to leave and Regina follows them down the walkway.)

Regina: I want to see him. He deserves to hear my side of the story! He’s my son!

Emma: He’s not! He’s mine! And, after this, you’re not getting anywhere near him! Do it!

(Mother Superior appears from behind and tree and fires a blast of blue magic at Regina. However, she sees it coming in time and stops it.)

Regina: Did you really think that would work again?

(She casually tosses the magic orb on the ground near David and Mary Margaret.)

Regina: You… You will not keep my son from me.

(Regina magically throws Emma backwards down the walkway. Mary Margaret runs to help her up.)

Regina: So much for fairy dust. Maybe some of your newfound magic can save you now.

Emma: I don’t need it. I already won. There is no way Henry will swallow your lies about Archie now. You can pretend all you want, but we know how you are, and who you will always be.

(Defeated, Regina magically disappears in a puff of purple smoke.)


(The Charmings are waiting near the bus stop on the main street of Storybrooke.)

Emma: Henry’s bus is going to be here any minute.

MMB: You can do this.

Emma: Tell my son that someone he loved was killed by someone else he cares about? I don’t know if I can. Yeah, I don’t think I can do any of this. This is like real parent stuff. How can I be a parent if I never was one?

David: I know. I’ve been asking myself the same question.

Emma: Oh, no. You guys don’t have to… It-It’s different.

MMB: No, it isn’t. And yes, we have to. We can figure it out. So can you.

Emma: You don’t know me. You don’t know what I was before Storybrooke. And trust me, I was not parent material.

David: Yeah, but we know who you are since you’ve been here.

Emma: What if I revert? Regina did.

David: You’re not going to. And the Emma I know was great with Henry.

Emma: I was his parent for five minutes.

David: And I was yours for five minutes, too, but things are different now – for all of us. We don’t have to go through any of it alone. We’re family.

(They see Henry get off the bus. Emma walks over by herself to meet him.)

Henry: Emma. I told you I could walk myself.

Emma: I know. Something happened, and… I want you to hear it from me first.

Henry: What is it?

Emma: Come here.

(Emma leads Henry to a bench where the two of them sit down to talk. From a distance, Regina sits in her car and watches the scene unfold in the mirror. She begins crying, as she sees Emma break the news to Henry. Henry, looking upset, hugs Emma.)

–[Fairy Tale Land – Past]–

(The Evil Queen is brooding in her chambers when her father enters.)

Henry I: You have a visitor.

Evil Queen: Who?

(Rumpelstiltskin appears on the chair behind her.)

Rumpelstiltskin: You need to ask? What other friends do you have, dearie?

Evil Queen: You’re no friend. Have you come to relish my suffering?

Rumpelstiltskin: I thought you’d want someone to help raise your spirits. Especially on a day like today.

Evil Queen: What’s so special about today?

Rumpelstiltskin: Snow White and Prince Charming’s wedding, of course. Didn’t you get an invitation? Me neither. Still, nice to be able to see them declare their twoo love in front of their entire kingdom. A happy ending after all.

Evil Queen: And, because of you, there’s nothing I can do to stop it. No way to harm them in this land ever again.

Rumpelstiltskin: Yes. Yes, I suppose that’s true… In this land.

Evil Queen: What?

Rumpelstiltskin: The deal I made was explicit. You can never harm them in ‘this’ land. Now, were you to bring them to another land… Well…

(She smiles at the realization.)

Rumpelstiltskin: Told you I was your friend.

(Rumpelstiltskin magically disappears in a puff of red smoke.)

Evil Queen: Father? Bring my carriage. I have a wedding to get to.


(At the docks, Hook is sharpening his hook when Cora arrives.)

Hook: You’re back. So, did you get what you wanted?

Cora: Yes. My daughter’s lost everything now.

Hook: Ah. Well, aren’t you mum of the year?

Cora: I did what was needed.

Hook: What about what I need? You promised you’d help me get my revenge on Rumpelstiltskin.

Cora: And I’ve already started. Or didn’t you notice the little gift I left you in the hold of your ship?

Hook: A gift? What is it?

Cora: Not what. Who.

(The two of them enter the invisible ship, where Cora leads Hook to the bottom level of the boat. She opens up a grate, allowing Hook to look inside.)

Hook: Who’s that?

Cora: Someone privy to Storybrooke’s deepest secrets, including Rumpelstiltskin’s. Someone who can help us determine his weaknesses here.

(Archie is shown bound and gagged in the hold.)

Cora: Can’t you, Dr. Hopper?

Hook: If that’s him, then who did you kill?

Cora: How do I know? It’s my first day in town.

Hook: You disguised the body to look like him. If death wasn’t punishment enough… Marvelous work.

Cora: Thank you. Now you’ll have all the knowledge you’ll need. It may take some work, but this cricket will chirp.

Hook: Aye. That he will.


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